Best .308 Bolt action, current production?


February 25, 2010, 09:10 PM
I am thinking about a new boltaction .308, along the lines of a somewhat heavybarrel with a good quality fiberglass stock, for shooting up to 750yds anyway. I am looking for a rifle along the lines of the FN Patrol Bolt, or maybe a Remington Sendero, or something simular. Looking for opinions and experiences.

I owned several Remington 700's, and I might go that way, but I have never been real happy with the tiny extractor. However, I know they usually work fine, unless you do get a sticky case or something.

I do prefer the mauser type extractor, or maybe a Sako extractor.

I like the Model 70 bolt, because you can take it apart eaisly for cleaning.

I did see a Ruger the other day that I liked, but correct me if I am wrong, the bolt is quite difficult to disasemble, to the point that I don't think I want one.

I do like the FN Patrol Bolt, except for the rather poor barrel channel fit, which seems to always be rubbing the barrel on one side and a large gap on the other. Why can't they do better on that?

I have though about having one build, any suggestions there? However, I don't really want to spend much over a thousand for the rifle alone, sans scope, etc. But I may in the end.

Maybe restocking an old Sako L61R would be a good choice.

I am just looking for ideas, and experiences, good or bad.

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February 25, 2010, 09:16 PM
I have a wood stocked Kimber that shoots pretty good. I have never taken the bolt apart though.

February 25, 2010, 09:17 PM
I have an FN SPRa1 with a Leo Mk4 on it... very accurate, easy to clean. Good shooting rifle right out of the box. I do want to put a Jewell trigger in it sometime tho.

February 25, 2010, 09:23 PM
Very happy with my Savage 10FP, easily shoots sub 1" groups at 100yrds, most under .75". Course the FP stocks are flimsy, unless you spring for the HS, McMillan versians. I went with a B&C Medalist, and still way under a thousand.

Good luck!, and get ready for everyones favorite .308s:D

February 25, 2010, 09:27 PM
The Kimber M84 bolt disassembles the same way as the Model 70 Win. I have both. There are so many .308 (Win) chambered rifles that choosing will be quite a challenge. I see that you didn't mention Weatherby Vanguard Varmint Special, and Sub-MOA; do not overlook those. The Vanguards have awesome extractors! Oh, Howa, same company as Weatherby (makes both). The Remington M700 SPS Tactical and M700 SPS Varmint are excellent. You can upgrade them to an M-16 style extractor. The SPS Varmint is the identical barreled action as the M700 Police. We are reaaaaally spoiled in America! We have a lot of options here...Savage?! Man, do we have options or what?! Don't know much about the FNs. I think they have hard-chromed bores. If you want "precision" the hard-chrome may be a detriment.

Good luck and let us know what you decide, and the rationale for the decision. Pictures are a must. :)


In the first picture, the bottom rifle is a Remington M700 Tactical .308 Win, with a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X56. In the second photo, is a Kimber M84 LPT .308 Win, with a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X56.

February 25, 2010, 09:31 PM
Sounds like you know what you want already. Nothing wrong with 700s. Don't know why you want to use an inferior caliber -- LOL :D

Ky Larry
February 25, 2010, 09:39 PM
I think the CZ-550 Varmint meets all your requirements except it has a wood stock. It has a Mauser-type extractor. The bolt is easy to dissassemble, and it has a heavy barrel.

February 25, 2010, 09:56 PM
I always start with a Remington and then decide if there is a reason to use anything else. For me, there usually isn't.

February 25, 2010, 10:03 PM
Geno, those are some good looking rifles, love 'em!

I'm a fan of the Savage 10FP, too, maybe not as pretty as some, but it shoots extremely well, and as has been mentioned, even after you've upgraded the stock (pretty much mandatory, unless you get the Accustock) you're still under $1000.

February 25, 2010, 11:48 PM
Ive got to back up the guy who recommended the SPRa1, fantastic accuracy out of the box, really cant say enough great things about it.

February 26, 2010, 12:27 AM
The Sako TRG 22 and AI AW rifles are top tier, though are well over $1000.

February 26, 2010, 01:03 AM
I would take a close look at the new Winchester M-70 Stealth and the FN SPR, both have all of the features that I would look for in a precision rifle, with the exception of being CRF. I normally prefer CRF, but in a target rifle I find it useful to be able to easily load singles for the utmost in consistency and the ability to set bullets past farther than the magazine allows. If you want to save a few bucks the Savage deserves a strong look.


February 26, 2010, 02:32 AM
how about a Remington 5R mil spec? they're pretty stainless and are reported to shoot excellently. they're around a grand.


February 26, 2010, 06:49 AM
Thanks much. I do like them, and really enjoy firing them.

I forgot to mention also the T/C bolt rifles. They do tend to be a bit more money. They have the R5 rifling.


February 26, 2010, 08:47 AM
Is Remington's top-of-the-line.
You have to go to their " Custom Guns " menu on their web site to find it.
They retail at $2,466 from " Bud's Guns ",which is a great online gun dealer.
I bought mine used,in mint condition,never fired,for $600 cash from a gun show where the dealer obviously had no idea what he was selling ! :D
Fluted stainless steel floating barrel,Bell & Carlson custom stock,tuned bolt & trigger . It is topped with a nice Simmons White Tail Classic Scope.Leupold rings & mounts.Harris Bi Pod.

February 26, 2010, 10:47 AM
Fluted stainless steel floating barrel,Bell & Carlson custom stock,tuned bolt & trigger

All standard equipment on a $900 off-the-shelf Model 70 Extreme Weather SS, along with a real action and a real safety... Mine was putting 3 shots into 1 1/4" at 200 yards on the first day out, too, and not in a machine rest, either. I figured that wasn't half bad for a random load in a sub-7 lb. factory sporter (over 7 with the scope, but still light).

And people wonder why some of us are not interested in Remingtons...

February 26, 2010, 11:03 AM
If a benchrest style is okay, nothing right now is as good as the savage ft class rifles, or even the varmint style, really anything in the 12 class;

and then , anything in Accustock

February 26, 2010, 07:52 PM
Hard to beat the M700SS 5R MilSpec. I just shot a trophy deer at 415 yards with total confidence. It's a 3/4 MOA rifle all day long. You'll have to fix the trigger, but that's no big deal. Feels good, carries nicely, and shoots like crazy, all for ~$900 or so. HSPrecision stock rules. I have several .308s; 5R is my favorite for all-around use.

February 27, 2010, 01:05 PM
Geno is right here; the t/c uses a 5r bbl as well, I would also check out a Tikka.
But I still say Savage in a 12 series; A team Savage dude this past year, at a competition, pulled a brannew one out of the box, set it up, and preceded to win his class at a 600 or 1000 yd competition.

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