.17 and free float barrel?


November 7, 2009, 06:09 PM
I have a Savage .17 HMR, stainless bull barrel, laminted stock. The barrel seems to be floated except for at the end of the stock, from the sling stud to the end of the stock.

Was sighting it in last weekend and it was shooting pretty good consistant groups at 35 yards. Range was closed for shooting today so I could not run it out to 100 yards, like I wanted. (that is another story)

My question is, do you think floating the barrel will help?

Would it just be a matter of removing the stock from the action/barrel and removing some wood at the end of the stock?


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November 7, 2009, 06:42 PM
Not an expert, but yes, it should be.
I would however get some other opinions before starting as i had a buddy do this for my 77/17 and within 2 months, the stock warped causing it to shoot even worse than before...i no longer own a .17HMR. (maybe it should have been coated?)

But, before you "pull the trigger" on this idea, what do you mean "help"?
if you haven't shot it @ anything further than 35yrds, how do you know the preasure bed job done by Savage isn't good enough?
I would shoot several brands/weights of ammo @ 100yrds and determine what kind of accuacy you might be able to wring out of your rifle before you pull out the dremel...

November 7, 2009, 07:08 PM
12many, floating the barrel can sometimes improve groups, but you need to give your rifle a chance. As with many rimfires, you need to try some different brands and types of ammo to find what that rifle likes best.
The Savage rifles are great shooters as a rule, and the contact at the front of the stock is normal for most brands. My Remington 541-T-HB 22 has the same contact as you mentioned and shoots real good.
I would invest in a good 17 cal cleaning rod, and copper cleaning fluid and use it after each 50 rounds or so.


November 7, 2009, 07:15 PM
Ok it is supposed to be free floated but barrel is touching at the end of the stock? I bought a new 9317btvs this year and had that same problem.

The problem was that the recoil lug was just a hair off center to the right causing the barrel to touch on the left side at the end of the stock. It was a simple fix, just take the action out of the stock and tap the recoil lug with a small hammer toward the side that the barrel is touching. It might take a few tries to get it perfect. Some others over at rimfire central have just taken the recoil lug completly off. Be sure not to over torque the action screws either I think they are supposed to be at 15inch lb's. After I finished mine it was exactly centered and you can slide a buisness card all the way down to the recoil lug with no binding at all.

I hear that some of the new actions don't have a recoil lug. In that case you can try to take the action out, line it up by hand then torque it down. If that doesnt work then you could re bed the rifle yourself or sand a little.

November 8, 2009, 12:26 AM
I have shot many 17's, all were improved by a full freefloat; but some improved even more after the float, by putting a small hard rubber cabinet door pad up front, between the bbl and the stock. So eventually you will want to try that; but def make sure your bbl is floated. Also the above dudes are right; make sure your lug is right, and don't take it out , use it!!!! 99.9 % of the time, this makes it more accurate.
also check your front take down screw, make sure it is not coming up and touching the bbl. torqueing it down, to the same amount is also important, I personally like a 20 lb torque, but I use that on most other rimfires; I do not know what savage likes, so ask over on rimfirecentral.com, or experiment yourself. Also, you need to check the freefloat, while at the range, while the bbl is hot! So you will need to bring your sandpaper, or dremel with you, at the range, so after you heat it up, with about 25 fast shots, and check the freefloat- if it is not
, then start sanding it out right then and there.
Also, you said you are shooting a savage; of all the 17's, the savage is the most quirkiest, just above a break open single shot. Most savages like a 20 grain hmr round, and then another thing- they tend to break in over a loooonnnnng period of time. By that I mean, a lot of 17 cals, will start to get accurate, after a couple of boxes of ammo fired, and groups start to really tighten up. A Sako, for instance, is usually pretty accurate right away- first
or second box.
A Savage? I have seen them take 300 to 500 rounds, before the groups start to tighten up, so keep that in mind...

November 8, 2009, 12:27 AM
Oh yeah, if yours doesn't have a recoil lug, I would whine and BQ#%tch to Savage, until they sent me one...

November 8, 2009, 08:52 PM
Thanks for everyones input. I will take it apart sometime soon and see what it looks like. If I have questions, I will post questions then. Great advice. I have maybe 4 -5 boxes of ammo through it so far.

I shot this morning and these are the targets. It has a 3x9 Pentax Gameseeker scope. I was shooting at 45 yards from a somewhat unstable table off bags, front and back, into the morning sun, but not much wind. I shot both 20 grain and 17 grain bullets. I am pretty happy so far. I could still see the scope moving a bit and I think I would do better with a higher power scope and a more steady platform. I know if I was more steady the groups would be better. Isn't that always the case.

I posted several groups, which I shot in a row, since I think anyone or any rifle if shoot enough will get a good three shot group. These were all I shot with this rifle today. Great day, but not enough range time.

November 8, 2009, 08:59 PM
Duplicate post

November 8, 2009, 09:32 PM
I have the 93R17 FV this is 25 shots back to back at 100yds, I don't know if its free floated or not have to check, but I'm happy with how it shoots. And I'm an old guy.


November 8, 2009, 11:44 PM
Now take it home, and clean the crap out of it; use a light, and a magnifying glass if you have to, and make sure you get out all the copper; a 17 will streak copper, as the round is moving out at 30.06 speeds, or close to it; most dudes are getting over 2600 fps nowadays. Also, you see your 20 grainers? tighter groups. With a few flyers. but overall I would say, don't compare your targets, to the dudes' below just yet- or you will get depressed. try the above tweeks first, and make darn sure you get some more ammo, diff brands and types- I think there is at least 11 diff brands/types. When all else fails, look to the winchester ammo. Usually a 17 savior.
Also, make sure you thorougly clean out the bbl, after the first 3 range trips; after that, a mild cleaning, or time at the range with 3 boresnakes, one for cleaner fluids, one for oiling, and one for drying out the oil a bit, will do you good at the range, if you notice accuracy starting to fall off.

Lastly, don't give up on super accurate groups, until you have put at least 500 rounds down the tube...Savages can be slow to come around.

November 9, 2009, 01:58 PM
Maybe I am too easily satisfied, but I am very happy with the groups so far. Much better than a few weeks ago.

I am getting several 1/2 inch 4 shot groups and I can literally see the cross hairs moving on the target as I am trying to hold steady. I know it can get better. I want to see how good it can get and then practice shooting when sitting. Plus, this is great practice before I move up to a larger caliber.

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