America trained and armed him --now he has a question


Thin Black Line
February 24, 2009, 02:51 PM
It's past time to answer his question. This situation has resulted because of
the continued acquiesence demonstrated by the civilians in government and
the lack of pressure applied on them by citizens on this issue.

23 Feb 2009

To Any and All Interested Parties,

As an active-duty Officer in the United States Army, I have grave concerns about the constitutional eligibilty of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the Office of President of The United States. He has absolutely refused to provide to the American public his original birth certificate, as well as other documents which may prove or disprove his eligibility. In fact, he has fought every attempt made by concerned citizens in their effort to force him to do so.
Until Mr. Obama releases a "vault copy" of his original birth certificate for public review, I will consider him neither my Commander in Chief nor my President, but rather, a usurper to the Office - an impostor.
My conviction is such that I am compelled to join Dr. Orly Taitz's lawsuit, as a plaintiff, against Mr. Obama. As a citizen, it pains me to do this, but as an Offficer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this action.

I joined the Army at age 40, after working in Iraq as a contractor with KBR in '05/'06. I chose to work with KBR to support my troops and then left that lucrative position when the Army raised it's maximum enlistment age to 40. Upon completion of Basic Training, I entered Officer Candidate School and commissioned as a 2LT in August 2007. After completing the subsequent Basic Officer Leadership courses, I was assigned to Ft. Knox and shortly therafter deployed to Balad, Iraq. I was promoted to 1LT on Feb. 2, 2009 and I have approximately five months remaining of our fifteen month deployment.

I implore all Service-members and citizens to contact their Senators and Representatives and demand that they require Mr. Obama prove his eligibility. Our Constitution and our great nation must not be allowed to be disgraced.

Very Respectfull,
Scott R. Easterling
United States Army

His concern is very similar to the one some of us had here in regard to
the legal validity of any future gun laws signed by Obama.

These two things and the problems which will result in the future are LINKED.

Continuing to ignore this issue will not make it go away.

It is festering. It is getting worse.

The average gun owner's response to this issue so far has just been to buy
more guns now so they can say later "I've got mine [so I don't really care
if there's a ban]". Talk about missing the big picture on EVERYTHING when
it comes to this country, the Constitution, and the Second Amendment.

What happened to the Americans who said STOP and demanded answers?

Have those of us who still give damn been drowned out, burned out, or tired
of beating our heads against the wall? Maybe so.

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Jorg Nysgerrig
February 24, 2009, 02:59 PM
This is off topic.

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