Let's make a pro-gun video


January 4, 2009, 04:16 PM
My friend Matt and I have been mulling over the idea of making a single movie, or a series of shorts about RKBA. I have a couple of ideas that I'd like to float by all of you, and also if any of you are in the SE Michigan area and would like to participate please let me know by either posting in this thread or through pm (email is hemike2000 at hotmail dot com).

Idea Number 1:

A series of images of ordinary people going about their daily lives, very short clips. In each clip (no, i didn't mean magazine :neener:)someone says their name ie "My name is Bob Smith, and I'm a gun owner". Objective of said short would be to...as Oleg is fond of saying... make gun ownership unremarkable. If we could get non-traditional gun owners (or groups of people who aren't commonly thought of as gun owners) it would be even better.

Idea Number 2:

Another series of images, but this one will go "My name is Bob Smith. I'm a gun owner, and I vote". This one will just be a bunch of clips put together, edited into a :30 or 1:00 commercial. If any of you would like to help with this, you can use a webcam or something similar and record yourself. How you would get said footage to me for editing is something I'd have to figure out (probably rapidshare or megaupload if the clip is especially long).

Idea Number 3:

This would be a film, probably around an hour or so. Just basically talking to various people about guns, why they own guns, etc. Like a Bowling for Columbine, but with actual research and accurate statistics.

If any of you would like to contribute, or have any ideas that would help make any of this better please let me know.

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January 4, 2009, 04:43 PM
....just get your idea and go. Easy to do. Watch the lighting and background. Keep the talk simple. Don't mention the 2nd Amendment. Just talk about "choice."

I'd get the camera off the tripod and let it move.

Check the Blackfork6 Channel on youtube.com.

Sniper X
January 4, 2009, 05:37 PM
This is right up my alley.

I have been doing video and film production for about 30 years.. I can tell you that you would need to use high end HD equipment to aquire the footage as no on now will respect a video shot on sd video these days, and you can not use consumer video equipment to aquire a professional video.

Another thing, it sounds like you are describing more of a political commercial or a public service announcement on the first few ideas. The last one woud have to be TV or feature length to be distributed.

It would have to be done exactly like but the opposite view of Bowling which was a rotton POS of a pack of lies. It also was horribly done, and no opposing viewpoints were even invited as it was purely a political piece of trash made exclusively to make guns look horrid to anyone on the fence, and make all of us gun owners look total fools.

I would do it as more of a rebuttal, like Ferrinhype 911 was done to counterpoint everything Bowling wasn't, accurate, and positive.

I can teel you that if this idea was to go anywhere in the distribution world it would cost at least $500.000.00 to produce, and distribute at the very minimum. Now if you just wanted to generate a series of films to show on youtube, or for sale at gunstores or on the net, there would be a totally different story on the cost involved.

January 4, 2009, 05:46 PM
We only have a Canon XL-1 and various minidv cam's to work with, so we'd probably just be limited to short internet quality vids or something of that sort. Even then we're still interested in making them. I personally wouldn't want to make it a rebuttal type film because not only are there a few of them already out there, but it associates the project with something else, when I'd rather it be something that can stand on its own.

Sniper X
January 5, 2009, 04:59 PM
Yes, it all depends on your target audience and IF you can get it into distribution or not. I also suggest shooting a tickler as we call them and putting it up on youtube. Sometimes if done well enough that might get you "in the door" with some entity interested in putting up the clams to go with a documentary, or indy, so to speak.

After shooting on high end HD equipment, I would never go back to SD even if I had to go seek backing for the equipment.

Oh, and stay away from that putred format HDV........

January 5, 2009, 05:29 PM
No help probably, but something I find missing from the argument most of the time:

It is a trap to get into the statistics argument with the antis. No matter which set they use it's always twisting the truth to get it to say "guns are bad" but what if a fluke happens and a higher gun rate means increased crime? Do you then agree with them, ban guns? Of course not.

It needs to be put in a way that the audience gets the personal freedom, right to self-defense, autonomy, responsibility for self, and then coupled with the "right tool for the job" (the gun) that is still the right thing, even if they found stats that did agree with them.

What I mean is, it doesn't make any difference how many babies died last year, taking my gun is STILL unconstitutional, and wrong even if you changed the Constitution.

Getting that in the argument is something I've been trying to work out how to do.

January 5, 2009, 05:45 PM
Haha, I was just thinking about something like this the other day.

Not really as "do-able" as your shorts idea, but I was thinking a regular feature movie. The start is full of "scary" and "evil" gun stuff. Like Burt's gun room in Tremors, friends going to the range and going NUTS with some AKs, going out to the farm and blowing stuff up... basically all the usual Hollywood gun foreshadowing. Then the end of the movie is just boring. Everyone goes to work, eats dinner and goes to bed. Maybe turn the last 45 minutes into a chick flick with a love story and a happy ending without guns. Something like that.

It would be hilarious in my opinion.

January 5, 2009, 06:52 PM
Without too much 2A, lines should include, "It's my right, and I CHOOSE to do so," or "Don't DISCRIMINATE against legal gun owners when angry at the bad guys." Also, "when push comes to shove, the only defense against a gun is a gun," and "If someone is threatening your wife's life, do you want a gun or a cellphone?"
All of these are the usual points we make to each other all the time. But for the general public, there are some buzzwords like choice, discrimination, my right, etc that are better received.

February 19, 2009, 03:50 AM
Start out with short clips on youtube and grow from there

February 22, 2009, 10:10 AM
We have more than 400 firearms video ciips on our web site. We shoot in HD, though it streams in SD.

How you produce it should start with the distribution. Web, TV, movie theaters (actually, that last one is impossible).

Oh, I also create/direct/host firearms television shows (new one coming in July). Holler if I can help answer questions, etc.

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