Moonclips! For Colt D-Frame revolvers!


Anonymous Coward
May 9, 2009, 04:34 PM
In my long quest for goofy things I can have done to my Colt Cobra, I found a gunsmith who will convert D-Frame Colts for Moonclip use.

Ten-Ring Precision (
will convert your Colt for $116, shipped, with three moon clips included.

I emailed all the other moon clip people, only to be turned down, or referred to Ten-Ring.

So, who's going to be the first kid on the block to try this out?

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The Lone Haranguer
May 9, 2009, 04:38 PM
Moon clips on rimmed cartridges? What does this do? :confused:

Anonymous Coward
May 9, 2009, 04:47 PM
It's like a speedloader, except the six rounds and the clip form an integral unit. It just drops in. It's the fastest way to reload, and it takes the fewest steps.

And from what I can tell, you can still use a speedloader, or load rounds one at a time.

May 9, 2009, 05:22 PM
Sounds interesting..!

Moon Clips are far more elegant than Speed-Loaders.

How do non-annuler base grooved Cartridges avoid slipping in Moon Clips though?

Edit - Sorry about bold Header regarding convering to 9mm...I thought I was starting a new thread, and now I do not know how to get rid of the header...

May 9, 2009, 05:38 PM
The rimmed revolver caliber moon-clips are thin enough to snap into the tiny groove under the rim on some brands of cases.

I believe they are pretty case brand specific on what will work and what won't.


Anonymous Coward
May 9, 2009, 05:40 PM
That's a definite caveat.

Further reading of the small print on the website reveals that the thin moon-clips are "wobblier" than the thick moons used on 1917 .45 ACPs (which can only be loaded with moons, AFAIK). So there may be no advantage to using the thin moons in a carry revolver.

May 11, 2009, 04:19 PM
Actually, a 1917 or Model 25 can be loaded with single rounds of .45 ACP and picked out with your fingernail.
Or 1/2 Moon clips as used in WWI.
Or full-moon clips as used now.
Or .45 Auto Rim ammo just like any other revolver.

The new & improved S&W 625's don't work without 1/2 or full moon clips.
They work fine with .45 Auto Rim ammo though.


Jim Watson
May 11, 2009, 05:56 PM
I had a couple of S&W 686s set up for clipped .38s. (I am a slow learner.) The long revolver cartridges flopping around in clips thin enough to grip the relief grooves ahead of the rim are an altogether different proposition from stubby .45s in substantial clips. I never got the reload speed I wanted out of them and reverted to speedloaders. No doubt you could do better if you put in enough practice. I note that the ICORE guys frequently use .38 Short Colt in clips to reduce the wobble.

Anonymous Coward
May 12, 2009, 12:44 PM
Well, I'm glad I posted this because everyone's considerate replies have caused me to rethink the utility of having my Colt cut for moon clips. I don't want floppy bullets anywhere near me.

I guess I'll have to find something else to spend my $116 on.

May 12, 2009, 03:23 PM
yeah, I've found this thread interesting as well. I'd been seriously contemplating getting my 64 cut for moons.... It sounds like a great idea

May 12, 2009, 05:01 PM
Well...there's always 'Speed Loaders'..!

But yeahhh...full 'Moon Clips' are the most appealing of all, so long as they will unfailingly work and keep the Cartridges aligned.

These super-thin ones I'm hearing about...possibly, others will make thicker ones, which will not have these 'floppy' issues.

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