Hogue Forend and Adapter having problems going on my old style Mossberg 6 3/4" action


December 11, 2009, 06:32 PM
tube. Let's keep your help as simple as possible...I'm not always the fastest.

So I have an old style 6 3/4" tube. I took off the wood forearm and ordered a Hogue overmolded forend and the Adapter. It's not going on the way that I want it. It's almost as if the inside of the Hogure forend end-section, where the adapter will fit into and thread onto the action tube, needs to be sanded for clearance.

I know I'm not the only one who's encountered this problem. What to know? I'm not afraid of some elbow grease. And I'd really like to avoid ordering the longer newer style "tactical" tube if I can get what I have to fit snug.

Thanks gentlemen.

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December 12, 2009, 01:09 AM
Ummmm errrr well ummmm....do you have a Dremel? Use a fine sanding drum to carefully open up the end just a hair and go about a half inch deep. I'll skip the reason why. It would only piss you off. lol

AUN, was it you that was going to cut a pistol grip for a gun a couple of weeks back? I never saw any reply and I couldn't find the thread a week later when I remembered it. Just tried again and still can't. I had a quickie two minute method for making birdsheads. Well, laying one out is two minutes, cutting and sanding is a bit longer.


December 12, 2009, 06:43 AM
so basically go a half inch in from the end, and sand just enough of the inside rubber overmolded forearm to allow for better clearance between the adapter and the 6 3/4" slide tube? dont have a dremel, but fine grit sandpaper should work, no? yes, i know i need a dremel, but dont have one on hand.

what is the reason why? I think I already know, perhaps...but tell me anyway.

and yes, I was considering the birdshead stock, and still am, but went with the Hogue Tamer stuff. do you have a thread where you detail the birdshead project? would love to go over it.

December 12, 2009, 07:33 AM
so basically go a half inch in from the end, and sand just enough of the inside rubber Exactly. Start off about 1/4" and keep test fitting, though. Go slow and use your common sense. Measure twice and cut once as they say.

That "adapter" wasn't originally an adapter for the shorter tube. It was made specifically for the 7 5/8" tube. The shorter tube, the later tube, wasn't even on the market when they made that nut. The overmolded forearm wouldn't fit the 7 5/8" tube with the standard nut so they came out with that. They soon found that, if you could get about 1/8-1/4" more clearance, it would also fit the 6 3/4" so they started calling it an adapter. It was never made/intended for the purpose they sell it for today. It fits the 7 5/8" tube/Hogue overmold forearm perfectly, but all 6 3/4" tubes have to have the forearm trimmed. To be fair, though, it's not the only one that has probs. Once fit, though, it feels great.

That birdshead grip, it's not really a project by itself, it's just a quickie on how to do them. Takes all of like two mins to learn. I'm going to assume you don't have access to a set of circle gauges/templates (who would? lol) but that's no biggy. On a Mossy wood stock, just print off a circle or draw one with a compass that's approx 2 3/4" in diam. It should be large enough to....let me scribble up a couple of drawings. brb

Ok, print this pic onto a sheet of paper. It's your circle template. http://randkl.com/graphics/circles.jpg Cut out a circle that's approx 2 3/4" in diam to start with. Next, just lay it out like this http://randkl.com/graphics/birdshea.jpg

That's a rough drawing, needless to say, but you get the idea. It works every time and it works on all stocks, too. All you need to do is adjust your circle to fit the stock you're working with. If the 2 3/4" is too big, scissors off one ring and test fit it again.

On the third line, just use the edge of the stock there as your line. Make your circle fit all the way to the edge of the wood, in other words and not just to the line. When you start rasping it all perfect, it gives you a bit more to work with.

Once you saw it off and rasp it round, start working on the edges and get those round, too.

You'll need to fit a bolt for it depending on what stock you start with. The easiest way is to find one that's just a bit long when you put the grip on the receiver WITH THE TRIGGER GROUP OUT, scribe it on the inside of the receiver and Dremel or hacksaw it off so there's approx 1/8" of the bolt extending into the receiver. Make SURE it doesn't extend into the path of the safety connector on the trigger.

Last, make a plug for your bolt and sand/stain it.

Did any of that make any sense?

Seriously, once you've done one, you can just use your circle gauge (the paper circles) to eyeball a stock and lay it out. It's fast and it works.


December 12, 2009, 12:13 PM
yep it didnt thanks a lot forthe input i appreciate it. ill resurrect the thread once i find an old beat up stock set to convert and post my results. thanks again

December 12, 2009, 04:37 PM
So, I got enough clearance now to get the adapter nut threaded on to the action slide tube. Problem now is that the forend/adapter seems to be rubbing on the mag tube. There seems to be some friction. It isn't TERRIBLE, but it's noticeable. I could still comfortably shoot with it, but I don't want to degrade my mag tube. What should I do to diagnose and treat this? Here's pics of gun so far, if it helps.


December 12, 2009, 05:09 PM
I suspect it's the adapter nut causing the issue. When I take the overmolded forend off and only use the slide tub and adapter nut. it rubs a bit the same way.

worse comes to worse I'll call or email Hogue on suggestions. I've obviously voided the warranty by grinding, lol. But it fits GOOD ENOUGH now. The forend goes on very snug and threads just fine. There's just some mag tube rubbing I'd like to smoothe out.

December 13, 2009, 08:58 AM
Ok, I just deleted everything I had typed. Too much to think about this early in the morning. lol

Look inside your adapter nut and see what's rubbing? Post a pic here if you can. I'm curious, too. Your mag tube is showing two diff kinds of wear and only one should be there. It's possible that tube was from another gun or the forearm was diff before you bought it, though.


December 13, 2009, 12:17 PM
I'm going to snap some pictures. There is some super minor/rust pitting on the mag tube, I dio know that. I plan to have this gun either chrome plated or nickel plated pretty soon.

What type of wear do you see on the mag tube that you do not like?

December 13, 2009, 03:55 PM
Mag tubes are cheap. Don't waste your time fixing up a bad one. That one's *not* a bad one. Just needs a bit of cleaning.

Not that I "don't like" the wear....just that Mossy slide action tubes have come in a few diff flavors over the years. Each one had different wear patterns they left on the mag tube. That tube has the individual streaks from a dimpled slide action tube, your shorty is one, but it also has the 360 degree rub from an early non-dimpled slide tube. That mag tube could have originally been on a diff gun, though, or the slide tube may be switched from another gun. If it hasn't, it's definitely showing some rubbing. Chances are, though, you're just getting a spot of dirt or a bit of rust causing friction....aside from that adapter nut, of course....and there's definitely nothing to worry about. I'd say rub it down with some four x steel wool, the mag tube, and lube it and then just work the heck out of it. As on all guns, any time you add new parts to already broken in ones, you have a break in period all over again.

Where'd you get that grip and forearm, though? I *like* that! I've seen the grip before but that forearm looks a bit longer and sleeker than the usual Hogue. Really looks nice on that gun!


December 13, 2009, 07:58 PM
Took a couple more pics. The first is of the mag tube, L-R receiver side and barrel end. The second is the top of the beginning of the mag tube where it meets the forearm. I don't think it should have wear there, because it would have to have been touching the barrel when it had one on it. Lastly, I looked inside the mag tube (couldn't get a good pic, but the only real wear inside of it is about the 10-11 o clock position if you were facing into it from the barrel end. That seems strange to me. The Hogue adapter nut has ZERO wear marking inside.



I probably shouldv'e just sold the short mag tube and ordered the newer style long one, but I don't think this is un-workable. We'll see.

December 13, 2009, 11:50 PM
I had the same problem! I fiddled with it to the point that I couldn't even thread the nut on the tube. I called Mossberg and sent them the original short slide with a note asking for repair or replacement with longer slide. I expected them to charge me for anything they did. I got a brand new long tube in the mail a few weeks later and a bill for "Repair.......0$" :)

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