Web gear help: how does this "MOLLE" buttpack attach to MOLLE/PALS webbing?


July 22, 2009, 09:48 PM
I'm attaching three photos of a Blackwater Gear buttpack I purchased, which is supposed to be attachable to any MOLLE/PALS webbing or to a load bearing belt. I have other MOLLE gear and am familiar with the general concept of weaving pouch straps onto the webbing grid of the vest or whatever. I cannot figure out how to make this buttpack attach to any other equipment. I mean I can pass a belt through the four big loops, but that doesn't make for a very stable attachment mechanism. I assume there are other pieces of the puzzle for how to attach this. Can someone in the know tell me what my attachment options are for this (e.g. what it can attach to) and exactly how to attach it to those options? Thanks in advance!

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July 26, 2009, 01:09 PM
Anyone... Bueller... Bueller... Bueller...???

July 26, 2009, 01:26 PM
Unless you have a long MOLLE vest, then it attached to the web belt you have running through the hangers on the vest. Don't have a vest with hangers and a pistol belt? Then this pack won't be nearly as useful to you as you may have thought.

Judging from the length of the MOLLE straps, it would sit just about the middle of someone's back if the put if on a vest that didn't have a belt.

July 26, 2009, 02:09 PM
What exactly are you trying to attach it to? A regular old web-belt? They make web belts these days that have MOLLE loops to weave on to. There are also "belt covers" that slip over a regular belt that has MOLLE attachments.

Does this butt back have horizontal "loops" to weave on to? Because what you can do is still the belt through, and then secure it in place by taking one of those long straps, and slipping it through the "weave" part. That's how I've generally seen MOLLE pouches attach to non-MOLLE items.

I probably didn't make any sense, but I hope I helped some.

July 26, 2009, 02:57 PM
Actually both those replies are quite helpful. The clearest photo is the second one. The four vertical loops are not like common MOLLE attachments where they unsnap at one end to be woven through the straps on the other item - they are just solid loops permanently attached at top and bottom. There are straps on the sides, which you can see the buckles for, that look kinda like compression straps but seem much longer than needed for just a compression usage. These straps are attached horizontally, not vertically like a typical MOLLE attachment strap.

Ideally I'd like to be able to attach this to a backpack as a short-hike item, but it's not clear that it can be done. Otherwise it would be OK if I could attach it to either a MOLLE type belt (big padded belt with MOLLE webbing sewn all over) or perhaps to a conventional belt that runs through the hangers on a MOLLE type vest, which I also have. Sounds like either of those would work, but can I then secure this so it won't flop around and slide to either side of my body? Is that what the longish horizontal straps coming off of each side of the pack are for?

Finally, what are the D-rings for? And what is the purpose of the black material on the back, behind the big loops, that has small slits at the 1" spacing of MOLLE webbing???

July 26, 2009, 03:55 PM
The D-rings could simply be another way to attach it, though obviously you'd need to provide your own straps for that.

So are the loops as big as the entire butt pack? Without actually seeing it up close, I can't really say anything concrete. You could try speed threaders or whatever they're called from like Blackhawk, and run them horizontally, so they'd secure on the belt. Or you could maybe try using those buckles and straps, weaving those through the MOLLE straps, see if you can get something to hold in place.

July 28, 2009, 12:40 AM
It's been about 5 years since I was sportin' the MOLLE gear, but I believe you are missing an intermediate piece. It looks like a "square" but it interlaces in the loops and then the butt pack attaches to it. Yes, you can attach it to the belt, but it's going to bounce off the back of your legs. I'd move it up unless your going to have a pack back there. If you do have a pack then you have to watch where it goes, you DO NOT want that pack to ride on top of the butt pack. You may be able to find the piece you need on eBay (if you can stomach using that site) there is a lot of surplus gear on there. Sorry I can't remember more, but it's been a while since I played around with that gear, and most of us just had everything on our vests anyway. Good luck.

July 28, 2009, 11:36 PM
I figured it out! And I feel really stupid! Here goes: those four loops, which I thought - "knew!" - were solidly attached at both ends, are not solidly attached at the bottom. They are folded under and thread into the black grid material on the back. So they basically work like other MOLLE attachments, except with no snap. I guess they assume that the weight of the pack pushing it down will keep it from ever testing the bottom, not to mention you could potentially weave it through 5 or 6 rows if you had the patience.

Thanks for all the replies, and posting this to help out anyone else who gets one of these and scratches their head.

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