New Hampshire


February 21, 2009, 09:59 AM
I know I see some folks here from the "LIVE FREE OR DIE" state I live in S western part of the state, I am at a loss to try and find some place to shoot, there are a couple of fish and game clubs one is 25 miles away and the other doesn’t seem to be the friendliest crowd? I am wondering if anybody knows any spots to just go out in the woods or sand pits some place that its ok to shoot as long as you carry out what you carry in ??
any ideas greatly appreciated pms are ok thanks

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February 21, 2009, 10:22 AM
Greetings from the northern part of the state.
Here are a few suggestions....

-Call or stop by the local PD and ask them where they shoot. Private? Just a sandpit on someones property? (that's what we do) Suggestions?

-Are you near ANY of the White Mt. National Forest (I think you may be too far south?) You can shoot/hunt in the NF as long as you are not shooting across any trail, are at least fifteen feet off the trail, 1/4 mi. from any trailhead, camp, ranger station, etc. This is NOT written in stone...just "common sense" regulations that a ranger told me a few years ago. I don't know what the true laws are for the NF, but I've been doing it for years and all the rangers say to me is "Hey, what caliber is that??" Most of the level one seasonal employees are not up to speed on all the laws, yet they are the ones you will deal with the most. They defer to the local PD's and SO's in the area for law enforcement. New Hampshire is just plain awesome that way. If it looks like you are set up and legitimately target shooting/hunting you're just as likely to have the officer/trooper say "Mind if I join you?" instead of getting scrutinized.

-Ask at the local village store or small "hang out" for the older crowd (a diner, coffee shop) Ask around. There are PLENTY of people in this state that shoot.

-Your own property: As long as you are 300' from the nearest neighbors house, have a safe backstop, and are not in the "compact zone" e.g. downtown or highly populated areas, then you can shoot w/o a problem. Just bear in mind any local ordinances trump the state for certain laws (noise ordinances for example). Check first for your area.

-Suck it up and join a pay club. I don't, but there are a few in the area. I'm not much of a "people person" when I go shoot (I'm there to shoot, not talk all day), so I like to solo it for the most part. Public ranges make my skin crawl.

-You can shoot in the state parks too, but this isn't too likely, as they are designed around the tourist population and are rife with hiking trails, picknick areas, senic outlooks, etc. I wouldn't recommend it. Our state parks are just small enough that it becomes a problem. For example, you CAN technically shoot in Franconia Notch State Park by law, but how realistic is it? Not at all if you care an ounce about safety. WAY too many people around.

If all else fails, just find some old dirt country back road that dead ends in a cul-de-sac, logging area, etc. and go nuts. I doubt you will be bothered for that, but USE YOUR HEAD when it comes to private property, posted areas, etc. I'm certainly not telling you to break the law, but there are a ton of areas to go that no-one seems to mind either way. That's why I love this state. VERY pro 2A for the most part.

Hope this helps!!

February 21, 2009, 10:40 AM
Thank you FranconiaLocal, appreciate the informed feedback,yes I live in area where I can find plenty of back roads and such I just dont want to make anybody angry or draw attention to myself,I will take your advice and go down town and talk to the chief or whoever is on duty. thanks again

February 21, 2009, 04:49 PM
I reside in Nashua;there actually IS a decent clup off of 101A-decent outdoor range,and ( or so I believe) an indoor rimfire and archery area.

February 21, 2009, 05:14 PM
I am too far to help too, but the forest works for me and so does just out back in the field.. Anywhere you see hunters in hunting season park is ok to go shoot pretty much.

Clean up the casings no matter what.Try to find a open area so you don't get busted for hunting out of season and don't be hunting either..

Other places might be on a near by farm after asking for permission, which might be good to get in writting.

Once while I had that the cops were called and while reading the permission set the field on fire via the catalitic converter.. What a mess that turned into.

If that happens and the ground litter is all pine needes caution the police about setting fires, perhaps surrender the fire arm for the mean time so the police feel secure to switch off the cruiser.

Right now is a good time for ice backing stops since most places have snow. Snow makes a great back stop.

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