Practical CCW holster selection


January 17, 2009, 10:44 AM
I've finally moved out of California and will submit a CCW application next week and I need help selecting holster for a Kahr P9. Though not illegal if I am found to be carrying at work I'm positive that my employment in serious jeopardy. Concealment is of paramount importance.

I'm 6' and 170lbs. My work wardrobe varies considerably:

Inside: Jeans with sweater or sweatshirt or button up or long sleeve t-shirt untucked.
Outside: Down Jacket or technical fleece. Both fall about 3-4" below waistline.

Jeans with Polo untucked over an undershirt.

Shorts with short sleeve button up or polo untucked.

At work I'm sitting in cubicle with my back facing a walkway. At lunch I shoot pool in the break room. Occasionally a large meeting will have me sitting on the ground or on a table.

I walk a half mile to public transportation. Sometimes I jog to catch the train/bus. I might be seated or holding the overhead straps. During rush hour it can be quite cramped. I'm always wearing a backpack to and from work.

Obviously, I'd like to be able to draw from standing, seated and cramped conditions.

I was thinking that a tuckable IWB holster worn under an undershirt should work in all those situations.

What are your thoughts? Will I be able to draw from a seated position? Will this be concealed enough at work?

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January 17, 2009, 10:56 AM
Some states don't allow CCW on public transport. First, know the law. Second, make sure you know the law. As far a legal cc goes, I like an IWB leather rig at appendix. Ordered mine here:

I used a Galco for a while first. It wasn't stable enough.

January 17, 2009, 11:09 AM
Thank you for the heads up. Thankfully public transportation is not listed as a prohibited CCW area in my state.

How easy is it for you to draw from the seated position with your side guard holster?

January 17, 2009, 11:33 AM
As important as it is for you to not be discovered at work, pocket carry is one option I'd consider. Drawing while seated 'might' be a problem unless you use the square pocket on the pant leg. Check out the 5.11 tactical pants...

I use a Galco Speed Master which looks similar to the Side Guard. Drawing while seated isn't a problem for me unless there's no elbow room available. Wearing the holster for cross draw would solve that... I'd prefer a Galco F.L.E.T.C.H. for it's retention strap but those won't fit my 642 because of the CT grips.

I found IWB uncofortable when I tried it.

January 17, 2009, 11:55 AM
How easy is it for you to draw from the seated position with your side guard holster?

No problem. Practice makes perfect. Also, you listed your size as 170lb/6ft. I'm 150lb/5'5". We're both blessed with good figures for carry. We can get away with anything. If I were shaped like most of my friends there's no way I could carry appendix.

However, I don't quite get the concern. Why would one still be sitting on their rump when drawing a firearm becomes necessary?

January 18, 2009, 10:20 AM
I'm concerned with being able to draw from a seated position because I am seated 90% time and figure I should be able to present from that position. Also, it provides a more stable position in a moving vehicle. And when I'm seated on the window side it can be difficult to stand up quickly.

Obviously, I'd rather be standing at the ready; however, I'd prefer access from all likely positions.

January 18, 2009, 07:41 PM
To me any Kahr is a really tiny little thing so concealment should be no problem. I carry a full size double stack 1911 and it conceals quite well in a Galco inside the pants holster. I always thought the grip to be the only part of a sidearm that might be hard to hide. I'm not sure about the Kahr, but Galco makes a thing called the "deep cover" which will hide a small sidearm with the shirt tail tucked into the holster clip. Catch a look at your favorite Galco gun dealer. When I went through my concealed carry qualification course the instructor challenged a room of about 40 candidates to tell him if he had a gun and if so where. He made a "clean getaway!" He was wearing an ordinary sweat shirt and pants. He was carrying a small 1911 style pistol. Your Kahr should be a real snap.

January 28, 2009, 07:23 PM
Thrlskr, Your Kahr will be surprising easy to conceal. The first few days you wear matter what position or will be uber self conscious and think that everyone around you knows. Then it will just become a natural part of your clothing after a while. Honestly, even if you do a crappy job of carrying, as long as you don't actually expose the gun, most people will assume the lump is a cell phone or a wallet or ANYTHING but a gun.
To get to the point of your question I recommend a tuckable IWB holster. I am 6'4" 175, and I often carry a Makarov (pretty much the same size as your Kahr, maybe a little bigger) in a JMG Holsters IWB just behind my strong side hip. I usually carry a larger gun, but I got the tuckable holster for church. A dress shirt and slacks makes the Mak disapear, save a little black clip on the outside of the belt. JMG's holsters are cheap, but they work. If you find something you like better later on, then you're only out 35 bucks. Here's a link...


January 28, 2009, 07:29 PM
Oh, and I recommend a slight forward tilt if you carry behind your hip as I do. A slight rearward tilt would be appropriate if you decide to carry in front of the hip or cross-draw. Come to think of it, cross draw might be worth a look for you since it does tend to make it easier to draw from a sitting position. The down-side to cross draw is you tend to muzzle sweep anyone on your non-dominant side as the gun comes out. Most ranges frown on practicing with a cross-draw holster for this reason.

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