Cz 100


March 11, 2009, 06:18 AM
I've seen a couple of these lately. They are a polymer framed, DAO model that CZ makes.
Any owners here? What do you think of the gun?
Generally, I assume anything made by CZ is going to be good. I found a used one in a shop recently, a .40S&W version, and just wondered what experience others have had with it.

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March 11, 2009, 07:20 AM
The trigger on a CZ-100 must be tried to be understood. It was revolutionary...and horrible. I have had one, and it's the only CZ I wouldn't have again.

The Lone Haranguer
March 11, 2009, 09:53 AM
I handled one of those at a gun show and was surprised at its size. I had expected it from pictures to be a full sized duty gun, but it is between the RAMI and Compact. The adjustable rear sight cantilevered over the slide was odd. I wonder if this was done to gain more BATF "points." The "slide racker" - a projection on top of the slide to snag belts, etc. as an aid to racking the slide one-handed - was also unusual. It felt good in my hand, too. IIRC its asking price was $335.

I didn't try the trigger, though. ;)

March 11, 2009, 10:11 AM
try the trigger... it's a love it or hate it thing.... most hated it unfortunately, lol. i kinda liked it. it's also got very small grip size - i have to really reach to hit CZ mag releases, the cz100's release was right under my thumb. the adjustable rear sight was a BATF point thing. i saw a few of them go used for 250-300. i'd get one, but i need money for necessities before oddities. i wouldn't mind it as a carry gun though.

March 11, 2009, 07:37 PM
I have one. I bought it about a year ago at one of the Houston gun shows for $399 NIB. It was my first striker fired polymer gun. The concept intrigued me and I like CZ. I like the size and the gun fits my hand well. It shoots to combat accuracy (for me at least) and it's controls are well placed. The sights are nice and square, if a chintzy glow in the dark set rather than true night sites. The cocking insert abaft the the ejection port doesn't interest me but to quote Col. Cooper, "It's like a harpoon amomg Bedouins: it does no harm." I like the loaded chamber indicator (a small chrome button on the left side of the slide) and stripping is pure JMB.

Yes, the trigger is odd for one trained on 1911s as I was, but it's comparable to your average DA revolver pull. It's long and mine still has a slight stack (like an old Colt Police Positive or Detective Special) that's not conducive to slow fire, but at the range I don't notice it during combat strings. A member on the CZ forum has a post on lightening the pull, but I never messed with it since it's an easy thing to overdue and create an unsafe pistol. Dry firing has helped.


Holsters are hard to find. I carry mine rarely in a generic IWB. (Right now, it's my bedside gun.) The slide at the muzzle has an odd shape and can interfere with holstering the gun. Also, for me, the trigger guard at the frame had an irritating sharp edge. A fine rattail file fixed that. I have the same problem with other guns, so it might be my style of grip or just fat fingers. At least with the 100 and Glock 26, it's an easy fix.

I don't like the grooved trigger nor it's shape, but I can live with the ergonomics. I simply prefer flat like a Smith 908.

Unlike some other polymer pistols, the slide rides directly on the frame, not steel inserts a la Glock. Will this design last 5000 rounds? 10,000? I trust CZ to have thoroughly torture tested the design before releasing it, especially since it was intended for military and police use, and I'll never put that many cartridges through a pistol like this.

The pistol wasn't cataloged too long, so parts will eventually become a problem, but not in my lifetime. That would concern me if I ever planned on selling it.

A charming (and perhaps unique) attribute is found when the pistol is stripped. The mag well has a flat metal plate. The plate has the letters G U N stamped out. Apparently, this is to defeat any potential hijackers who might try to smuggle a CZ 100 past an airport x-ray machine. I haven't handled any other polymer CZs, so don't know if this identifier is common.

As a package, the CZ 100 is good for me. Are there better choices? I like the design better than the comparable Glock except for the trigger pull. I prefer something like a S&W 6906 over either. That's a different kettle of fish, of course, alloy v polymer, hammer v striker, traditional DA/SA v DAO, although tactically a 6906 and 100 are similar.

March 11, 2009, 10:38 PM
I like mine (9mm) - accurate, very ergonomic, and a very good shooter, once you master the trigger. It is the weak point of the gun, but an acquired taste, as I like a long DAO in a carry gun, none of the DA/SA transition to worry about. It's surprisingly light and easy to carry, and one of the most ergonomic pistols around, IMO.

March 12, 2009, 06:41 AM
Interesting comments. Thanks guys.

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