Interbonds: Do you shoot them? Like them?


January 12, 2009, 02:08 PM
I want to get an early start on developing an elk load for my 7mm Remington Magnum. Initially, I was going to use a 160g Sierra GameKing but then I began to have doubts how well it will hold up if I end up smashing into a shoulder bone. Sierra's have always seem rather thinly jacketed to me, but usually give good groups.

I figured the tried and tested performers, such as the Nosler Paritions and Barnes TSX, ought to be evaluated even if their price point is higher than I like. Then I began to take notice of the Hornady Interbonds. I know the Interbonds have only been around a few years, so they don't have quite the developed and distinguished track record of the more popular premium bullets. However, they are a good deal cheaper and I think that Hornady makes a good quality bullet all-around.

So, I figured I'd take advantage of the collective experience of THR and ask about the Interbonds. Any experience you have with them will be helpful, but experience specifically with regards to elk hunting is what I'm looking for.

How well did they penetrate?
How well did they hold together?
How well did they group?

I'm looking at loading the 154g with Reloader 22 and a Federal 215 primer. My barrel is stainless steel, 24" long, and has a 1 in 9.5" twist in case you are wondering.

Would it be better to just stick with a 160g Nosler partition or a 150/160g Barnes TSX? Or do you think the Hornady Interbond will get the job done while saving me $20+ per 100 bullets?

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January 12, 2009, 05:08 PM

Please post your results/answeres.
I'm doing the same for my 7 Mag. While I was looking at the 150gr..I might look into 160's if they are better.

January 13, 2009, 01:11 AM
My favorite load in hunting rifles is the 165 gr IB in 300WSM. I've used this load for the last 3 years, and on numerous hogs and deer. Accuracy is amazing, and with one exception, all shots in the chest have resulted in instant drops.

I have friend in Alaska that uses the 180 gr IB in his 300WSM, and he hunts moose, caribou, sheep, and goats.

January 13, 2009, 11:23 PM
It looks like Midway USA has them as part of their blemished bullet sale. Only $26.99 per 100!

I might have to grab a couple of boxes.

I'd still love to hear people experience on their real-world performance however.

January 14, 2009, 07:49 AM
They have worked well for me on deer and hogs. 130gr, .270. Accurate and deadly.

January 14, 2009, 10:46 AM
I don't know how much of a difference there is between the Interbonds and the Nossler accubonds, but I have had nothing but great success with the accubonds mostly on deer though. I am using the 160gn and shot deer from 30 yards to over 250 and had full penetration even through both shoulders. I would like to know what others think of the Innerbonds. Even with the price difference and the fact that I really don't shoot a lot of them I will probably just stick to the Accubonds, because I am very satisfied with them.

January 15, 2009, 01:11 AM
Take a look at this thread from a couple of months ago.

January 15, 2009, 09:31 AM
Thanks snuffy. I've thoroughly read that and other threads. You mentioned the IB has been said to "blow up" on bone and other objects. Where did you read that? I've read a lot of threads on a lot of different sites, but most of the discussion around Interbonds seems to be speculation. While speculation on what a bullet might do on game can be helpful, I'd prefer actual real-world experience on game.

By-the-way, thanks for that other thread of yours. It was pretty cool to see your expansion testing and such on the various bullets. Very informative.

January 15, 2009, 01:46 PM
Thanks azar, but I never said the interbond blew up. I did say the Hornady SST blew up, in my tests and in actual on-game performance. The SST is a simple cup & core bullet, the interLOCK ring does little or nothing to prevent the core from slipping out of the jacket.

The bonding of the core to the jacket prevents that.

When I first did my expansion tests, I was pro interbond. I still am FOR MY APPLICATIONS, that is for whitetail deer. I always say someday I'll go after elk, but I'm realizing it's just a dream. Finances and health problems will prevent that. I still think a 180 interbond in my 300 WSM would be great elk medicine.

The interbond will penetrate less. There's no question about that. BUT it WILL do a fantastic job on whitetail, and other deer of the same weight class. It will also always retain more weight. It did that across the board in my tests. If it stops in the body, it will also dump all it's energy in the animal. The "pancakeing" or flat frontal expansion, is criticized by many.

I loaded the 139 interbond for my nephews 280, 7400 remington. He managed to shoot 5 deer in one season with that load. Ranges from 50 yards to 200. All were bang-flops. All the bullets exited, so none could be measured. However, a couple of years later, he nailed a big buck at about 100 yds, the same bullet entered the deer on a frontal shot in the brisket. The bullet was found inside the ribcage, after penetrating 18 inches of venison. The nose was pretty mangled, obviously it had encountered some bone. It weighed 100 grains!

January 15, 2009, 02:53 PM
So, if you had the chance to hunt elk with a 7mm Rem Mag, would an Interbond be one of the top contenders? Or with your experience would you opt for an Accubond, Partition, or some other premium bullet?


January 15, 2009, 08:55 PM
I am not a fan of Barnes bullets...but that TSX is an awesome preformer on large game. I have seen several large bears that were devestated by it,...even when hit square on the shoulder.

January 15, 2009, 09:29 PM
I have never found Interbonds to be terribly concentric, if your getting down to that level. Performance would be acceptable for elk, including "smash through". I prefer the accubond. Its a little pricier but you pay for piece of mind-

If your on the new frontier there are many rave reviews of Bergers Match bullets for hunting. There are some interesting articles on the net-

January 15, 2009, 10:18 PM
The only InterBonds I've tried were the 110gr .257". From my two .257Roberts and .257WbyMag, accuracy was absent. Usually about 4" at 100yds.

My experience with one Lot# of SST's in .284" left me with a sour taste. I got failure to expand from a 7mm08 @ 2,800fps mv.

However, I've never gotten burned by Sierra, or Nosler Partitions.......

A friend used my 7mm08 on elk in 2005. With the 140gr Nosler Partitions, he got complete penetration on chest/lung shots. The single Sierra (long story, he was supposed to check zero with Sierra's, shoot elk with Nosler's, however, a single Sierra was recovered from elk) hit the shoulder, broke the spine and was lodged under the hide on the elk. Weighed 1,200lbs at camp. (I have the pictures!, he has the mounted elk!).

I'd use either the Sierra (160gr Flat Base w/7mmMag) or Nosler Partitions. I suppose the Barnes might do, if you want to "experiment", but they're too expensive to "practice" with.......

Sierra's, Speers, or Nosler's are never a bad choice. I've been burned twice on "big dollar, out of State hunts" by Hornady's to chance them again. (mule deer w/.257 117gr Interlokt (jacket seperation in flight, tumbling)- had to revert to 85gr Nosler BT "prararie dog" load to take Mule deer- 1-shot bang-flop at 373yds........, and failure of 200gr .338" to expand on elk @ 2,800fps mv at 250yds (lased), complete penetration, elk never recovered................

RE: Berger VLD's: shot a doe with 115gr .257. 110yd near spine hit (chest 1" under spine). Bang-flop. Complete penetration, no bullet fragments, continually increasing wound channel, 3" exit wound, broke rib(s) on entry, and exit. I'll definitely use them again. For a chest heart/lung shot, the VLD's will definitely take out some lungs!!! Can't say how much bone they'll handle however.

Didn't I say a Nosler Partition is NEVER a bad choice.......Load develope, practice,ect.. with Sierra, substitute Nosler for "hunting" load. Ditto the Speer flat-base Hot-Core's......

January 15, 2009, 10:56 PM

Thanks for the input. I've read a lot of people having Sierra's turn to schrapnel at high velocities. I hadn't given them a consideration of being a durable enough bullet for elk hunting. Perhaps my impressions are mistaken.

I've loaded the 140 grain GameKing in 6.5x55 and the jacket has a tendency to "peel up" around the base when seating it into the cases. I may have been a little overzealous in chamfering and deburring on those particular cases but no other bullet has done that to me. They seem fairly thinly jacketed. I haven't shot enough of the 140g GameKings to say how accurate they are in my gun (never finished developing that load), although they do have a good reputation on deer. The 160g RN in 6.5x55 game me fantastic groups, however. Too bad it's been discontinued.

I only purchased my 7mm at the end of August or thereabouts. I've put 1/2 a box of Hornady Custom 162g BTSP and my first 2 of 5 sets handloads of the Sierra 160g GameKings on to paper. I got 0.8" groups with Hornady's Factory load. So far my first two sets of reloads for the Sierra's have given me dismal groups. The first group gave me 1.47", if you subtract a flyer (2.6" otherwise). The other... 3.9". Granted, I haven't even come close to having finished developing that load but that's my second worst handloaded group ever.

So, I have mixed feelings about Sierra bullets. It might just be my relative inexperience with them talking though.

As for Speer, I've only loaded the 140 grain HotCor in 6.5x55 and they gave me some pretty average groups. So I haven't bothered to try them since.

Each gun has their preferences and it's possible my 7mm will hate the 154g Interbond. The only way for me to know that is to load it and find out. But I can at least try and find out how well it works on elk size game before spending my money on it.

Thanks again for your input.

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