Titewad Versus...


January 14, 2009, 08:40 PM
I'm getting ready to drop a Powder Valley order for myself and a group of 3 others - enough powder in all to eliminate hazmat but I'll leave it at that.

I've been using Win-231 (HP-38) a lot, and in the last 6 months have about toasted my 4-lb jug of W-231 and the 2lbs of HP-38 I had before that. I shoot plated and cast bullets in 9mm and 44mag. I also hunt with the 44mag and XTPs but I'm all set there with a stock of 2400 *and* H-110.

I LOVE Win-231 (again, same as HP-38) in both calibers in "target" level loads in both aforementioned calibers. I'd planned on dropping myself an 8-lb jug of HP-38 because, for reasons unknown, it's cheaper than the "same stuff" 231 by about 10-12 bucks.

ENTER Hodgdon Titewad. I realize it's one of the fastest powders around hands down, but it "appears" that it serves the same reduced cast/plated load realm in both 44/9mm calibers fairly well. And I'll be DARNED if despite loving HP38/231 that I'm not a stubborn, cheap bas-retard.

Am I going to HATE myself for switching off the ol' favorite here to Titewad? Or will I save on cost, charge weight, and keep my general satisfaction?

PLEASE note: I appreciate all the opinions sincerely, but I would ask that we stick to the powders mentioned - I've already 100% narrowed things down to powders mentioned and don't want "better alternates" in this particular case.

Thanks much.

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January 14, 2009, 08:47 PM
Tite group is amazing for light loads in big cases. My light .357 mag load is a Hornady 140 grain cowboy bullet over enough Titegroup to get 950 fps. That leaves a lot of empty space in the case.

From my test gun (TC Encore w/match barrel and scope) it will do under three inches at 100 yards from a bench rest. That's pretty good consistancy from light, thrown charges.

January 14, 2009, 08:59 PM
Ahh... dangit. Sorry PO2, I somehow switched names from "Titewad" which was my intent and in my title to "Titegroup" halfway through my post. I'm very sorry, that was stupid of me.

The same question still applies and my OP is now correct - but ultimately I'm looking for comparison between my mentioned load needs and Titewad and W-231/HP-38.


January 14, 2009, 09:48 PM
Well, I know that Promo powder, which is way cheaper than Red Dot, is pretty much a grain-for-grain substitute for Red Dot, though the powder company doesn't want to give you data, any more than with TiteWad.

You may want to look at Promo.... 5 grains of Red Dot should perform as 5 grains of Promo....

I wouldn't doubt it if you could find an equivalent with TiteWad. I'm interested - I bought some of it, too, and haven't had time to play with it.

I AM cautious, for those of you ready to send me a note telling me to be careful. Really. I've seen a post or two by guys who use TiteWad for pistol reloading... you'll have to do some searches to find 'em, but they are there.
Maybe ReloaderFred or somebody will jump in here :evil:

You mentioned the pricing "for whatever reason." The answer is always money. Two or more manufacturers buy the same product from one of the very few powder mills in this country (or foreign, sometimes) and they put different labels on them. Their marketing folks charge what their market will bear according to their brand image. Like 231 being "worth more" becuase it's Winchester, by God. :scrutiny:

Good luck - I'll watch to see who jumps in here, so I can borrow some loading data for TiteWad, too!

January 15, 2009, 03:00 AM
OK, friend, let me get this straight. You're extremely happy with HP-38/231, one of the hands-down best and most versatile pistol powders in the middle burn rate...

...but instead you're going to buy LARGE quantities of an extremely fast powder for which no load data exists.

When you awaken, finish making that Powder Valley order with the HP-38 and be a happy man.

I use small quantities of fast powders like Titewad and VV N-310 for 45acp sometimes, but only with 230 grain round nose on occasion. They can burn clean because they burn hot (and you use very little) but they aren't mainstream powders. I actually keep them around because I use them in shotshells.

January 15, 2009, 07:50 AM
When you awaken, finish making that Powder Valley order with the HP-38 and be a happy man.
Hard to argue with that.

Ditto on N310 and light loads in .45, but with 185, 200, & 230 Gr.

January 15, 2009, 09:30 AM
Read you loud and clear!

Seems a little bit funny to me this morning actually... I do love what I've been using and I'm looking at saving about 20 bucks - on 8 pounds. I'll get over it.

Appreciate being reeled in though - definitely why I asked. In hindsight I think it may actually have been Titegroup that I was thinking of, as it would apply better to my applications, but in either case the savings is probably not worth any hassle. I'll just have to live with the fact that there's no new load work-up to get in by not switching :)

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