Just a lil' .22


November 11, 2009, 02:29 PM
Heya guys. Went to the funstore yesterday to see how much their WASR's were, because I was hoping to pick one up after I sell my SKS.

$625 for a WASR 10/63 with a welded barrel nut and fairly bad canted sights (But no mag wobble!)? :cuss:

So then on the way home, I though, why don't I just swing out by Cabelas and browse through their used rack, just for a laugh? So I did.

They had like 4 1903's in decent shape for about $700 each, and a pair of nice Russian M44's for like $280 each. Not a lot of great deals though.

Then I ran across this little diddy. It's a Mossberg 315CB .22lr, semi-auto. It's in pretty nice shape, a few dings and tiny dents in the wood, but nothing that affections function. Plus, it came with a cheapie BAS 4x15mm scope on it, which I am not terribly enamored with. I'll probably replace it later, but for now it's workable.

And the best part? I was in this rifle, with ammo, for less than what they were asking for a 10/22.

The rifle, a nice leather sling, a bulk pack of Federal .22's and a 100-pack of CCI Mini-Mags, with tax, ran me right at $192. The rifle alone was $119. I didn't think I did too shabby, and it's rare Cabelas has something in my price range that I actually want.

And now for the (poor) picture.

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November 11, 2009, 02:32 PM
Nice. Was that the Cabela's by the speedway? Maybe I'll have to go again. They've always been just comically overpriced on used stuff, so much so that I haven't been in a while.

November 11, 2009, 03:55 PM
You will be pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of an old Mossberg .22.

November 11, 2009, 04:03 PM
Thanks guys.

Jubjub Yeah, out by the speedway. I don't normally go out there just because everything is usually so hilariously overpriced, but every once in a while you can find a gem on the used racks.

ArmedBear I hope so. I was thinking about spoiling it and getting like a Leupold FX-1 4x28mm rimfire scope to put on there, along with a set of Leupy see-through rings.

Also, I didn't notice last night, but apparently it has a brass(?) bead front sight. Very nice.

November 11, 2009, 04:07 PM
Should you want to save a few bucks, the 4x32mm Nikon at Wal-Mart is an excellent scope, and only $100. I think it's $110 at Cabela's, in case you have Club Points...:) It comes with rings. I really like mine, and I've gotten rid of other .22 scopes I've bought.

I have a Leupold on a .22 pistol, and IMO the images of the two scopes are comparable in quality.

OTOH the Leupold is lighter and probably a better match to the rifle's weight.

BTW if you need any parts for the thing, these guys have them: http://www.havlinsales.com/

I had bad luck with the usual suppliers. Havlin's parts actually fit the guns.:)

November 11, 2009, 05:29 PM
Actually, I forgot I had a Weaver V-22A mounted up on my Romy M-69. So, I stole it off there and put the BSA on the M-69.

The lighter, smaller BSA actually looks a little better on the trim M-69 than the Weaver did.

I think I'll probably pick up another Weaver, like a 4x28mm or a 2.5-7x28mm, and some see-through bases.

That way, the 3-6x V-22A can go back on the Romy, and the (probably) 2.5-7x28mm can go on the Mossberg.

In fact, I should probably get two sets of see-through rings, so I can use the irons on both rifles.

November 11, 2009, 05:42 PM
WASR-10s are $369 at Classic Arms


November 11, 2009, 07:10 PM
www.classicarms.us actually.

That'll have to wait until next month, maybe. Not sure if I want to get a full-stock or underfolder yet.

Probably underfolder, just for the cool factor.

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