Two for one. Great way to get a date.


July 8, 2009, 02:49 AM
Great story. well at least for me! So the other day I had my German Shepherd down at my local dog park, and I was chatting with the other "parents". One of the girls that I see down there fairly regurarly and I where talking about hobbies, intrests, etc. The subject of guns came up and I mentioned that I am a shooter, and a firearms instructor. Her eyes lit up like like chrismas mourning! She said "really!! I have always wanted to go!" "I called all the gun shops in the phone book but none of them said they teach classes!" Now this suprised me until I thought of how often store employees just blow off someone that that think is not serious. Plus if they had seen this girl their minds would have just gone blank as she is stunning!
So I told her Hey, I don't have an classes sceduled soon, but if you stop over (we live on the same block) then I will give you a class, then you can just come with me to the range. You are just going to have to pay for some of the ammo. Then I have her my phone number and email and told her that she could get in touch with me anytime that worked for her and figure out when to go.
I then took my beast home and promptly forgot all about it. I figured that maybe she was just trying to be nice or flirt, or whatever, but probably did not have any real intrest in firearms. Now this is not to say that I blew her off, as I most certinly did not, I just did not figure that she would call. To days later I get a message from her saying she would like to take my class and would tomorrow work? Wow so there was a suprise!
The next day she arrived exactly on time, she was wearing range proper clothing, IE long pants, shirt belt, closed toe shoes, saftey glasses in hand! I then spent three hours with her explaining all the basics. It turned out that not only had she never been shooting before, but she had never even held a gun before, or even seen one close up. She told me that she had been kind of a hippy, flower power person until she had a child and then got divorced. (She is about 25) She decided that she was now responsible for the life of her child and she wanted to be able to defend her son, should she need to. She also said "I think that it is irresponsable to not know how to safely handle a gun, What if I need to shoot someone to save an innocent person, I want to know how to do it right!"
I was very impressed. So then we went to the range. She started off shooting the 22, and was doing a wonderful job. She was very safe, she asked questions, she listened well, and she followed direction. The best part of all, she is a great shot! in no time at all she was makeing the hole touch, and loading the magazines herself. She even asked if she could fire the bigger guns near the end there. She had was absoutly fearless! I wish that more of the people I train where that good at being a student. Hell I wish I was that good at being a student! I sure would learn more that I have! She was the most enjoyable person to teach.
So on the drive home, we where talking and we found even more things that we have in common, besides shooting and dogs! So as I droped her off she said that I now had to let her take me to dinner, and not to go to the range with out her because she had a great time!
This was very good, I have introduced another responsible person to the world of shooting sports! Even better she changed her views on differant kinds of guns, and will be one more person who will refuse to be a victum! Oh and I get to spend more time with a beutiful woman who likes to shoot!
All around a win, and a wonderful time.

P.S. So if you guys want a date, teach a pretty girl to shoot!

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July 8, 2009, 02:52 AM
safe and proper knowledge of firearms can be an aphrodisiac with the right woman-

nice post!

July 8, 2009, 02:58 AM
Another thing I forgot to add is that as shooters we should not be secretive about our sport. I know that I try to be very careful about talking about guns in public and such. Hell we should be proud to be shooters! If I would not have mentioned it, then we would not now have another great person in our sport. Let us all be more open and vollunteer to teach more people to shoot. That is what this tought me!

July 8, 2009, 02:59 AM
Ha! I can't tell you the number of pretty girls I've chatted up who wanted to hit the range with me. Surprising how easy it is to interest someone who hasn't ever squeezed a trigger before...

July 8, 2009, 03:02 AM
I try to do that but even today at my store a mother came in with a son that wanted to buy a broken gun to fix- i really couldn't figure her... i told the boy i couldn't sell him a real firearm broken or not because of his age- but i did happen to have an old starter pistol that was in pieces- i said he could have it for ten bucks- when his mom heard that it fired (22 blanks) she freaked out and hit the road

wth? why did she come in? cant figure some of the antis...

July 8, 2009, 03:35 AM
Reminds me of young women getting attracted to there teacher, or a doctor.

My buddy Al was alway at the range every week hovering over the babes, teaching them how to shoot. Then he hooked back up with his Ex, and I never saw him again.

No real point though.

Have fun on your date.

July 8, 2009, 08:08 AM
When is somebody going to come along with the "this thread is useless without pictures" picture??

Awesome story :D

July 8, 2009, 08:42 AM
You were doing fine with the 'new shooter' story right up to the point where you tried to make it into an advice column for the lovelorn.

We don't do that here.

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