Anyone tried Bladetech Eclipse OWB holster?


March 5, 2010, 09:31 AM
I find NO reviews or comments anywhere on the web about this holsters so far...I have one on the way to try....was just wondering if anyone else has given one a run?? (XD 4" BTW)

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March 5, 2010, 10:53 AM
i haven't treied one yet, but i am interested in the answers, i was wondering this same question myself a few days ago. I have many blade tech products and they are built to last i couldn't be happier with the products from them that i do have. looking foward to peoples thoughts and opinions.

March 5, 2010, 07:19 PM
I don't know about this exact holster but I know bladetech makes pretty good stuff in general. $70 for a kydex holster is insane though. You can buy a sheet of kydex for about $4, a pack of chicago screws for another couple of bucks, and then make your own with just a heat gun, a cutting untensil, a drill, and a couple other household items in about an hour. At $4 for a 1'x1' sheet you can even buy a few "practice sheets" to mess around with. If they were $40 or so I would consider it a fair deal to save yourself the time and effort. At $70? Not so much.

March 6, 2010, 02:21 PM
I was thinking about getting one, but they are so expensive and their Kydex.

I found the Blackhawk Serpa to be a great holster with the best retention system for a lot less then the Bladetech.

March 6, 2010, 02:27 PM
I found the Blackhawk Serpa to be a great holster with the best retention system for a lot less then the Bladetech.
Retention in the context of ccw is a training issue not a holster issue.

i used one for a while and it worked pretty good, however i don't like to have buttons, snaps, etc between me and getting my gun out. additionally some respected instructors in the training community no longer allow them in thier courses, because of issues in the past that they have seen with the holster. some of thier reasons i see as true but not all.

March 7, 2010, 12:13 AM

Possum, what are the issues with the Blackhawk?

March 7, 2010, 02:49 AM
From Paul Gomez,

Begin Quote “Over the last year, I have developed some serious concerns with the Blackhawk Serpa Active Retention holster design. Various persons have brought these concerns to the attention of Blackhawk on several occasions and Blackhawk has chosen to ignore these very real issues.

The ‘Serpa Active Retention’ design consists of a plastic L-shaped component which functions as the release button [from the outside of the holster] and as the lock [which engages inside the trigger guard]. The short leg of the L-shaped lever pivots inward [toward the pistol], while the locking tab pivots outward to release the pistol from the holster.

According to the Blackhawk website, ”The release is made using your normal drawing motion, with the trigger finger beside the holster body. … As your trigger finger naturally comes to rest on the SERPA lock’s release mechanism, simply push the mechanism as you draw the weapon and it releases the gun for a smooth, fast draw.”

While Blackhawk may intend for the end-user to apply inboard pressure with the flat of the index finger, under stress, shooters tend to push the button with the tip of their index finger. After all, this is the manner in which most people have the most repetitions pushing buttons such as keys on a keypad or phone or ringing doorbells. When the finger pushes in on the release button and the user initiates the upward motion of the draw stroke, the finger tends to stay in motion and as the trigger guard clears the holster, the finger enters the trigger guard and contacts the trigger, with possibly tragic results.

I am aware of two instances where trained personnel have shot themselves using this holster in conjunction with Glock pistols. In August of 2004, a situation occurred with a live weapon that resulted in the shooter losing a 10cm piece of her femur. The other occurred with nonlethal training ammunitions in a force-on-force event in April of 2005. The impact of the NLTA was in the same area as the actual gunshot wound previously mentioned.

Following each of these events, Blackhawk was contacted and advised of the problems observed and concerns raised. In the first instance, they claimed that they were unaware of any previous issues with the design and insisted that the design had been ‘thoroughly tested by law enforcement and military personnel’.

After the second event, they were contacted by at least two people. Again, they stated that they were unaware of any concerns and had heard nothing similar from any sources.” End Quote

March 7, 2010, 03:16 PM
I'd say that's more operator error then a flaw the holster.

I bet you could look at other holster where people had accidental discharges and say the same thing.

March 8, 2010, 09:41 AM
I'm sure you could...I was an instant fan of the serpa when I saw the first one a LEO and instructor bud of mine had for his G17...upon trying one I found it just stuck out too far and the belt adjustments failed to "stay adjusted repeatedly" and I quickly put it out for sale and moved on...I have found the Bianchi carrylok holsters to ride well and re-holster and draw very well indeed....have use 4 different models with different guns one for well over a year....only anoting thing is you tend to "slap air" when you wear a holster without it after wearing one so long...also they are a little bulkier than a plain opentop pancake...and offer no sweat/body protection for the blued guns get rough pretty quick with EDC. But function wise I was very wife claimed my last one for her XD...I've been using a Tagua leather opentop for about 14 months of EDC cause the sales rep gave me one for my XD when we started carrying their stuff...pretty good holster...but finally going soft on me now....on the way out anyway...doesn't reholster well...only bad thing I'll say about the design...rides great. So I guess I'll find out when the BT gets here this week...I'll post some pics and let you guys know after a week or two of wearing it

March 16, 2010, 11:44 AM
took 13 days from ordered to delivered...about what they quoted so no complaints there. It was $69.95 and $10.95 S&H It was HIGH for kydex...but I wanted it made right by somebody that knew what they where doing...the know-how does show...I'll add pics and more feedback later after I wear it a few days on the job but so far it feels great...I was worried if a kydex pancake could really by comfortable (I'm a big fat guy!) but it seems to be and rides wonderful...I wear a wilderness FF 1 1/4" CSM belt....because it's thinner and it makes it more comfortable for us extra extra large guys...this holster could be ordered for that size belt and I was tired of buying new leather every year to 16 months as it went soft and wore out (I carry at least 6 days a week all day and often part of the evening) This model fits my springfield XD9 4" PERFECT! I may add a 1/2 turn of tention and try it but it doesn't really even need far it looks like they found a way to make kydex comfortable and ride right! But again...let me wear it a week or know shortcomings can take time to show up in something like this...but I'm VERY optimistic! I've spent more on off the rack leather so the price isn't that bad...comsidering I'm trusting my life and pistol to it it's not really that much...if it wears 2 years or better it will have been a bargain. I may be a Bladetech fan now...time will tell ;)

March 16, 2010, 02:52 PM
Another kydex pancake option.

March 16, 2010, 05:50 PM
well at the end of the first day here are my rides really well....super suportive...spreads the weight well to the belt/ great with the frequent flyer belt...I was concerned about the loop/rings being a possible contrition to making it from kydex...but it's clearly a good working arrangement and with the molded angle of the ears of the holster body makes it stays PUT on my belt sliding around or changing of angle...SOLIDLY where you leave it...better than leather...but then my leather never perfectly matched my belt size. Very slide resistant though...unexpected boon as far as stabillity and support. I actually forgot I was wearing my pistol several times this afternoon...that's a pretty good indication it stays tucked in enough to ride right....does not bang on counters ect as much as say a Bianchi carrylok or BH Serpa. It looks good as kydex can look anyway...not overly bulky or too minamalist...cover the gun and fits it well...draws and reholsters fluidly. I'm pretty well sold on it so far.

Downsides...I wish it came with spare or at least one extra belt loop for this kinda $$$ I'll call and order spares. That would have been nice though. I plan to have this a LONG time.

The sweat shield is a tad longer than the gun...if you are a big boy it kinda poked you if you move the holster too far forward on the beltline. Moving it back a few inches made it OK...I may heat it up and slightly roll it towards the top of the slide/gun...or may trim it just even...but it hasn't bothered me since I put it on and bumped it a couple inches back from where I usually have the gun (it wouldn't be an issue for a skinny's not a sharp edge or anything like that)

Packaging was minamal...not a big deal but for $80 shipped it didn't even have comercial packaging....just a ziplock and a zerox of the intructions and warranty...they could have used a nicer/higher quallity shipping envelope to...looks like the carrier had to repair a rip in the cheap padded envelope they used to mail it....also there is no way that should have cost me $10.95 S&H That's the only thing that kinda cheeses me off about could have gone priority USPS for like $6-8 in FREE tougher shipping container! Also turn around time could have been quicker...they sent it slow and charged me a LOT for it (bad for customer satisfaction) Maybe some of this was because it's a new still needs improvement IMHO.

I LOVE the holster so far...just don't like getting raped for inflated S&H after paying a premium for the holster then having to wait a damn week for it to come after they take a week to fill the order. I expect premium service for what I paid vs. cost of manufacturing...I got a premium product with mediocre at best order handling.

March 16, 2010, 06:14 PM
I'm glad you like your holster.

I'm not sure I'd be too upset with the cost. At $70 for the holster, it is right there in the same ballpark with what I consider the other top kydex makers, Comp-Tac, Raven, and Tucker/Garrett.

One week delivery is pretty good also. My Raven Phantom took a month and a half. A quality leather holster delivery time would typically be measured in months. If you spend enough time on the forums, you'll see some folks have waited over a year (and then some) for their leather holsters.

March 16, 2010, 08:03 PM
I have a very early BladeTech I recieved as a Beta test for my G-17 about 18 years ago. It's a long story but I was invoulved with Bob Terzoula and Crimson Trace at that time so the holster was designed to accomidate my Original CT Glock laser. The holster is still one of my favorites.

March 17, 2010, 09:38 AM
I'm gonna try to get some pics today and maybe roll that edge a bit (can always trim it if it doesn't work out) But so far I'm lovin this dang thing! Wore it last night when I went out with the wife and really love draws and reholsters better than any other kydex or injection molded holster I've had...of course they have all been cheap ones....which is why I've mostly used leather over the years and just put up with replacing it. I may have been a little hard on them on the S&H...but I sell online to and go out of my way to be fast and fair...I expect that from others as well.

I'm going 4 wheeling out at the hunting club this will be nice to be able to rinse it off in the sink after getting muddy and dirty! I may have to order the wife one of these...she liked it to!

PS- did great 4 wheeling 20 miles in the worst terrain we could find....this morning I found a moment with a heatgun and rolled the top edge of the sweat shield towards the gun a little...WOW...BIG difference in carry comfort...I think I just got used to it poking me a bit at times...a little more organically shaped now between the top of the sldie and me still...but now rounded in towards the gun...took about 60 seconds and a few trys at getting it rounded the way I wanted it. Glad I tried that instead of just trimming it!

March 24, 2010, 10:06 AM
So after about 2 weeks and change I'm sending back my Bladetech Eclipse today. The holster part is fine...draws and holsters well...retention and molding perfect. But after going back and forth between a leather pancake (Tagua...has actually held up OK for 14 months 6 day a week EDC but is going soft now) a Bianchi 82 Carrylok (going back to's the most comfortable of the 3 for a big just rides right..also reholsters much better than the Tagua) I've carried full sized 1911's in em for a couple years as well as GLOCK and Beretta and they've just always road comfy and worked well....I've never worn one completely out but just shy of 2 years with that 1911 it wasn't far from it....still for $59 shipped from optics planet online that's $29.50 a year or 2.46 a month for comfortable secure carry...I can live with that the Tagua is cheaper but actually came out to like $3 a month due to it's shorter lifespan (maybe has a month left in it)

Anyway the bladetech...main proble, is with 1 1/4" loops they can't handle the bend and the fact the two inside backing washers overlap eachother and that makes one dig into the loop (the top side) they torqued em down pretty good I'm already seeing a loop start to fail at less than a month of EDC...not good. It rides pretty well....but in the end is just not as comfy...though it does spread the weight to the belt well and stay put...I just had top go back and forth a few times top realize how much less comfortable it was...I LOVE the way it's a shame....for a skinnier guy with a 1.5 or 1.75" belt I think it would have been a different I'm not dogging the design as a whole...I think it's about as good a pancake as you can get in Kydex...but they need to make a backing bracket out of flatstock instead of the least for the 1 1/4" loop models...or at least get smaller washers or mill a couple flat sides where they would overlap eachother inside where the blet loops are secured. I'd probably have kept it if it wasn't for the premature loop just shouldn't be wearing out at a month or less of use! So sorry I never found the time to do pics and all...but I'm awaiting a return call with a RA# to sendit back...if you're a skinny guy and wear a bigger belt you may just love it...but it's not "big boy" aproved in my book!

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