Labor Day Summer memories...


September 1, 2009, 11:03 PM
This week has been a rough week. Work, home, family, friends, the weight of the world falling on my shoulders. I came home ate dinner and started to reminisce about summer of past.

I remember that grandpa had a few acres next to his house that he had a few rows of soybeans, corn, etc. I shot my first shots on that old farm. An old 22 rifle and pump action bb gun were my training tools. I learned to shoot the various pictures of items on the pages of an old sears or JC penny's catalog, then pull back the layers to see what the bullet did.

One summer we went down to the grandparents house for the weekend. Grandma made the best breakfast in the world. Had made biscuit with fresh jelly she made the week before. The smells of breakfast wafting through to the bedroom we always stayed . I remember waking up and drinking cold crisp well water when brushing my teeth. I came out from the room to find that my uncles had arrived during the morning.

That day my grandpa told me that he would take me hunting while my father and uncles had some work to do. We explored the massive (possibly 4 acres, but hey I was a kid) woods that were next to the field. Not a squirrel to be found. On the way back there were crows and starlings everywhere. Grandpa had his shotgun and said here give it a try. I pointed it at a couple of birds on the ground pulled and missed everyone of them and almost fell back from the recoil. Grandpa chuckled a bit and said try it again this time try this and then showed me to put my foot back, put my hand more foreward on the stock and line up the bead with the bird.

I could barely hold that shotgun up but with grandpa's help I took out a crow. The walk back I had the crow by the feet and we tossed it into a compost pile to help the beans grow later. After all day I was exhausted but didn't complain, When i got back my dad and uncles had changed out the bed I slept in from a railed bad into one of the bunk beds that my father had slept in. I felt like I had grown up that day.

That has been probably close to 20 years ago. Grandparents are long dead, but never forgotten. My father reminded me of the story the other day. I thought I had used his shotgun, instead it was grandpa's. The only thing I have that belonged to grandpa is his shotgun that i used to get my first crow. Makes that old gun that doesn't work (due to broken action slide) seem plated in gold now.

Another summer comes to end. It's the memories of goofing off with grandpa and my uncles that come to mind. Not the toys that i played with, the bad days at school, the hours of video games, etc. I hope everyone gets a chance to sit down and relax before summer is completely gone and we all get the chance to make a few more memories.

Take a chance get off that road, never know what will be awaiting you.

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September 2, 2009, 02:43 AM
It's nice to picture those stories in my head. I can't say I ever really had any of those experiences.

But thank you for sharing them. That's how I hope I can make life be for my children, if I ever have kids.

September 2, 2009, 06:42 PM
This weekend I plan to go shoot at the range, lay back in my hammock, drink a beer and relax. This is the end of summer and always brings back the memories. Just wanted to share with the.... i think 6 people have read so far.

jim in Anchorage
September 2, 2009, 07:07 PM
7. nice story. Have thought of retiring in Tennessee.

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