Desert Eagles Anyone


December 7, 2008, 07:40 AM
I have a chance to aquire a Desert Eagle in 50 A&E. I dont know much about them, but I do like to reload for, and shoot big powerful guns.

Can anyone share their pros, cons, and experiences with these guns?

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December 7, 2008, 12:37 PM
Been discussed a number of times here in the past. Seems like an awful lot of people that don't have one and frequently haven't even shot one have really strong negative opinions.

It's big, heavy and clumsy. The grip is large enough that only those with huge hands can manipulate the controls without either shifting their grip all over the place or using the weak hand. Uses expensive/hard to find factory ammo and for handloading, tosses expensive .50 AE brass into the grass or brush. Recoil of the .50AE is quite heavy (see related item under "Pro"). Trigger isn't wonderful and while it can be adjusted to a small degree, it's never going to be something to brag on. Pretty much stuck using full-house loads to get it to function. Gas operated action requires jacketed bullets to keep from clogging the works.

Easy barrel length and complete caliber swaps on the model that MRI makes the .50AE on. It's pretty accurate, especially scoped (easy to put a scope on, too), and the scope stays with the barrel so there's no messing with scope adjustments between barrels or having to yank the scope off if one prefers iron sights with a given barrel. Semiauto is nice for just plain range fun and sometimes comes in handy while hunting. Recoil is reduced from equivalent revolvers due to weight and gas operation: .50AE kick is downgraded to where it's often compared to .44 mag out of a full-sized revolver. It takes a .50 bullet weighing 300gr or more and throws it downrange at magnum pistol velocities...

Marcus L.
December 7, 2008, 12:45 PM
+1 on Molasses's points. If you want something that is magnum level and is MUCH more practical go with a good magnum caliber revolver. I'd rather use my 5" Smith .44mag and 300gr Hornady XTP loads which fly at 1100fps.

December 7, 2008, 02:16 PM
I had one if 50 ea and a twin in 44 mag. They are fun to shoot and show off but they are not good for anything else. I ended up selling the 50AE and the 44mag was a gift when i was in tx and i cant really sell it here in PA. so the person who gifted it to me, which i ended up paying for anyway lol, is trying to sell it. If anyone wants it please PM me. its brushed chrome. for 1000, he should still have a couple extra mags and i think a holster to be thrown in.

The Wiry Irishman
December 7, 2008, 08:38 PM
.50AE kick is downgraded to where it's often compared to .44 mag out of a full-sized revolver

I can confirm that. I shot a friend's at the range a few weeks ago after shooting a box or two of factory ammo through my 8" 629. The Desert Eagle was noticeably softer with much less muzzle flip. However, the length of the grip (back to front) makes it somewhat awkward to hold on to. Its not a hand size problem (for me anyway) its an ergonomics problem.

December 7, 2008, 09:34 PM
Personally, I think that they are fun guns to shoot. And, it is possible to use them for hunting if you are into that sort of thing. Yeah, they are big and heavy, but a lot of fun as well.

December 7, 2008, 10:59 PM
I've got one in 44 mag. I use it for hunting. I can easily put all 8 shots into one ragged hole at 50 yards, a rather large ragged hole but still one none the less. It's scoped and magna-ported and shoots easier than my handcannons.
Don't let anyone tell you, you can't shoot them quicklly. That's bull. As fast as a 45 or 10mm?? No, but I can shoot mine a good deal faster and just as accurate as my 44 mag Colt Anaconda.
They're also one of the best "fun" range guns. Big booming auto loader... :)

December 8, 2008, 01:07 AM
I have to totally agree. My wife even shoots the DE .44. One problem, the OP is buying a DE .50 which has considerably more recoil than the .44.

December 8, 2008, 02:37 AM
I'd rather use my 5" Smith .44mag and 300gr Hornady XTP loads which fly at 1100fps.

My .50 AE hunting loads push a 325 grain Speer JHP at 1510 FPS from the 6" DE. There's really no comparison. It's the Autoloader equivalent of the .454 Casull.

December 8, 2008, 07:34 PM
I'd rather use my 5" Smith .44mag and 300gr Hornady XTP loads which fly at 1100fps.

I know you were stating a preference, but they really don't compare as the previous post states.

January 20, 2009, 09:53 PM
I have the DEagle .50AE in 6" & 10", and .44mag in 10".
The first time I shot the 6" I only had in ear-plugs. WOOoooOOW !! And OOow !! I put on muffs after the second shot. Here is the strangest thing about my gun: It seems to be in slo-motion when it retracts and reloads, sorta like an M16 fired from thr hip. The bolt first of all rotates, and extracts the hull as it retracts. I seemed to feel it in stop-action. But in all the commotion I flexed at the elbows and got a nice "smile" engraved in my forehead from the hammer. This gun can readily (by someone of 200 lbs and moderate musculature) be shot one-handed for three or four magazines' worth. Even using the weak hand. It is not "Punishing." 6" has a louder "RAPP!" and muzzle BLAST than the 10" in .50 cal. I'm trying to remedy that by tailoring with H38 powder and solid copper bullets for a quicker burn. The 10" .50 seems slower in recoil and recharging. I suppose that the twin springs can be tuned for greater speed in recycle, but this is not a quick-draw contest weapon. I would use older springs in it if I ever replace the ones in there now. The .44mag 10" is an absolute pleasure to handle. I am a GLOCK -21 type fan, and use some +p loads, and the .44 is about equal to them in shock and flame. Resembles a 24" muzzle-loader when seen from the side. WOW !! I intend to reload my .50 brass, and the .44 cartridges are not too expensive, but I'm collecting that brass also. I have worked up some reliable but hot loads for the .44, using H110 and a 195gr FMJ slug. Very accurate and feels more like a .22 compared to the .50 !! !! If you take it to the range prepare for a lot of silence after you touch off the first .50AE round. Everybody is saying, "What the Heck was THAT?" Don't let on like you noticed anything, and touch off a couple more !! !! If you can afford it, load up 4 or 5 .50AE magazines and have a spotter call your shots. Shoot-n-See are best. Use rubber grips. Let your 454 Casull or the BigBad .44 friends try to keep up with you for 30~35 rounds!! Also, you GOTTA clean this piece every time you put a box of 100 shells thru it. But it's easy. Let me know how you like your piece. I have a cousin in WV who never buys meat any more. Uses the .44. 'NuffSed.
Con: you gotta clean it alot
Pro: you get to clean it alot
And those 30-second barrel-swaps are popular at the range also.

January 20, 2009, 10:44 PM
if they didnt cost 1200 dollars, and were somewhere around 500 bucks, id totally get one

January 20, 2009, 11:53 PM
They are quite handsome, I think.
I was a few lanes down from someone at the range that was sighting in a red dot...
I winched, and felt a percussion. And wish I had extra hearing protection. Thankfully, he didn't spend much time there.
I do look at Baby Eagles when I'm at the gun store.

January 21, 2009, 12:38 AM
I have never really thought much of them, especially the gaudy gold-plated ones. I mean really, unless you have a legitimate hunting use for one, and besides dusting it off and shooting it twice a year, what purpose do they hold? I'm not knocking anybody for liking them, but to me, a big-bore revolver (even DA if you'd like) does everything the DE does, doesn't launch your expensive brass everywhere, and it undoubtably more accurate and ergonomic. To each their own, but I just couldn't justify spending $1200+ to look cool at the range.

North of 49th
January 21, 2009, 04:25 AM
I would have to agree with the above post say that they offer enough for costing what they do. I have to make myself clear though that I am not saying that they are bad guns I just don't see the return for my buck. Like was said earlier for 500 yes probably but for 1200-1500 no. To give my $.02 to the OP I would go with a big bore revolver rather than a DE.

January 21, 2009, 07:47 AM
I do like to reload for, and shoot big powerful guns.

seems like reason enough to get it. same reason i got one.

i enjoy it.
it is big, it is heavy, it is fun. 'nuff said, as far as i'm concerned...

January 21, 2009, 08:05 AM
Let's talk about this "reason to own a Desert Eagle" for a minute.
Besides law enforcement and home defense; why do any of us own guns? For enjoyment. In todays modern age with supermarkets on every other street corner; very few of us have to hunt to eat. My point is...most shooting is for fun; even hunting.

That being said; my Desert Eagle is fun to shoot, just like my 1911's, my 22 rimfires, my silhouette guns, and my black powder schuetzen rifles, and my air rifles. Fun to shoot. Reason enough to own one.


January 21, 2009, 09:50 AM
Three cheers for pcctex. His comments hit the mark. Not every gun has a specific mission, nor need it. Shooting is a multi-faceted activity ranging from self-defense to sport to hunting to collecting, and probably a few other aspects that I'm not thinking of. Being a fun gun to shoot is enough for me. I love it when some one invariably will comment that the gun sucks for concealed carry. Well, duh!

As to the .50, my major concern would not be recoil or muzzle climb, but the cost of the ammo compared to a DE in .44 or .357.

January 22, 2009, 10:50 AM
I own a Desert Eagle .50AE in satin nickel and I've never regretted the purchase for even one moment. If I was down to my last dollar I'd melt down and sell the fillings in my teeth before I'd sell it. Yes, its heavy and built for the hands of a giant. I LIKE that and I don't even mind the cost of the ammo ($32 per box on average from what I've seen) though I'm looking to get into reloading to bring down the cost a bit and I also plan on getting a .44 Mag barrel as well.

For work I'm issued a Beretta PX4 .40S&W and I have my personally-owned Remington 870 Tactical in the trunk of my patrol car. If I was a completely practical person and saw firearms only as tools there would be no need for me to own anything other those two with the exception of an AR. I own a Desert Eagle because its so incredibly fun to shoot and like having your own personal howitzer. Its also probably the one gun I actually ENJOY cleaning.

If you have the money to spare and can enjoy one for what it is I would definitely recommend getting a Desert Eagle. When it comes to shooting pumpkins and making objects explode..not many others out there do it better.

January 24, 2009, 11:14 AM
+ 1 on last post

January 27, 2009, 05:45 AM
I went to the local sporting goods store today and got to hold the .44 mag Desert Eagle. It was love at first sight, if I was married, my wife would get jealous at how I stared at this thing :evil: . WEll, I am not sure if the .50 desert eagle is bigger than the .44, but the .44 was definately a big gun. However, due to its slimmer type of frame, it still felt more comfortable in my hands than a glock. I am around 5,9 and 220lbs, athletic and fairly strong and I think I could handle this piece. My hands are about average size, yet I could still wrap my hand around the handle as well as with your double stack .45 glock.

What can I say, I want one :rolleyes:. Oh well, the $1450 price tag made me say no. I am a new shooter and everyone will say, you are way over your head son. Let them say what they want, I still want one :D. Yeah, I don't know why, but for its size it didn't seem to feel too awkward. I don't know if new models have a change in decision compared to the models that others mentinoed, that were not ergonomic enough.

Also, I go in the forest and may face black bears, I think this piece would be very effective in that scenario. As far as being in the city, well I can easily conceal it over my jacket. I think just pulling this thing on someone would make them roll over and die. :evil::evil: In the heat of the summer, I think any gun is hard to conceal.

I just wonder how I will handle the recoil, but I am sure I can get use to it. I was told by many that there is no such thing as a .44 semi auto. I guess the fact that it only hold like 8 bullets or so, probably doesn't make it so much better than a big .44 revolver. However, sometimes an extra couple bullets can mean the difference of life and death.

January 27, 2009, 07:38 AM
Some people can not rack the slide. Make sure you can or whoever plans to use it can. Takes a big hand and strength.
Beautiful firearm however.

January 27, 2009, 08:26 AM
Some people can not rack the slide. Make sure you can or whoever plans to use it can. Takes a big hand and strength.

Are you referring to the .50 caliber or .44 caliber? I had absolutely no trouble racking the slide of the .44 Desert Eagle. I have strong hands, but I am not hercules. Nor did I feel I needed super human strength to open it.

January 27, 2009, 08:37 AM
I have owned a few of them, and they are fun, but turn into a safe queen quickly. I would encourage you to rent one at a range and shoot it before you buy. See if it is really the thing you want. Also search sites like; and see if you can find one used. I have purchased them for around $500 but with the panic buying everything is a bit higher.

January 27, 2009, 12:50 PM
I have had a .44 DE since March of 1988 and have lots of friends of small stature that can not rack the slide. Agree the DE takes BIG HANDS and strength. Have too admit it is more of a wonder gun for me too, getting oohs and ahhs.

January 27, 2009, 09:51 PM
I have had a 44 de in matt chrome forever now and it is and will always be my favorite gun to shoot. it was worth ever penny. Oh and I'm only 5'7" 145 lbs. and have absolutely no problem racking the slide.

January 27, 2009, 10:07 PM
Agree the DE takes BIG HANDS and strength.

I dont have BIG HANDS, and it really doesn't seem to require that much strength to rack it. I had more trouble with some of the S&W 40 slides, due to their hard solid steel banging sound, than the DE.

June 15, 2009, 09:42 PM
"" Are you referring to the .50 caliber or .44 caliber?
I had absolutely no trouble racking the slide."" . . . The recoil springs are in the slide, and are there for you whether you shoot .50 or .44. Same racking-strength and recoil absorption since the springs don't change. And here's a good hint for medium or not-Schwartzenegger strength hands (like mine): many shooters forget the fact that as the bolt rotates, it will try to twist the frame in your hand. I've lost control of follow-up shots, and launched expensive brass to distant places, before I began using a pair of purple (just the effect) EMT gloves as shooting gloves. Like making even the wood grip stay in place like it's glued to the hand. Here's a recent scenario at the range: (I bought a coronet-case at a music-store for $20, pulled the purple velvet out of it carefully and replaced the horn-shape cutout with foam cut to fit my equipment, and put the velvet back in.) Lay out the case and open it to reveal my .50, 6" installed on the gun. The 10" .50 is in the spot below that, and the 14" .44mag. and slide in the bottom spot. Put on Purple gloves and ear-pads, and put a mag-full downrange. While the gawking is going on, roll the 6" barrel out, and the 10" back in . Takes about 30 seconds. Install new full mag and carry on. Et cetera. Yup, it sure is a fun gun. If anyone at the range wants to shoot it, I let'em. But only in .44mag -- NOT in .50AE unless they want to pay me $1 each round!!

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