Phoenix gun stores


September 27, 2003, 09:00 PM
For the Phoenix shooters, what gun stores do you think are the best with regards to price and service and which ones aren't so good?

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September 27, 2003, 10:48 PM
slater, run a search on Phoenix gunstores. I know denfoote and a few others put some info out on stores a few months ago.

If it was Tucson I could give you the 411.;)

September 27, 2003, 10:57 PM
Legendat Guns, on 19th ave and Colter is a great little shop. Great service.

Shooter's World is high on my list.

American Sportsman on Camelback & 7th ave is also very good.

September 27, 2003, 11:12 PM
I Shooter's World still around? I got my first shotgun from there, but I'd heard it was closed.

September 28, 2003, 12:59 AM
Mandalls in Scotssdale. Best prices, nicest people. :)

September 28, 2003, 02:39 AM
In my experience Mandalls has the highest prices in town - rent on Scottsdale road must be a killer.

Lone Wolf has good deals, and Legendary Guns is a classic. Arizona Firearm and Pawn has some reasonable deals and Pistol Parlor is pretty good as well. The real AZ place to go is J&G in Prescott, but they are on my ugly list right now because they want ID when you buy ammo (tinfoil hat alert).

I have had good gunsmithing experience at Legendary and Weapon Works.

September 28, 2003, 03:44 AM
Bear Arms in Scottsdale -- nicest and most knowledgeable people, my favorite. Not the cheapest, but great selection ( 1911s ! ).

Scottsdale Gun Center; Lone Wolf Trading Company ( Glendale) -- lowest Prices, decent selection!

Mandell's -- most expensive place in town. Sales people are friendly, but only if they happen to agree with you. Beware if you are trying to disagree!
Tourists love it there -- class III selection! That place is definitely unique. Underground range!

Arizona Sportsman: 2 or 3 locations. Nice stuff, great sales -- unfortunately always just sold last item that was on sale when I get there... hm. Rumors are they are struggling.

Shooters World: If you are a member you can buy 1 gun per year at (their) cost. Unfortunately their cost is a lot higher than Scottsdale Gun Center's retail price ( I just price checked on a SIG 220 ST). Bummer!

There are some others: G&S Gun Room in Apache Junction ( no sales tax). Pistol Parlor in Mesa. Legendary Arms ( nice place - lots of Colt SAA stuff - iif you're into antiques and Cowboy Action Shooting, you'll love it there ).

There are definitely a lot more gun stores in the valley - but those are the ones I can come up with right now. Also plenty of Pawn shops that double as FFL dealers ( but double check their prices, you don't want to buy something used for more money than some other place sells it for new).

September 28, 2003, 04:29 AM
I've been buying guns in the Phoenix area for the past 20 years and this is what I have found:

Lonewolf in west Phx. has great prices but a limited selection. They seem to concentrate on Glocks and Ruger semi autos. If they do have what you want the price will be right. Service is ok but not personalized and they have had a few of the typical gun store commando types working there over the years. They also have a discount store feel - move em in and move em out. I have a friend that bought many many guns from them and never seemed to be really appreciated. I have also bought maybe a half dozen guns from them and feel the same way.

Legendary Guns specializes in Cowboy Action Shooting but also has a good overall selection and has a loyal following of customers that just like to hang out and shoot the bull. Prices are for the most part considerably higher than some places but they will negotiate. I have been able to get a few decent deals there but no real bargains. They do take their time with you and have a friendly knowledgeable staff, no gun store commandos.

The Sportsman, with three locations, runs some decent sales and is ok on prices in general but not great. Service has always been professional and courteous. They used to own Shooters World but sold it and now is owned by Arizona Tactical.

Arizona Tactical is competitive, neither over priced or discounted heavily and seems to be growing in selection. Nice staff to deal with.

Bear Arms in Scottsdale has the best handgun selection around and has very competitive overall prices. They also have a terrific selection of accessories. Very professional and helpful staff for the most part. I took a friend in there recently to buy his first gun and they treated him very fairly.

Pistol Parlour in Mesa has good prices and friendly staff. Not a big store so their selection is limited but definitely worth a look if you live in that area.

Mesa Gun Shop usually has one of the better selections of used handguns at very reasonable prices.

Mandall's in Scottsdale is in my opinion way overpriced. Ysr_racer, I'm glad that you have had good experiences there. An example that comes to mind is when I bought my second generation Glock 23 from Lonewolf several years ago for $399 was selling at Mandall's for close to $600. They use to have one of the largest and most interesting selelctions of guns but I haven't been in there for a long time due to their pricing structure.

There is a new one called Scottsdale Gun Center that is managed by the guy that had Machine Gun Kelly's and they have some great prices. I haven't been in their store yet but did run into them at the last gun show.

Bottomline for me is when I know what I want I always call Lonewolf first to see if they have it and get their price, which is usually the best, and then check with a couple of others. A recent example is my last gun purchase was a S&W 640 Centennial. Lonewolf had them for $399 but they were the newer ones with the internal lock which I really didn't want so I began calling around. I found a new pre lock version at Legendary Guns but they wante $509 for it. I was able to negotiate it to $459 and bought it at that price. A little steep but I got what I wanted and it was worth it to me. Mike

September 28, 2003, 04:59 AM
I dropped by Shooter's World last month, and was shocked at how much it changed between 1994 (my last visit) and now.

Firearm selection is pitifull, compared to the way it used to be, and they closed the paintball stuff. And the sheer amount of clothing.....

I used to go in there for hours, just to gaze at the size of the place (and all those guns!). This last time, I stayed for 5 minutes, and left.

Those Sportsman stores look almost exactly like the Turner's stores in Sothern California. Or at least they used to.

September 28, 2003, 11:09 AM
A little store called Randall's on 51st Ave. and Olive, their prices are competitive but they really excell at service, the people are always knowledgable and helpful to me.

September 28, 2003, 11:14 AM
.45Ruger, you are absolutely correct on Randall's. I forgot about them in my list. Mike

September 28, 2003, 01:16 PM
Mandall's in Scottsdale is in my opinion way overpriced. Ysr_racer, I'm glad that you have had good experiences there.

Sorry, I forgot to add the :) to my post.

September 28, 2003, 05:26 PM
Another very positive vote for Randalls in Glendale. Great customer service and willing to special order at a reasonable price. I try to get my accessories here.

Scottsdale Gun Center and Lone Wolf are best on prices. When you go to Scottsdale GC just remember to take some Paxil for Steve, as he is an excitable boy; but he will give you a great deal. Overall my favorite place to buy. Lone Wolf's people are good, just that they work for the high turnover of their merchandise and you can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, as they do pack in the customers. Almost always crowded.

AZ Tactical/Shooters World are coming up. They are trying to increase their firearms line and have a good selection of items, mostly geared toward LEO and self defense. I agree about their "at cost" pricing for members one-gun-a-year purchase. Can almost always find it cheaper at SGC or LW.

Bear Arms for the best on hand selection at moderate prices. You probably won't get a smokin' deal, but you will get a fair price. And they will most likely have it in stock so you can fondle before you buy.

Mandalls. I can't see why they're still around. High prices and mediocre service every time I've been in there. Great selection though. Just what is their secret?

Silver Bullet
September 28, 2003, 05:47 PM
I think their "secret" is that they're one of the few places that rents machine guns.

Bear Arms has become my favorite. I also like Lone Wolf, but they wouldn't give me the price I wanted when I tried to buy a new one while trading in an older one. When I did that at Bear Arms, I was pleased with the price they gave me on the old one.

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