Tasco Super Sniper : Anyone else have problems?


November 10, 2003, 12:10 AM
First, the short history to the problem.

A few years ago I had purchased a Ruger 10/22M (.22 mag). Gun ran OK but didn't get as good groups as I would have liked. Was going to try all of the loads out there for .22 mag put got sidelined buying/doing other stuff. On top was a BSA 8-32X40 AO Mildot with target turrets. The gun sat around for awhile until I got the itch to see if all of the talk about the .17 HMR's accuracy was true and waited until someone came out with a conversion specifically for the 10/22M.

Butler Creek recently came out with their .17 HMR conversion so I snapped one up and droped the parts in (barrel/stock). Kept the BSA on the stock Ruger rings that came with the gun. The gun shot very well with Hornady and Remington, not so well with CCI and Federal. Felt I could do a lot better with Horn and Fed if I had a better scope.

Looked around for a short time for a new scope. I like the high magnification for more precision work so something greater than 15X as the gun would be zeroed at 100 yds. I had read about the good reports on the Tasco Super Snipers and didn't really find any that were bad about it (other than 'It's a Tasco'). Bought a TSS 20X from SWFA (11/01) to see first hand and received it last Thursday (11/06). It got mounted that night on Burris Ruger-rings. Wasn't able to shoot it until today (11/09).

Sunny day, 40°-45°F (Est), very slight breeze. Started at the 50 yd range to get on paper and judging from my shooting with the BSA, 50 yd zero was also right on at 100 yds. Things were looing pretty good as the CCIs and Federals I was using to get near the bullseye were actually grouping very well this time out - best 9 round group was 19/32", worst was about 15/16". Allowed a couple of other shooters to try it out as they were interested in the .17 HMR. They actually shot as well as, if not better, than I did. At the start of the 8th mag, I had noticed that the rifle was not feeling right when looing through the scope. I adjusted the rifle until it felt right and the reticle was not vertical. I pulled back to see if the scope had twisted in the rings and noted that they were still at 12 and 3. Looked back into the scope and, yup, the crosshairs were misaligned 5°-10° countercockwise. I was in disbelief. This is a scope that was touted as being able to handle .50 BMG and my sample couldn't get past 64 rounds of .17 HMR. (Actually probably less than 64 as it was then that I just noticed.)


Tops of turrets barely visable for reference.

Stopped shooting there, didn't even try the Horn or Fed ammo again or shoot any groups at 100 yds as was my final intent.

Anybody else have problems with the Tasco Super Sniper?

Bushnell will do warranty on Tascos produced after 09/01/02. Anything before is iffy. Not sure when mine was produced as the codes for determining that are note posted on Tasco's website. Will call tomorrow.

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4v50 Gary
November 10, 2003, 12:21 AM
Read at one of the Sniper sites that the Tasco SS 10x42SSM (side focus) can't handle the stress of a Leupold MK IV ring. It causes the side focus to wander out of focus. On reticle listing, :eek: That sounds like poor quality to me. :mad:

November 10, 2003, 01:10 PM
Well, called Bushnell/Tasco. They won't take the Super Sniper. The Bushnell code for Tasco scope built under them is 'BPO', IIRC. Nothing on the TSS saying 'BPO'.

The CS rep forewarded the company ABO as the one to do Tasco warranties and repairs. http://www.abousainc.com/

$23 do cover their shipping costs for repairs. 8-12 weeks turnaround.

This looks to be an expensive lesson this time around.

November 10, 2003, 01:23 PM
Whoa. I had notified SWFA of my plight and it looks like they'll replace it.

It also looks like they have a new regular customer. This is good considering I have two, possibly three, other rifles to scope. (.308 WIN)

November 10, 2003, 01:27 PM
i have yet to come across a tasco that can handle much... they went out of business for a reason...i learned the hard way, too, but once was enough. my 22-250 made a tasco puke...

a buddy had a tasco world class on his 223 prairie dog gun... that one almost made 100 rounds before it puked. he's a slow learner (or, more likely, very tight) so he replaced it w/ another one. that one puked before 300 rounds (1 day on a dog town)... if he had just bought leupold to begin w/, he would've been ahead....

my brother's 25-06 tore up 2 tascos before he put leupold on... tasco scopes have a rep, and it is quite deserved.

November 10, 2003, 02:35 PM
Are you dead set on getting another Tasco?

If not, if you want a modestly priced mil-dot scope I suggest looking at the Bushnell Elite 3200 10x Mil-Dot.

I've put one on my 300WinMag PSS, not because it is the scope I ultimately want for this rifle but simply because I wanted a cheap scope to be able to jump in and start load development for this rifle until I can afford my precious Nightforce 5.5-22x.

The little Bushnell Elite 3200 10x is a NICE scope. Relative nice bargin, I haven't noticed any problems with the scope yet and I've got close to 200 rounds through my 300WinMag since I've had it. The windage/elevation knobs appear to be correct, making elevation adjustments directly from a trajectory table yields results that are close enough at range for the error to be due to things like atmospheric conditions and variations in load data between my rifle and test rifle. The stops are repeatable/consistent too, I've dialed down to 100 yards of elevation now from my 600 yard zero on several occasions, no wandering adjustments.

Time will tell if this scope's mechanicals truely hold up to more substantial scopes like Leupolds and such. I figure the 300WinMag should test it out in a hurry though.

When I get the scope I want for my 300WinMag, the little 10x Bushnell is coming off and going directly onto my 20inch AR15 A3 to act as a DMR/spotter's rifle to work in unison with the 300WinMag.

November 10, 2003, 02:49 PM
I was going to suggest you contact Chris at SWFA before doing anything else. They are an EXCELLENT company to deal with and very helpful. Glad they are making it right for you.

On the scope itself, my buddy has a 10x42 model without the side focus on his 700P in .308 with about 300 or so rounds through it. Not a single problem so far. He bought his a couple of years ago....the turrets are a little mushy, but I hear they have fixed that now. I still think they are a great scope for the price and I am a die hard Leupold fan.

November 10, 2003, 04:23 PM
Not a Tasco, but I had the exact same thing happen with my BSA 6-24x50mm on my AR. Around 200 rounds the reticle started rotating around to the left, went about 45 degrees. Pissed me off pretty good. A friend has had the BSAs on two different .308s and they are holding up fine, perhaps I just got a lemon.

Either way, I have my eye on Leopold to replace it. I'm trying to decide on either a fixed 12x or the Vari X-III 6-24 uber job. I have already decided I'll buy from SWFA because of their good service that I've heard about here and at AR15.com.

But, I'm between jobs right now, and want to get a little more shooting done before the cold really gets here, so I sent the BSA off for warranty repairs. When/if it fails again, hopefully I'll have my mind made up and the money saved up for the Leopold!

November 10, 2003, 04:29 PM
Since I'm planning on hooking up with one of the "SUUuuu-per SNYYYY-per" Scopes, one way or another, I'm interested in finding out what happens here.
The most common problems I've heard of are the reticles going sideways and the turret adjustments being mushy.
I hope this is being addressed at the mfg.

November 10, 2003, 06:40 PM
...the Bushnell Elite 3200 10x Mil-Dot.

That was one of my other choices but the 20X, M1-like turrets, 30mm tube, and the parallex adjustment on the Tasco won out. (Plus the hype.)

The only other Tasco I've had was actually my first scope, a 3-7X32 for a Ruger 10/22 (wide view). But it is just a .22 scope so doesn't really see much recoil abuse and has worked fine for 14 years. I've stayed away from their regular rifle scopes due to bad reviews but the mostly positive ones for the SS prompted me to give it a try. Needless to say, this will pretty much push me not to buy Tasco anymore.

It could be that I just got a lemon also in an otherwise overall good line of scopes, but we'll see.

I was going to suggest you contact Chris at SWFA before doing anything else. They are an EXCELLENT company to deal with and very helpful. Glad they are making it right for you.

Yeah, that's who replied to my email. The outfit sounds like one that draws loyal customers by their actions. I've read all about their service but never got around to checking it out, which was another reason I went with them. To see if they really are as good as everyone claims. I'm really tempted to see if I can upgrade (paying the difference) to another scope like a Leupold Long Range as I've had great service from the one I have (on a .308 WIN) but I think I'll keep things simple and stick with a newer model 20X SS (as stated by Chris) to see how well it works. I don't want to screw over SWFA by making any changes too, it's not their fault.

...and the turret adjustments being mushy.

Yes, the turret adjustments are a bit stiff (but it is new) and the detents are not well defined so tactile feel of the adjustments are hard to determine (mushy I guess you can say). The clicks are very audible, though. It'll be interesting to see how the newer model compares.

November 10, 2003, 07:12 PM
Here's a pick of the 10x Elite 3200 on my 300WinMag..

big giant target turrets on it too, 10x doesn't really need an adjustable parallax adjustment if it's set towards infinity. Seem to recall other fixed powers like the Leupold 10x and 16x MKIV scopes being without a parallax adjustment knob.


November 10, 2003, 08:11 PM
I am happy that S.W.F.A is providing help with your problem hksw. As many of these that they seem to sell it has to be in their best interest.
I have been using two 10x42 side focus types on AR15 hybrids for several years with no problems. Both scopes are mounted in Leupold MK4 rings as I never heard of the problem mentioned by Gary until after I had them mounted. Hopefully I will not need to talk with Chris and crew at S.W.F.A. unless I'm ordering something else from them.:)
I've been shooting this old Tasco #708 for 25 years with no problems.
I've got Leupolds on rifles, I think 20 is the number and I like them a lot but I have seen a few fail on other peoples rigs. Leupold made it right for them.
BTW the AR type with the mount closest to the scope turret has right around 1500 rounds going and I can still dial the E&W around the block. It may fly apart the next time I shoot it but I bought several of those Leupolds from S.W.F.A.

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