Lee Pro 1000


October 5, 2003, 12:12 AM
I just bought a used Lee press today at the gun show. I cant figure out the powder measure. Problem is with the plastic measure blocks. The chain returns it to the start position but it must be missing another spring that puts it into position to charge the case. does anybody have a pic of I could use as a reference none of the pics on any website show what I need to see.

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Black Snowman
October 5, 2003, 12:26 AM
Lee is nice enough to put all their documentation online.


You might have to look under the specific measurer. Sounds like you have one of the flavors of disk. Under the products section you should be able to quickly identify which kind it is then download the manual.

Normally it's lifted/actuated by the brass.

October 5, 2003, 08:26 AM
yeah you'll need to run some brass through it before it moves, that way you don't spill powder everywhere when there's no brass there...

October 5, 2003, 09:42 AM
Lee powder measures use a charging die to accuate the powder measure. As the case goes into the die it contacts the hollow expander which pushes up on the powder measure causing the disk to slide foreword dropping the powder charge through the hollow expander into the case. The expander bells the case mouth at the same time. The amount of case mouth belling is adjusted by screwing the die body in and out of the turret.
The charging dies are caliber specific for pistol cartridges but only one is made for rifle cartridges as it doesn't bell the case mouth when the powder is dropped into the case.
The Pro 1000 will load all pistol cartridges but only rifle cartridges that are the length of 5.56x45mm/223 Remington or shorter.
If you don't have a copy of the instructions for the press or powder measure download and print them out from
You will need them as you will have to refer back to them when you have problems.
I own two Pro 1000's and a Loadmaster. I bought my first Pro 1000 in the late 1980's so trust me I know Lee progressive presses.
The first thing you need to do is get a spray can of brake parts cleaner,100% alcohol,or laquer thinner. Q-tips,cleaning patches,and a bottle of Loc-eze(liquid graphite used to lube locks) or spray can of graphite. I have found that brake parts cleaner is best to use as it is easy to flush the primer system parts of any fibers left from the Q-tips or cleaning patches off with it.
Take the shell plate carrier apart and clean all oil/grease off of every part. Remove the primer feeder and priming parts. Clean them with brake parts cleaner. Pull the trough that the primers slide down from the primer tray into the carrier apart it is two pieces. Use brake parts cleaner and Q-tips to clean inside it.
Lube the moving parts of carrier and press with a light coat of graphite a thick application and small chucks of graphite will work their way into the primer feeder which is real bad.
As long as the primer feeder is kept clean it will function 100%.
If you have any more problems or questions feel free to email me at jfreeman246@comcast.net

October 5, 2003, 11:21 AM
Normally it's lifted/actuated by the brass

Thanks this is my first press and that never occurred to me. But now that I look it makes sense. I don't have any 38 brass to try this thing out with.

It's a Pro 1000 set up for .38/.357 with an extra shell plate carrier set up for .380/.223 and a hand primer . It has definitely been used but there are no or very little wear marks on it but there is some powder residue around the base.

Was $75 a good price

October 5, 2003, 03:26 PM
I used a Prol 1000 for years and, after getting familiar with it's quirks and areas of potential issues, I found it to be quite useful.

The powder residue you're seeing around the shellplate is likely the result of a primer not being seated in a case. Once the unprimed case is charged with powder it will dribble powder all over the place. It's REAL important that you verify that a primer really was seated before dropping powder into the case. As you use the machine you'll be able to confirm this by feel. As in most reloading systems priming is the weak link - more apt to cause hickups than any other aspect.

I have long since changed to a Dillon XL650 and the difference is night and day. After several thousands of rounds I have yet to have a primer misfeed (although I'm sure it will happen someday). HOWEVER, I don't regret the experience I had with the Lee equipment. It got me going progressive without breaking the bank and I loaded a heckuva lot of decent ammo on it.


October 6, 2003, 03:10 AM
That is a good price. When I got my first Pro 1000 it worked so well I bought another. I had one with a large primer feeder and the other with a small primer feeder. I bought extra turrets and shellplates. So I just had to change out the shellplates to change to loading different cartridges and not worry about swapping the primer feeders. Over the years I have bought more carriers and powder measures so now I have a carrier for almost all the different pistol cartridges I load. I have turrets for all the different die sets and 4 powder measures that I swap between them.
The only must have option is the case collator as it fits on the case feeder tubes and makes filling them a snap. Just dump in a handful of brass and shake the tubes. The cases fall into the tubes case mouth up and it takes about 30 seconds to fill all four tubes.

March 2, 2006, 05:03 PM
With my Lee Progressive 1000 Reloader I am having a jam up issue with the Winchester primers entering the seater. I have air blown any powder out of the chute and from the shell plate, but it still is giving me issues....anyone have any thoughts???? ..........Deprimes without a hitch,Powder loads fine, bullet seats fine, but primers are not seating...HELP...I am at wit's end!!!

pilot teacher
March 6, 2006, 08:38 PM
With my Lee Progressive 1000 Reloader I am having a jam up issue with the Winchester primers entering the seater

Go to the Lee Precision site. They have instructions on adjusting the primer seater. Hope that works for you

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