October 31, 2009, 06:26 PM
This guy told me that he only resizes the neck of his rifle cartridges and doesn't resize the base. Obviously your brass is going to slightly expand after you have fired a cartridge. He claims that the base of your brass will fit perfectly after internally expanding to the diameter of the chambering and he just resizes the neck for bullet seating purposes. Anyone else hear anything or have any experiences with this practice?

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October 31, 2009, 06:31 PM
its called "neck sizing" and most companies offer dies especially for neck sizing. There are many aspects to the reasoning on this topic. It must be studied by you to determine if it fits your application. Most load manuals discuss it in the introduction section of the book. Do some reading and explore your need or lack of need for the process.

October 31, 2009, 06:47 PM
I resize only my necks with a lee collet neck sizing die. You can only get away with this if you are loading for a bolt action rifle, the semi's need that extra couple of thousandths to feed properly. I find that resizing only the necks does produce greater accuracy for me in my guns. You should read and experiment to determine what works best for you.

October 31, 2009, 07:17 PM
Auto/semi-auto chambers of rifles require full length sized ammo in order to function flawlessly. There are rare weapons the require "small base dies" which size the case closer to the base, enabling them to function in tight chambers.

When using bolt weapons, the neck sizing dies will perform well. Again for bolt weapons you can use a FL sizing die on cases fired in that specific weapon. You adjust the FL die down ,until it just compleats the sizing of the neck and touches the shoulder, and in effect have neck sized the case.

Another point to remember about neck sizing, the case must be FL sized after every 4-6 loadings (depending on cartridge and load), because the brass will expand and be difficult to chamber.

November 1, 2009, 06:07 PM
Thanks all for your help. I've been reloading for 6 months now so I'm no expert. I wanted to try it in my 270.

November 1, 2009, 08:15 PM
You can buy the individual Collet Neck Sizing Die to add to your existing 270 die set. The single die is very reasonable in price and simply replaces the standard Sizing Die in the reloading sequesce.

You might also wish to use a Universal Decapper in tandem with the neck sizing since some of those do not de-prime the case.

November 1, 2009, 09:33 PM
I only neck resize brass that is going to be used in a bolt action rifle, and only used in the same rifle.

It helps prolong the brass, and makes for a bit better accuracy. But the reason I do it is solely because it prolongs the life of my brass.

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