anybody own a taser c2?


April 12, 2009, 06:20 PM
Have been looking at this very closely.

Obviously the taser platform has a huge following, and the C2 appears to be every bit as effective as the law enforcement versions. In fact the only difference between the civilian and LEO versions appears to be the discharge time (5 vs 30 seconds) and deployment range (15 feet vs 21-30 feet).

I'd like to ask any current C2 owners, or anyone who's knowledgeable about taser generally, a few questions that I couldn't answer from reading the online literature:

* I noticed that the "background check" activation sequence must be re-entered any time the unit completely loses power for more than 5 seconds. Can you ever foresee a situation where the battery pack falls out, dies, etc. "in the field", preventing deployment of the weapon? Would the "drive stun" mode still be operational on a now unactivated unit?

* Is the "drive stun" mode usable with a cartridge loaded (but not fired)? This could provide a force continuum of sorts (particularly if it has a visible sparking display), or an option for really close range subjects. It appears that the required probe spread cannot be achieved when firing at less than perhaps 3 feet.

* Is the C2 compatible with cartridges that have a range beyond 15 feet (assuming one can obtain them, they are apparently sold to LEO only). If so, would aiming with sufficient accuracy to get both probes on target become difficult beyond this distance?

* What is a realistic "dump and reload time" for an experienced user of this weapon to load a fresh cartridge following a miss or otherwise ineffective hit? Is the device ready to fire right away following a reload, or is there a recharge latency when new a new probe cartridge is installed?

* Is there any secret to how to practice / become proficient with a device like this when the "ammo" is $25 a shot? (I'll never complain about 50 BMG cost again!)

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April 17, 2009, 07:50 AM
Hmm, good questions. I'd be curious to learn the answers, too.

I know one guy who bought a Taser (different model), but he hasn't even taken it out of the box!

I'll ask my cop buddy about the Taser next time I talk to him.

April 17, 2009, 01:13 PM
The civilian models also disperse hundreds of tiny pieces of plastic confetti on them when you use them. Each piece has the serial number of the taser on it. Since you have to register the weapon with the company, the cops can use the number to track you down. This is so people don't go tasering others for fun or profit, I guess. I won't buy one for that reason. I don't think I need to register my weapons with ANYBODY. That, and a taser is only good on one assailant. A lot of violence occurs with two or more assailants these days. Click on technology button.

Hungry Seagull
April 17, 2009, 01:21 PM
I/We own a C2 and can answer some of those questions.

The C2 will fry a person for 30 seconds. With the probes.

Once the probes are fired, the spent cartridge can be unloaded, thrown down to the ground and the weapon is now a very powerful Stungun with 4 points of contact and up to about... 30 seconds of Blue FIRE about 6 inches across ready to make contact with the bad guy physically in specific places. (Or dogs.)

The battery onboard the unit is good for 50 rounds. That is plenty.

The Background check through Taser will yeild a specific code for your SPECIFIC Taser. YOu store that code in a safe place. One code is your primary activation and the second code is your back up activation.

The background check AFTER PURCHASE of a taser unit prevents criminals and thugs from buying one and walking out of the shop and tasing someone to rob em.

The C2 is aimed with a vertical orientation to the enemy target. the range is UP TO 15 feet. NO MORE.

The reason for this is the probes leave the unit at about a 7 degree seperation. When they reach the badguy, one probe will land near the red dot laser aimpoint. The second probe will LAND about a foot AWAY if close or some more if target is up to 15 feet. The reason for the seperation is to be able to fry the target.

If only one probe bit the target and the other missed, you are to drop the cartridge and close the distance rapidly and use the weapon as a stunner. Your mistake would be firing at the target at a range greater than 15 feet away OR... holding the taser C2 off the vertical angle.

Reload cartridges are availible I think for 25 dollars each 100 for 4. You are not going to have time for a successful reload of a C2 if the bad guy pulls probes out and continues to advance. YOU WILL have time to put your hands on both sides of the fired cartidge and make a dump freeing the unit for stun duty which will be happening very quickly.

There are other things to think about with the C2.

Pull one on me while breaking into my house will get you dead when I pull my handgun. YOu will not be able to break through the bedroom door holding a C2 against a wife with a shotgun waiting for you.

Already the range is less than 15 feet but... C2 against gun, you lose.

Pull a C2 against a LEO, you die for it. Pull it against another thief? Well... then earn your spurs by making the good target contact and fry the bad guy. That what they are for.

Keep in mind 15 feet is damn close. Maybe three steps away.

No need to be practicing on targets with a C2. Just store or carry the unit in a manner which a accidential dischage does not hurt you or anyone else. You not only have the electrical storm to deal with but also the powerful gas under great pressure contained in the unit.

Good luck!

By the way that C2 we own are fully registered. If the unit is lost, we can make a phone call plus send in a little card and not worry about that particular taser unit anymore. Whoever has or is discovered with that stolen unit is going to be charged with felony.

The C2 is not a entertainment toy. Here wife, come here while I fry you for not fixing me dinner correctly. That will be a crime and put me in jail.

It is for all intents and purposes a weapon. One that costs 400 dollars. The reason for registration is that if you are intercepted in a parking lot, tase the badguy and get away, leaving the unit on the ground and making a police report, Taser will send you a FRESH free replacement complete and ready to go FOR FREE.

The C2 is a little baby. One useful for purses and such.

Wait until you meet big daddy X26.

If the wife is at home and I am not, intruder breaks in, the taser will drop that intruder long enough for 911 to go out and for her to get the moss 500 ready and hold him at gunpoint. If intruder continues to attack... he may die for it and it's all legal.

If I am home and the taser is sitting in the wife's bedroom and I get caught in the kitchen, it's the handgun on my belt that will be responding first.

Finally but not last.

We find the Taser a wonderful alternative to pepper spray. We fire a can of pepper inside our confined home and gas ourselves and make us naked to whatever the intruders want to do. So we ditch the pepper.

And to think if we ever get back into trucking, that X26 will be a one hell of a legal defense weapon inside the truck cab. Much more eaiser to deal with than a honking big 45 ACP. Personally I say all Professional Truckers should be armed because the cargoes they are hauling are valuable to our enemies. But that is a different story for another day.

April 18, 2009, 11:11 PM
That's a lot of good firsthand user info there Hungry Seagull, thanks!

Hungry Seagull
April 18, 2009, 11:28 PM
Yer welcome.

We pull the fry test with the cartridge unloaded once in a while. The fury, sound and fire reaching outwards from the 4 emitters in the taser unit is a hell against a human's entire nervous system. Just being in the same room during the test is an experience. is the site. Most chain gun shops have these units availible at retail. It's generally best to call into the Taser's customer service to register the unit and get the codes. They will work with you all the way through.

There will be a DVD with the unit. That dvd is a basics for the unit. Just enough to help someone understand it against a prowler in a parking tower or something.

In our state it's not a controlled device. Any adult can carry one anywhere for self defense with intent to get away to contact LEO's and tell em where you tased someone and need help fast.

Dont worry those LEO's know all about tasing.

One final word. If a stranger approaches too close and you pull taser and that person stops to identify themselves as a LEO or something, stand your ground and get the cell phone out and call it in with 911. Common criminals or punks with just fists will usually run either prior to your firing or after your first shot. Most folks want to get away from the energy and pain.

Good luck!

April 19, 2009, 05:16 PM
Thanks all for the info!

April 21, 2009, 11:50 PM
Is there any secret to how to practice / become proficient with a device like this when the "ammo" is $25 a shot? (I'll never complain about 50 BMG cost again!)

Check out the shotgun projectile at $100.00 per round.

April 21, 2009, 11:56 PM
FYI Tasers are illegal in NY
as far as practice ammo i believe that taser makes a training cartridge


Big Daddy Grim
April 22, 2009, 12:03 AM
All stick with department issue.

Hungry Seagull
April 22, 2009, 01:52 AM
DDeegs, everything is illegal in NY.

But that did not stop fish hooks, meat hooks, Kbars, bucks, chains etc.

A few tasering would have reduced some people from getting butchered over the years.

We had the old box with two big metal probes that fried across each other. But you had to really get intimate with a attacker to apply the thing long enough to matter. In so doing you took damage really bad... if not having your guts spilled out with a vicious slash to your adomen.

Thinking back on it, it may be illegal in NY, but that just tells me I stay out of NY and spend my money elsewhere where these things are legal.

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