Critical gun rights activist's conference in Texas - y'all need to make this!


Jim March
January 16, 2003, 12:00 AM
Folks, a two-day series of talks and meetings on gun rights activism is coming up in Texas on the 8th and 9th of February.

Please see this thread for details:

The seminars (including mine :D) will be pretty dang cool, but the chance to meet a bunch of very heavy duty players and hear things that just do NOT get talked about online is even more critical. At least check out that thread.

Moderators: please keep both this thread and that one open in this case, because the guy posting the first thread came up with a poor name for it that won't get much traffic.

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January 16, 2003, 12:54 AM
"The sun is riz and the sun is set, but I ain't out of Texas yet." (Trucker's lament)

It's a big state, and this conference is in Dallas, which most people have heard of.

(It's near Grand Prairie, 'bout a hundred miles west of Tyler.)

Bob Locke
January 16, 2003, 01:28 AM
That's about a 12-hour drive for me. Compared to the recent round-trip to Virginia, that's a cakewalk!

Maybe I can get a couple of other folks from up here who are interested, and I need to check my work schedule, of course.

Does look worth the while, though. Need to contact Rocky Mountain Gunowners and see if some of them might be interested.

January 16, 2003, 05:11 PM

I'll see if I can make it.


Jim March
January 17, 2003, 03:44 AM

This is important, folks.

Mark Benningfield
January 17, 2003, 12:35 PM
Hello All.

Already registered. It's a short drive for me, but according to the registration newsletter, they have lined up some outstanding deals on airfare! I figure I've complained enough; time to get the ball rolling!!

January 17, 2003, 02:15 PM
I'll drive up.

Jim, bring some of your kydex!

rock jock
January 17, 2003, 02:47 PM
I'll try to make it. Five hour drive for me.

rock jock
January 18, 2003, 02:14 PM
OK, I've registered. See ya'll there.

January 20, 2003, 08:59 PM
check mailed today.

See ya there!

January 21, 2003, 12:59 AM
Hey folks, it's davidr, I organized CounterAttack. A big thanks to Jim for helping promote! A few notes:
- The $99 registration special ends this week, so make sure
to register online at
You can select check or money order and send the money
later, but you need to get in the database by end of Friday
to save $21 off normal registration.

- You can still get cheap airfare from most places, especially
on American. Unfortunately, that means dealing with airline
"security" rights abuse, but for some it's the only option. If
so, the American discount line is 1-800-433-1790, code

It's a ridiculously good lineup and we have machine guns
rented for Saturday night, so a good time should be had by
all :)

rock jock
January 21, 2003, 06:49 PM
Who is up for a THR get-together? Maybe lunch on Saturday?

January 21, 2003, 07:33 PM
OK, I'm registered and ready to go.

Jim March
January 24, 2003, 03:29 AM
Here's David Rostcheck's latest update:


Hi folks, here's another special reminder. There are only two days left on our $99 registration special for CounterAttack 2003 - it ends Friday at midnight. Your payment doesn't need to be received by then (you can still pay by check or money order and mail it in), but you need to get registered on the web by that time to get the discount rate. After midnight on Friday, our conference registration rate returns to $120. We've got a stack of top-rate gun rights talent like you may not ever see again at one conference - Clayton E. Cramer, Suzanna Hupp, Rick Stanley, Kenn Blanchard, plus training workshops by Neal Knox, Jim March, Jim Hinter from Canada's NFA, Dennis Walker, Michael Bane, Michael Badnarik - it's all top notch talent, plus free machine gun rental for attendees of the Saturday Night Social and Shoot at DFW Gun.

If you're on the fence, read that last sentence again and think about it - if your gun rights are important to you, and you want to learn the political self defense skills to keep them, there exists no other place where you can learn this kind of effective activism. The Joyce foundation gives the Violence Policy Center about a million dollars a year to demonize you so they can take your guns. And you know what? It works. It works because you don't know how to fight back. Every day they turn the culture against you. You can't put gun ads in newspapers. TV shows gun registration solving all the crimes. Your toy store won't sell toy guns. Your department store won't sell you ammo. Your doctor asks if you have guns and writes the answer in your permanent medical records. Your schoolteachers ask your kids if you have them. Every day you lose. There's nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. There's only one way out, and that's to fight back.

If you spent money on guns or training this year and didn't get any political self defense training, that's like buying property in a neighborhood of arsonists and not getting fire insurance. What do you really expect to happen?

There are many worthy organizations out there, but only one of them is specifically dedicated to teaching gun owners to protect their rights, and that's us. We invented CounterAttack to fill a need that nothing else meets. I'll be happy to sell you this training class by class if you miss the conference, but you'll spend as much as a new Kimber 45 on it, and if you don't get it, you may find yourself handing that Kimber in for a $50 check because you didn't know how to stop it from happening. I know, and my instructors know, and we'll teach you if you want to learn. Your chance is here now, so take it and you won't be sorry.

By the way, if you think you're out of the airfare window, you probably still have time. We've found many airlines have started giving a discount rate up to 14 days out instead of 21 days out, and you can still get a 5% conference discount on American.

And if you think you've registered, and you haven't checked on the website, please check. We get a lot of people thinking they somehow registered when they didn't. Just because you get this email doesn't mean you're registered. Check on the website at

If you don't know your password, have it emailed to you. If your email address isn't found, you aren't registered, so get yourself registered up.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Dallas!
CounterAttack 2003 - 16 more days! See
David Rostcheck, Executive Director
North Bridge Training Institute, 214-707-1004

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