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January 1, 2009, 12:40 PM
could one of the admins please tell me why posts of mine are deleted without explanation?

in "rifle country", there was a thread "bushmaster, good?". there were several posts deleted from that thread and now the thread is missing. if posts are deleted, it would be nice to receive a pm as to why. nothing in my posts was inflamatory, and i don't appreciate all the censorship. there was good info in that thread. that went a long way for people to understand Rob's chart on m4s. this is going to continue to come up, and deleting the info that helps people understand doesn't make any sense to me.

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Mal H
January 1, 2009, 01:56 PM
I am not going to be the admin that makes a final decision on the outcome of that thread, but I did, out of curiosity, go take a look at it to see what you were talking about.

I found two and only two posts of yours that were deleted. Here is the entire content of them written by you.

This one was prefaced by quotes of two different members:
once again, two contradictory yet equally ignorant posts presented by members who can't leave well enough alone.

i don't see a threat anywhere in this thread. maybe you should refrain from your provocative posts.

I am usually pretty good at reading between the lines, but I don't see any evidence of good info in those posts. However, contrary to your assertion, I do see some overt inflammatory words.

None of your other posts were deleted until the entire thread itself was deleted. Most of the good info in that thread, and there was some, would have been hard to find amongst all the personal attacks and bickering. I can speak for all moderators here when I say that if a thread on the same subject can be created and posted to sensibly with only a view to disseminating good firearms information, it will live throughout the entire life of THR. When posters to a thread stoop to personal comments and downright attacks, that thread will die a swift death. You can call it censorship if you wish, we call it good moderating and adherence to our fundamental principles here at THR.

January 1, 2009, 03:20 PM

thanks for responding. i disagree with your view of overt inflammatory words. calling someones posts ignorant or provocative, especially in reply to what had been posted, was in no way a personal attack. it's not difficult to see that some choose to refute facts with no evidence to back their arguments, and do so simply because they don't like the facts. others plainly post to get a rise out of people. this is where my usage of the words ignorant (lacking knowledge) and provocative comes from.

if posters to a thread stoop to personal attacks, why not deal with the offenders directly? if i use words that a mod feels are inflammatory, why not edit my post and warn me via pm? deleting valuable information to control offending members who can't converse in a respectful manner doesn't seem like the answer to me.

Art Eatman
January 2, 2009, 01:32 AM
" if i use words that a mod feels are inflammatory, why not edit my post and warn me via pm?"

We do that a lot, in egregious cases. Many, however, don't justify any particullar effort beyond deletion--which oughta be a pretty good clue, in itself.

How many hours are there in a day? How many threads in a forum? Posts in a thread? And we have over 10,000 active members. IOW, there is just not all that much time any of us can devote to hand-holding when folks can't find the paths of righteousness all on their own.

If somebody speaks stupid, at most attempt polite correction--not sarcasm or snark. And the operative word is "polite". If somebody insults you or is sarcastic, inform a moderator via the little red button at the lower left of the offending post. You put yourself in the wrong when you attempt one-upsmanship.

We don't give prizes for "Snark Of The Day".

January 2, 2009, 02:48 AM
i understand that the mods can't hand-hold every member in every thread everyday.

i'm not looking for any prizes.

i don't see how either of my posts that were deleted were attempts at "one-upmanship". stating that someone is ill-informed and that they had to post statements that they knew would take the thread in the wrong direction isn't an attempt at "one-upmanship". suggesting that someone refrain from provocative posts, does seem polite to me, and not sarcastic at all.

i've reported posts before and will continue to do so when i feel it necessary. i mean no disrespect, but i contribute to several other fairly large forums, and just haven't experienced this with mods before.

thanks for the replies.

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