Beretta 390 assembly?


September 20, 2009, 01:13 AM
I have a 390 that has me in fits when it comes time to insert the bolt/carrier/operating/sleeve after cleaning. I realize you have to get the connecting rod into the recoil spring housing. I shine a flashlight in and see that I've got the rod correctly into the housing, but the bolt won't retract to the open position. After 5 to 10 minutes of retrying exactly the same thing over and over, eventually it does go to the open position. I'd like to eliminate the 5 to 10 minutes of retrying. What is going on that prevents the bolt from retracting?

Speaking to a buddy who also has the same gun, he says exactly the same thing. So, I'm guessing others on this board had/have the same problem.



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September 20, 2009, 02:43 AM
What I normally do is insert the assembly with the gun upside down and let the rod hang so it is aginst the top of the receiver. When the bolt is all the way inserted I rotate the gun and pull the op rod slightly so the rod drops into position. It takes a few tries to insert the end of the rod perfectly but I have used this method with all of my berretta assemblies and it works like a charm

Will Fennell
September 20, 2009, 09:45 AM
Are you doing this with the trigger group in the gun or not? I find it much easier to do with the trigger group OUT of the gun.

BTW, the 390 is my favorite Semi Auto shotgun of all time. I have one with 175,000 rounds through it and still running fine.

September 20, 2009, 04:45 PM
I tried it both with the trigger group in and with it out. My problem doesn't seem to be that the connecting rod isn't in the recoil sping housing, though. It IS in. But, the bolt assembly seems to be hung up on something. I'm trying to figure out on what (as well as how to avoid that hangup).

With the connecting rod inserted into the recoil spring housing, I only seem to have half to one inch worth of retraction.

September 21, 2009, 07:29 PM
From :

Sometimes the bolt will seem to go in OK but it won't slide back all the way. If that happens, make sure the end of the connecting rod is in the cup on the recoil spring guide. If it is, make sure the connecting rod isn't installed upside-down (see the "caution" paragraph above). If that is OK, the bolt probably went into the receiver cocked a little bit to one side. Take the bolt out and start over, making sure the bolt goes in straight. It might help to turn the bolt a little bit clockwise as seen from the front as it goes in.

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