New handgun owner, XD(m)9mm. Cleaning and maintenance questions


January 11, 2009, 01:59 PM
Bought myself my first handgun after Christmas, the awesome Springfield XD(m) 9mm. This is my first handgun i've owned beyond my years of using a Marlin .22 rifle.

Naturally, i'm new to this whole handgun ownership thing and I want to take care of my gun and need to learn how so naturally I have questions:

1: I've heard about "Gunzilla" Cleaner and lubricant and apparently according the reviews in Handgun mag, its like the the best stuff period. Reduces the amount you have to clean and lubricate your gun. Any truth to this, or is this more money under the table paid marketing BS?

2. What brands should I be looking for/avoiding? Do I wan to use those aresol cans to easily blast away junk and stuff outa the gun or do I wanna use a rag and some other cleaner instead?

3. Can I buy a basic handgun cleaning kit? Is there stuff should I be looking for/avoiding in a kit? What brands would be best?

4. Should I get a bore snake or is it even worth it?

5. How do I use one of those barrel cleaners? I heard your only supposed to use them in one direction? Whats the basic procedure to clean and oil this gun? Pictures would really help here. At what point is too "anal" about cleaning and oiling vs just maintaining the gun well. I have tendancy to go overboard on taking care of my things, hence why I ask.

I would prefer to purchase my stuff from the local Wal-Marts, or or are the two major sportsmans stores in my town.

Thanks for any incite or suggestions.

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Janos Dracwlya
January 11, 2009, 02:50 PM
Congratulations on your purchase. Though I'm not a fan of striker-fired single action handguns, the XDm with that 19 round magazine has me intrigued.

In answer to your questions:

1. I don't know anything about Gunzilla, other than I've heard the name mentioned. I use Ballistol ( and am quite pleased with it, particularly the fact that it is non-toxic and doesn't leave my hands or the room smelling like chemicals. The fact that it is also good for leather, wood, vinyl, rubber, etc., is also handy

2. I've also used Hoppe's No. 9 and thought it was quite useful, other than the smell. (see above)

3. Yes. No, other than steel cleaning rods, which can damage a gun's muzzle crown. Probably not; gun cleaning kits are hard to get wrong.

4. They're a little pricey, but work pretty well, especially for a quick barrel wipe.

5. Hmmm, I've never heard that, but maybe I'm wrong. I've never had any problems, though. Not knowing the XDm (yet), I can't say.

I get my basic cleaning supplies either from Wal-Mart or from a local store.


Edited to add: Don't forget to send in for the free magazines. I think the deadline is January 15.

January 11, 2009, 03:07 PM
I clean, lubricate, and protect with CLP. Works fine for me. For cleaning kits, any pistol kit should work fine. A few extra's you might want to look at: cotton cleaning patches (I don't like the synthetic ones), q-tips, and a dental pick (for scraping carbon off the face of the breech.

One thing to try to avoid: try not to let any lube get into the little hole where the firing pin comes through. Lube attracts unburned powder and carbon and can really coat the inside causing the firing pin to not work right eventually.

As far as general cleaning of handguns (for a target rifle, I do things differently) run patches/brushes from the breech to muzzle (to avoid damaging the crown). Go all the way out, then all the way back as opposed to a scrubbing motion. How much cleaning is too much depends on the person. I tend to to quickie cleans (maybe 20-30 minutes per gun) every time I shoot just to make sure everything is coated in a thin amount of lube to prevent rust and there is not buildup of crud to inhibit function the next trip out. Every few times to the range I do a detailed cleaning trying to get it as spotless as possible. Others don't clean until they run a set amount of rounds through it or when it starts acting up. For Glocks, XD's, M&P's, etc that's probably fine. However, I just can't do it.

January 11, 2009, 03:33 PM
Here's how I clean my XD

1. Field strip to the 4 main parts
2. apply foaming bore cleaner to the barrel (let it sit for about 15-25 min)
(i use gunslick foaming bore cleaner...they all work about the same though)
3. While waiting of the foaming bore cleaner to work I wipe down all of the areas that accumulate fouling/build up with a rag or paper towel

4. While still waiting for the foam to work I apply gun grease or gun oil lubricant to the slide rails, and ANY metal to metal contact areas. ( remember the tip of the barrel....lube lightly)

5. Then after the foaming bore cleaner has sat for awhile and everything else is complete I then run a bore snake, or rod and patch through the barrel until it comes out dry.....I then look through it to visually inspect for fouling or copper build up that the foaming cleaner did not get on the first run through. If i see any I reapply the foaming bore cleaner....if not reassemble

6. cycle the action a few times, then wipe of any excess lubrication

7. I spray WD-40 on a rag or paper towel and wipe down all the external metal parts....I then let it sit for a minute or two. Then wipe it off with a dry rag

8. Cleaning Complete

January 11, 2009, 03:49 PM
You mean my long dissertation that I gave you over at TFL a short time back doesn't answer your questions? I'm shocked and deeply offended!:D

I don't remember, but I don't think you asked what products to avoid at TFL. Mine are as follows:

RemOil, 3in1, WD40, Hoppes lubricant (#9 powder solvent and Benchrest9 is good, though). These are IMO aren't any good for heavy use of your gun. Some say they work great, well good for them. There's several tests formally and informally done that proves they don't work worth a darn for using on guns.

Degreasers such as GunScrubber and brake cleaner may be OK on metal guns. However, some finishes don't last against the chemicals these have in them. I wouldn't use these on polymer frames or other plastic parts.

January 11, 2009, 04:47 PM
WD-40 is a great rust preventative I use it all the time on my guns to keep the finish from rusting, and to just condition it.
I don;t spray it on the gun its self, just a rag or paper towel

WD-40 is not a good lubricant

January 11, 2009, 05:11 PM
I just cleaned my Sig today and I used Hoppes on the barrel and thicker carbon buildup areas. Then used Breakfree CLP as a final swab down the barrel, and cleaned the rest of the gun with it. Then a couple drops of Rem Oil on the springs/trigger area and some TW25B grease on the rails/slide.

January 11, 2009, 05:58 PM
I wouldn't let WD-40 anywhere near my guns, even on a rag.

January 12, 2009, 01:50 AM
Thanks for the help, I went picked up a Gun Slick cleaning kit. Hope it was a decent choice. Now I just gotta figure out how to do this.

January 12, 2009, 12:41 PM
Ok, err I feel like a retard. What exactly is in this case and how/what do I use it for

Fish Miner
January 12, 2009, 04:01 PM
For cleaning the XD you should field strip it and remove the guide rod and barrel- I doubt direction makes any difference when cleaning the barrell of the hand gun once removed- I have a bore snake for mine.

my steps for cleaning my XD - I strip it- run the solvent through the barrell on a patch- then a pass through with my bore snake- then I oil it and put it back together-

On a side note I was pretty anal about cleaning after every use- but after 5K rounds and no problems- I clean it only after every few hundred rounds- still flawless. You will like it alot more after a 1000 rounds and the trigger is smooth.Enjoy

January 12, 2009, 06:49 PM
cleaning xdm 9 gun scrubb the slide oil rails m pro 7 frame areas wipe dry done.

January 12, 2009, 07:30 PM
I found my XD to be delightfully low-maintenance, so you shouldn't feel overwhelmed by this. Eventually you'll get the hang of it to the point of comfort.

January 12, 2009, 07:32 PM
alright the black thing at the top right hand corner is a rod guide to prevent the rod from damaging the crown the only time you would use this is if you are clean the bore when the the gun is assembled you probably won use the slotted jag or cotton bore brush....which is underneath the bronze brush (unless you want to, the cotton thing almost acts like a patch)

alright here is how I would do it

disassemble the gun

take the plain barrel by itself then:

1. Take the Pointed jag and put a patch on it. (make sure the patch is centered on the jag......(the jag will have to poke through the patch)

2. Drop a few drops of Ultra Kleenz on the patch grab a hold of the barrel and push it through the barrel from the chamber/breech end not the muzzle
(this could require some force) I don't know if the jags they supply are very tight...which could make it hard to push it through all the way...if you feel it is to hard to push through then use the slotted jag or go buy a boresnake (well worth the investment)

3. Wait a few minutes or however long it says it takes on the back of the bottle for the solvent to adequately do its work

(OPTIONAL: screw on the bronze brush and scrub the the barrel a few will not hurt your barrel....try not to drag it back through....I unscrew once I reach the end of the barrel then screw it back on a run it through again)

4. Run a dry patch through the barrel

5. Keep doing it till it comes out clean.....(it could take quite a few patches)

6. Inspect bore for any left over copper/fouling

7. If there is any run another patch soaked in the solvent through the bore again.....then run patches through until this until you are satisfied with the way the barrel looks.

8. Lube the gun in all metal to metal contact the rails, tip of barrel, etc

9. reassemble and wipe excess lube

10. wipe down the outside of the gun with a rust preventative of you choice. IE: CLP or even just a dry rag or paper towel to remove the oil from handling

hope this helps

January 13, 2009, 02:58 PM
Anyone able to post pics of a basic cleaning procedure?

January 13, 2009, 04:53 PM
hey man if I have time tonight i'll try

January 13, 2009, 05:01 PM
A couple of the guys touched upon this, but I'll explain it a little further.

The first thing that I saw after disassembling my XD after firing it for the first time and put about 5 boxes of ammo through it was... nothing.

I thought; "holy crap, there's nothing to clean!".

I have never owned another pistol like the XD that refused to get dirty.
Accumulation of any powder residue under the slide and around the spring is almost nil.
So there is no need to get anal about cleaning the XD.

All I do is take the slide assembly off the frame, run a patch through the bore a few times until it comes out clean to get rid of the usual crap in there, and then lightly brush around under the slide with a slightly oily paint brush. It takes only a 30 seconds of that and the slide looks new.

That's it. Done.

January 13, 2009, 05:13 PM
Hey Freezebyte,

Congratulations on your purchase. Looks like lots of folks chiming in to help you with the cleaning procedure. Check the kit that you bought, there might be some sort of cleaning instructions, hints, help, etc that will steer you in the right direction. It's not rocket science. There are many differing opinions & products for cleaning guns. I wouldn't say one is any more superior to another. Just jump in there and do it.

Again, congratulations on your gun purchase, especially it being your first handgun. That's a big step. However, I have to caution you (as I know others on this forum can too), once you start it's hard to resist the urge and desire to own more guns. There are some many nice ones out there... :eek:

I also want to say, good selection on your gun, as well. I joined the happy gang of XD owners this past summer. Very nice and good shooting gun.

Take care and welcome to the gang.

January 13, 2009, 05:24 PM
I have the XDM 9 and I hate it. With five clips loaded I go to the range and 10 minutes later I've blown through 2 50 round boxes! You need at least 4 50 round boxes per range session. Aaaarrgh! Kidding really, I love it. The magazine offer gives you two lightly used mags and mag holster in a black plastic case. One of the mag springs was lubed one was bone dry. I would recommend taking them apart and cleaning and lightly lubing them. It took almost exactly 8 weeks for them to arrive. I can't get all 19 rounds in any of the mags without the speed loader. The last two or three are pretty tough but I may just be a pansy. You can rearrange the case to carry five mags and one mag holder and everything else but the stupid lock. Enjoy it, I certainly do.

January 13, 2009, 05:36 PM
Dunno how to take apart the mags and its gonna be awhile before I see them anyway

January 13, 2009, 05:42 PM
Push in the little metal bit inside the little hole on the plastic bottom of the mag with a small screwdriver. Then just slide off that bottom plastic piece and everything slides out. Then put a very thin coating of oil on the spring and reassemble. It is simple and made them much easier to load. I do it to new mags as well.

January 13, 2009, 06:06 PM
there's lots of videos on youtube of people cleaning their pistols. it's easy to seperate people that know what they're doing in well made videos to those who don't in sloppy videos. after watching a few, you'll be able to make your own method.

January 13, 2009, 09:27 PM
Here is a picture of a patch correctly installed on a pointed jag

Here is a picture of the patch and jag going thru the barrel

Wipe down all grit and grime with a rag or paper towel

Be sure to wipe grit/fouling out of the slide as well

Be sure to lubricate the slide rails

Be sure to lubricate the end of the barrel as well or anywhere metal meets metal

Dissembling the Magazine (very easy)

Take a pencil end or something like a punch and push down on the dot in the center of the bottom of the magazine (im using a broken jag)

When its punched down slide the black tip off slowly, be sure to keep some of your thumb on the springs that are now trying to some out the magazine

Let the spring come out slowly (remember how it came out so you can put it back in)

After the spring is out the follower will fall out the magazine housing

Clean the magazine, then reassemble

Then do a quick check to make sure the magazine is assemble properly

Hope this helped

Keep in mind the parts of the gun pictured is from a regular XD, there could be some similarities but not many.

January 13, 2009, 11:29 PM
point the magazine away from you when disassembling, i've seen new guys get popped in the face with mag springs before... which is why you should make it a habit to wear eye protection any time you work around springs.

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