Star pistol question


December 9, 2008, 04:19 PM
i have a star ultrastar that i've kept because of sentimental value and because it's been a very reliable,accurate little,it's got the best feeling polymer(feels like soft comfortable metal,unique) and grip of any pistol out there.i have owned,rented or borrowed at one time or another pretty much most pistols out there from all makes and have never felt a polymer like it's functioning,it is very similar to a CZ,slide inside frame.

however,just like another highly regarded make,i believe star did not choose the best quality or material for there magazine springs.i have noticed a certain amount of settling and inability to properly lock the slide back after the last shot.after studying the issue,i have concluded that the problem is definitely the mag springs.i have more than one mag and all have the same issue.

i contacted Wolff to see if they have an extra strength mag spring for the ultrastar but they don't.they do have one for the firestar m43.i don't wish to buy other ultrastar mags,which i know i can find, as i feel that eventually they'll have the same problem.Wolff can also match up recoil springs from a different make and model if you give them certain measurements but,according to them,they won't do this for mag springs.

my question is,does anyone know of another mag spring that will match up with the ultrastar mag spring so i can use it as a substitute?there just HAS to be another spring out there that is,at least,99% similar.the thing is,this spring is very simple.there's nothing unique about's single stack with the same width from top to has 11 1/2 coils with the bottom being flat and the top last half coil having a slight upward angle for proper follower function.

does anyone know if the mag spring from the firestar m43 will work?the firestar is a 7 or 8 rounder though and the ultrastar is a 9 round mag.there is also a firestar plus which uses a 13 rd. mag.all of these are single stack.

does anyone know any other mag springs that fits the discription of the ultrastar spring i have given above? i suppose i trip to every shop in my area is in order as the people in there look at me as if i'm nuts trying to disassemble every mag they have in there.LOL.

i'm sure a gunsmith can match this for me but i like doing things myself.i have solved worst problems than this but i need to know of a good match.


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December 9, 2008, 04:56 PM

email for a group that bought up Star parts when the company folded, they are located in Spain., (

There was a member here whose name was... Star. Try sending him a pm.He is in Spain and he worked for Star and now sells parts. If I recall he can also be found on the Spanish Firearms forum.

Hope something here will help you.


December 9, 2008, 05:26 PM
I know that S&W 59xx series mags fit in my Star Mod 30MI. Does any other mag fit in your gun? If it does, the springs should fit.

Can you somehow put a spacer on an end of the spring you have?

December 9, 2008, 11:06 PM
how could it not have occured to me sooner? i started thinking of another single stack that i have,a p7m8,and tried the spring from that one. BINGO!!works perfectly.....and the slide locks back with an audible click.i haven't test fired it yet but it works it's way through a fully loaded mag manually perfect. WHAAOOOO!! i have another servicable pistol without spending a penny.

the bottom plate button does fit into the star floor hole but it doesn't go in with a resounding click and there is some movement.the ultrastar plate is actually better because it's metal and is designed to lock into recesses in the ultrastar mag so it simply can not be removed unless you intentionally push the button.the h&k bottom plate is plastic and has at least some movement even in it's own h&k mag,meaning that all the pressure is on the plastic button.on the ultrastar the pressure is on the metal button and on the lugs on the plate.

the p7m8 mag spring is visually superior.i used a micrometer and it's actually thicker,plus,it has 13 1/2 turns even though it's a one round less mag.i now have something like a +25% stronger spring.

i'm going to order p7m8 mag springs,which are cheap and available, so i can use the original mag bottom plate,which is mated to the ultrastar mag body.EXCELLENT!

December 9, 2008, 11:17 PM
oh...and thanks guys.i actually had already gone to all of those sites.all good sites and i've bought from Numrich before.


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