Gun fit help needed


July 11, 2009, 05:03 PM
Alright, here is my situation. I just recieved a holster that I had ordered for my S&W 28-2 6". The holster is a leather "Old West Classic" (or something like that) from the Sportsman's Guide. This set-up will only be carried while hunting, so price was more of a concern than comfort, etc. The gun did fit in the holster after much force was used to push it in. Once I got it in and snapped, I left it there. The last leather holster I purchased was a Bianchi, they recommend leaving the gun in the holster for a while to let it "set-up" properly to the gun.

Questions are... 1) Should I just do the same as I did with the Bianchi? 2)Should I treat it like a baseball glove, and condition it with Mink Oil, replace the gun, and leave it there for several days to stretch? 3) Would Mink Oil do any harm to the finish (blued) of the gun? (Granted the Mink Oil wouldn't be put directly on the gun. I just want to know if it accidently got on it in a spot.)

Thanks ahead of time

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July 11, 2009, 05:11 PM
If it's a fitted holster don't use Mink oil, neatsfoot oil, saddle soap, or any other oil on it.
It will just soften the leather and make it lose it's shape & get all floppy.

Use Kiwi paste shoe polish if you gotta do something.

If the holster is just plain too tight to fit, you can dampen it with water, insert the gun in a thin plastic bag, then put it in the holster.

Use your hands to mold the leather to the gun, then allow it to slowly dry with the gun in the bag in it.

Heres more:

Another good trick is to build up the tight spots on your gun with several layers of masking tape and force it in the holster.
By the next day, when you take it out of the holster and take the tape off, it will fit.


David E
July 11, 2009, 05:12 PM
First of all, quality and comfort should always be considered first. A crappy holster that holds the gun, but is uncomfortable to carry will be reason enough to leave it at home or camp.

The holster is probably a "Classic Old West Styles" brand. I bought two holsters and a belt for possible cowboy shooting, but it didn't fit my Ruger Anniversary .357. Even tho I had them for a few months, I called them up and they said, "send 'em back!" so I did and received a full refund. Can't beat that.

As to your question, I would advise against the mink oil, but if you did use it, put your gun in a plastic bag first. My leather stretching was done with the gun in the holster and left for awhile, or if in a hurry, with the gun in a plastic bag while the water soaked holster conformed to it. Let it airdry slowly. It kept its shape pretty well afterwards, which may be in doubt with the mink oil.

Personally, for a field holster, it's real hard to beat the Bianchi Model 111 Cyclone holster.

July 12, 2009, 07:45 AM
RC Model- Love that thread. I might just have to give that a try one of these days. That's about the only part of the gun world I haven't given a shot at trying so far.

I'll give it a few days to see how it takes. If it's still extremely tight, I'll give the water a go. And leave the Mink Oil for the harness.

Thanks a lot,

B yond
July 12, 2009, 02:01 PM
I had a tight leather holster I was trying to use with a gun it wasn't designed for. I forced the gun into the holster and hung it in the bathroom while I took steamy showers for a few days. Fits like a glove now.

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