Too expensive, but kinda neat....


June 14, 2009, 08:48 PM

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June 14, 2009, 08:53 PM
That is expensive just to buy it. Then you have to have a service plan to go with it. I think they will only get cheaper. I can't imagine many will buy them at that price.

June 14, 2009, 09:35 PM
Yeah, the battery only lasts a little over a month, anyway. I mean, I have to go to my place and tend my feeder, I can swap SD cards. I haven't even got a game camera, yet, but it's on the agenda. I drive right by my place twice a week on my route, so it's not that out of the way to stop and swap the SD card.

I can see some upper management type at Exxon Mobile in Houston with 3 or 4 of these things on his 20,000 a year south Texas brush country deer lease calling him during management meetings. :D Me, hell, it's 25 miles down to my place. I can do it with game cameras.

One thing I was thinkin', one of those Seadrift thieves is out there stealing my feeder and it calls me, I call 911 with the report real time. ROFL! I could train one on my stand so I could know who was sitting in it 24/7. Be more of a theft/trespass alarm than a game camera.

Cpt. America
June 14, 2009, 09:55 PM
Thats Friggen awsome. To rich for my blood though.

June 15, 2009, 07:14 AM
It's a cool item for sure but like above post are saying it's way to expensive for the average guy's income. They will be getting cheaper as production pick's up. Seems like most of the hunting the average guy dreams about is getting further out of reach in more way's then ever with this as just one example at least for now.

Bailey Boat
June 15, 2009, 07:23 AM
What the hell happened to using SKILL in hunting and reading sign???? It seems now days let's put out a couple of hundred pounds of corn, train a camera on the feed sight and wait until there's a deer there and run down and shoot him/her and then brag about how good a "hunter" you are....... I guess it's sunk that low and maybe that's why I quit it years ago.......

June 15, 2009, 08:56 AM
Reading sign on 10 acres, okay? I can do that in about 30 minutes. :rolleyes: If I get off that land, I'm arrested for trespass. And, I can read that sign, but it doesn't tell me when that sign was put there, what time of day. A game camera will do that.

Too, when you don't live in the woods, when your lease is 400 miles from your 25th floor office and you get two weeks of vacation and the wife and kids demand to go to Wallyworld so you have a week left for deer season, tools like this are handy.

Hey, this is 2009, not 1829. People have jobs and reponsibilities and live in the asphalt jungle for survival. They can't be in the woods five days a week. Don't like it, quit. Nobody says you have to hunt.

There's open public land for those who can go stay all year there and don't have to work. Good on 'em if they wanna live like Dan'l Boone. Most of us just can't, though. Now, in 6 years, when I can be totally free from work, I may just do that, get me a camper, live on the road. I won't then need a feeder. I don't NEED a game camera, but it will be a fun toy to play with. You don't like toys? I never grew up, myself. :D I think a game camera that tells me I need to be on stand at 0100 AM to catch the hogs on my feeder will be a handy tool, though, for the way I'm forced to hunt right now.

I'd like to have something like this cell phone camera thing to point at my hog trap. Then, I could run the trap all year. I don't now because hogs will die in the heat in a trap if you don't check it every morning. If I had something like this pointed at my trap, it could tell me when a hog's in it and I could run down there. It's 25 miles down there, can run the trap every morning. That would be one way I could use this thing if it weren't so expensive.

Don't believe in hog traps? I eat hogs, they ain't trophy animals down here, just meat, to me, anyway. However, I can buy a lot of pork for what this camera and the service costs, LOL!

Bailey Boat
June 15, 2009, 03:12 PM
Please don't misunderstand my meaning, what I'm getting at is that the skill to find your own game is becoming a lost art and the feeders and game cameras are taking over because it's "easier" or more "convenient" or whatever other excuse someone wants to use.

Yes, I'm probably older than you and I like my "toys" as much as the next guy but I still retain my ability to handwrite a letter, use a mouth blown game call and to go find a deer on a strange piece of land. Using shortcuts isn't as satisfying and if I'm not going to be satisfied with my results why do it at all????

The last deer I killed was a medium sized doe in about 92 or 93, one shot kill, less than 50 yards with a 6" Mod 29 Smith. I knew when she would be coming by, I knew where she would be walking and I knew where to sit and wait. I had spent less than 2 hours scouting this piece of land once I had secured permission to hunt and it took me longer than that to get her home and processed. Not Daniel Boone by any strech of the imagination just using the skills I had been taught and remembered, it ain't black magic.........

June 15, 2009, 04:19 PM
Well, I grew up in Texas, the land of the feeder, LOL. now, when I was a kid just starting in the early 60s, feeders didn't exist. I'm not sure when they got popular. I didn't buy one until about 10 years after I bought my place. I have so many deer on that place (okay, I scouted it for sign before I bought it), I was able to take several deer without a feeder. Then, i wised up. LOL It's a small piece of land on a ranch fence line out by itself, not sherwood forest by any means. I go, I sit in my stand, I either see game or I don't. I have spot and stalked all over west Texas and New Mexico, hunted public land, I know how to spot sign, what to look for, etc, but I live a LONG drive from the East Texas woods where all the public land is and, well, I don't feel real safe on public land during deer season. Closer to Houston, the more unsafe I feel. Other hunters are far more dangerous up there than any Kodiak bear is in Alaska. :rolleyes:

Best spot and stalk type hunting I've done is west Texas on a 13,000 acre lease I can no longer afford and in New Mexico, Lincoln Nat'l Forest, Guadalupe Mountains. You don't need feeders out there, but here, it's all feeder watching.

Last Feb I got time out to go hog hunting on a WMA still hunt style. Didn't see any, jumped one in heavy cover, but never laid eyes on it, found their stomping grounds. If I'd had more time to hunt, I'd probably have taken one. It was buckshot only, so I was using a 10 gauge and 00 buck loads. I still get to do that occasionally, but lease hunting in east Texas is all about feeders. It's still fun or I wouldn't do it. I'm more of a bird hunter/waterfowl, but I do chase mammals.

And, hey, this rich man's gizmo would be handy for the corporate executive who flies in to hunt overnight. LOL It's more sporting than the "internet hunting" I've read about or high fence hunting. I won't hunt high fence, but then, I can't afford to hunt high fence, LOL! I hesitate to call that hunting, though. What I do on my place is still hunting. I didn't get a deer last year, though I did get several hogs. I'm going to bow hunt it for the first time this bow season. That'll add even more hunt to the hunt. Been using mostly handguns last several years. Rifles just seem like cheatin' and you can't see more'n 150 yards out there, tall grasses and thick brush.

One "hunt" I went on was advertised in the paper. Does only, 50 bucks a gun. So, I call the ol' boy up, turned out to be a biologist that managed the Welder ranch in the south part of the county near Green Lake, actually in Victoria county. I says, "can you put me inside 100 yards so I can use this new .357 carbine on one?" He says, "Oh, yeah, that's no problem." So, I'm thinkin' it's brushy down there and he has a feeder, right? Nope. I says, "what time and where should I meet you?". He describes how to find the gate and says to meet him at the gate at 10AM..:what::what::what: So, well, oky doky then, I get there at 10. He tells me to get in the 4 Runner, so I figure we're headed to a stand. He says, "get ready". I have the mag loaded. We see a herd over there, a herd over here, one runs within 50 yards of us on the road, but I didn't get out of the truck in time. "There's a nice 12 pointer over there.", he points out.:what: Friggin' B&C buck! They're runnin' around here like friggin' cattle! We get about a quarter mile more down the road and there's some does grazing. I roll the window down, shot the best doe, it jumped and disappeared in the grass. We get out, walking over to where it was, the deer had run off to the right, I see a big doe to the right. I pull down on her, but she's just walking along paying me no mind about 25 yards, stops, and takes a dump!:what: That ain't no wounded deer! We find a huge puddle of blood, big blood trail leads about 20 yards in the grass and their she lay. I saw another one walk by while the guy gutted it for me and we were chatting. :what: I tell ya, I ain't never seen anything like that, damnedest deer "hunt" I'd ever been on! They were just culling does, of course, but it was almost like buying a calf and slaughtering it. I was in and out of there with a gutted doe inside 45 minutes while the next client was scheduled for 12 o'clock!

So, anyway, I know what it's like to hunt in a friggin' zoo. ROFLMAO! No, my feeder watching has more hunt in the hunt than that. LOL! The amazing part of it, this was NOT high fence! It was all free range!

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