December 29, 2008, 09:43 PM
Just got the rifle savage mdl 110 w/e.r. shaw barrel
I am familiar with reloading but would like to find more
loads than i can find in my manuals. any body have
a pet load or know where i can get a comprehensive
loading book? i use IMR powder mostly.

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December 30, 2008, 09:50 AM
I have built up two 338-06, one on a 98 Mauser with a Shaw barrel and muzzle brake. One on a Winchester M70 Push Feed with a Douglas. Both 24" before the brake on the Shaw. Five years of experimenting with the Winchester proved H414 and 200 Gr. Hornadys to be the best all round recipe. After I built the Mauser it took a little tailoring but same combination works for it too. I started and finished the load development before Hodgdon took over powder distribution and made 414/760 data the same.

December 30, 2008, 10:19 AM
Dang, thought I had some good data for you, but it was for .375 Whelen improved... Well, at least I can sing the praises of E.R. Shaw Barrels.

I had my Zastava 98 action fitted with a custom contour very heavy 24" Shaw barrel in .243, and it's accuracy is phenomenal and well fitted. I got turned on to them almost 25 years ago from my gunsmith after shooting his Shaw barreled Mausers he built, and ended up building my custom. Nice too that they are less than an hour drive away from me.

Good luck with your new rifle, and I'm willing to bet it turns out to be a tack driver.

December 30, 2008, 11:52 AM
My .338/06 has a Adams & Bennet barrel (MidwayUSA).

It's not particularily accurate, but not bad either.

I've used number of loads and I too like the 200gr bullet and H414.

However, my most accurate load is the now discontinued Nosler 180gr BallisticTip over BLC2. The Hodgdon 2004 "annual manual" has loads for this. I'm just under the published load of 62.0gr for 3,012fps. I use 60.0 for 2,980fps. My chamber and components are obviously different from theirs. I however, previously used 54.0gr of RL15 for 2,890fps.

One load I've really come to like is the 225gr Sierra "ProHunter" sold by Graf's. This is the 215gr bullet with a flat base. It is particularily accurate over 60.0gr of IMR4350, and gives just under 2,800fps. A particularily noteworthy load. This was Elmer Keiths load, too BTW. And, you can in some rifles use 60gr with a 250gr bullet, but 225's are the heaviest I've gotten around too.

Hodgdon's lists a lot of loads in their "on-line" data, I'd start there.
Any of the various "4350s" are excellent in this cartridge. (H414 is essentially a "spherical" equalivalent to the extruded 4350's) But, don't leave out IMR4320, or BLC2 in you searches. However, most of my "best" loads with this cart. are with Reloader 15. And, due to it's relative insenstive to temps., might be your best choice.

In my rifle, 60gr of H414 under the Nosler 210gr Partition gives factory duplication velocities. Perhaps as good a place to start as any. Also, I really like 52.5gr of Reloader 15 under a 200gr Speer "Hotcore". This is perhaps the best "deer" load I've used in this gun. The 210gr Partition is too destructive and expensive for shooting mere "whitetails".

The Speer's and the above mentioned Sierra 225's along with the Hornady 200gr Spt. are the only "inexpensive" bullets available for this bore dia. The Hornady's are quite a bit "harder" in this diameter than the Speer's and Sierra. Just something to consider. The 200gr Nosler BallisticTip has too, been discontinued. The "Bonded" Accubonds are too expensive and unneccessary in this cartridge.IMO.

December 30, 2008, 06:31 PM
thanks for the info, think i will try h414 as soon as i can
get to the range. too dang much snow to do much right

December 30, 2008, 09:28 PM
here's a link to 338-06 info at reloadersnest.com.



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