does anyone reload 5.45x39.5 ???


September 23, 2003, 02:54 PM
hi, i am thinking of starting to reload this cal. does anyone reload it? what make of dies do you use? is 220 russian the same cal. but the commercial version?



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September 23, 2003, 03:09 PM
It's not 220 Russian. There is information here:;f=9;t=55 about reloading for 5.45x39. Of particular interest:
There are no brass 5.45x39mm cases on the planet. But I resize new 222 Remington brass in a RCBS 5.45x39mm dies and trim to length. Resize .224" bullets in a Lee .221" lube & size die. Then load them with a powder charge half way between the 221Rem Fireball and222Rem for the weight bullet I am using. The 5.45x39mm case capasity is 1/2 way between the two. I sent some 5.45x39mm ammo I made with Hornady 68gr hpbt match bullets to a guy in Califorina. He got sub 1" groups at 100 yards from his East German SSG-85 bolt action 5.45x39mm rifle. I shot them in one of my Romanian CUR-2 AK rifles but was really only concerned about feeding/function and fireforming the brass. I have reloaded the cases twice and only lost 3 of 100 to case splits.
for a full length sizing die set #56065 are $119.95. If you are going to shoot the ammo you make in a AK rifle make sure to order some CCI # 41 military spec small rifle primers as regular primers will give you slam fires.
Call Lee and special order a .221" lube & size die for $25.

September 23, 2003, 08:51 PM
The 220 Russian is a 7.62x39mm case necked down to use .224" bullets. It was a fairly popular benchrest round in northern Europe. This is the case that the 22 and 6mm PPC cartridges used by American benchrest shooters were made from. The reason Remington makes their 7.62x39mm cases to use small rifle primers while all other mfgs. use large rifle primers. Is so they could sell brass to benchrest shooters to form into PPC cases. This was done quite allot till Norma started making the PPC cases.
I am JA545 of the quoted info in the above post.
Still loading 5.45x39mm the same way and my latest project has been tracers. I bought some M-856 bullets from.
Then resized them in the Lee .221" lube & size die and loaded them up. They functioned and traced 100% in my Romanian AK rifle.
I have to add this about the availability of 5.45x39mm brass.,670.html
But if you notice the * on the listing for the 5.45x39mm brass and this is from their website.
"If you see an * in the brass description then this case is formed from a more readily available case and will have the parent case headstamp on it. You may need to full length size and or trim your brass before loading."

At their price for 100 brass I pretty much paid for my 5.45x39mm dies by making the first 100 brass from 222 Rem brass.

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