30-06 150gr hunting load recommendation


February 24, 2010, 12:46 AM
All loads are listed as max.

I have IMR 3031, R19 and Varget available. I prefer to use the IMR 3031 to get rid of it. Is it too fast to have a good accuracy plateau? I have load data to 2932fps. I would like to hit 2875-2900fps with 1.5 MOA or better accuracy.

This is to match factory ammo, so I don't have to rezero.

Lyman 49th says max of 50gr for 2932fps and 48000CUP for IMR 3031.
Hodgdon says 46.7gr of IMR3031 for 2887fps at 59.2k PSI.

Nosler has 61.5gr of R19 for max at 3030fps 101%load density.

Lee data has 63.5grcompressed n for 2895fps at 50900PSI and 49.5 gr IMR 3031 2850fps and 49800 CUP pressure.

I've read Varget is a good match for 150gr and lighter bullets for 30-06, but I would like to save it for other cartridges. What would be better to use 3031 or R19?

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February 24, 2010, 01:15 AM
Of the 3 powders you listed I would personally use Varget if you are trying to match factory ammo. Without using a Chrono you are only guessing on the loads you make. I would suggest running your chosen factory round over a Chrono and then testing your reloads for a match. If you get more than 1 match with different powders go with the one that's most accurate. (obviously)

February 24, 2010, 03:17 AM
i think some of this will depend on your barrel length. if you have a full 24 inches then re19 might be a good bet.... varget will save you some powder and is quick burning. i think it will be a case of try and see. i used speers 2023 hotcor 150 gr bullet for a long time in my 30-06 and it was a great hunting bullet.

my best advice will be to find an accurate load, zero to that load and stay with it. alternatively you could adjust the turrets of your scope or mark them at the zero for your chosen factory round. then zero to you loads, make a note of the turrets position so you have two reference points and if you need to change back to your factory loads just switch back on your reference points.

I found that my load hit about the same poi as factory federal 150s.


February 24, 2010, 07:51 PM
You have a fast powder (3031), a medium speed (Varget), and a slow powder (RL-19). With 150 gr bullets Varget is ideal, but you want to save it for something else. So, the question is, "Of my two non-ideal powders, which is better? The one that's too fast, or the one that's too slow?"

Tough call. You could use either. Conventional wisdom is the slow powder will possibly run out of case capacity before achieving high velocity or sufficient pressure. The fast powder will exhibit high pressure, at a lower than desired load density, before achieving a high velocity.

Give those two scenarios I’d choose to go with the slower powder - the Reloader-19. It’s safer from a pressure standpoint. And who knows. You might wrangle some decent velocities out of it. If you do use 3031, work up loads carefully. Pressure could spike quickly.

Like ArchAngelCD said. A chrony is REALLY beneficial when playing at this kind of game.

February 25, 2010, 10:53 AM
I have a chrony to test.

My Nosler book says 61.5gr of R19 for 3020fps with 150gr Ballistic Tip. A compressed max load. I think 56-57gr was minimum charge.

I am using Sierra Game Kings. Most data tops out at 2900-2950fps for 30-06 and 150gr. But Nosler nbr 5 has several powders in 3000+ fps range.

Lee data has 3031 maxing out over 2900fps. I will be happy with 2900fps +- 50fps as long as accuracy is good. This will match the factory ammo.

I may load up both powders and see how they do. Lot of bullets will be used up though.

Ol` Joe
February 25, 2010, 11:20 PM
Matching the velocity of factory doesn`t mean you`ll retain the same POI. A different bullet, powder, and likely bullet ogive distance from the lands will all affect harmonics and change the point of impact. You may be close but odds are you won`t be on.
I`d go with the R19 simply due to the fact I found in 2 different 30-06s H4350 worked best with 150gr bullets for me and it is similar in speed. Keep in mind too, without a chrono you have no way knowing what the true velocity is anyway and I can assure you it is probably not what the book or factory says 9 out of 10 times. I`ve seen almost 200 fps difference in book vel and what my chrono reads with some loads, although the norm is closer to 50-60 fps +/- .
Work up a load for best accuracy, sight in for that load and don`t sweat it. No animal or paper target will ever know the difference in speed.

Arkansas Paul
February 26, 2010, 01:27 AM
The RL 19 would be better with heavier bullets. Every gun is different, but my 06 loves 51 grains of Varget behind a 150 grain Nosler ballistic tip. Great groups when I do my part.

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