FEG Hi-Power reveiw


March 6, 2010, 09:44 AM
Sorry no Pics I will try to get some next time i take it out.

Ok everyone. I took my Hi-power to the range to break it in a little bit. Here are the results. I added Hogue wrap around finger grove grips and love them.

100 rounds of Remmington UMC 115 gr. Functioned fine no problems.

300 rounds of WWB 115 gr. I had a couple FTE. Not sure if the extractor got gummed up and dirty or it was the ammo. But i had around 5-6 FTE. A couple were where the casing only slightly came out of the chamber, onestove pipe, and one slight stove pipe. The casing was parralel with ejection port, not horizontal.

50 round Federal Hydrashock 115 grain +P+. No problems with feeding/extracting. held a nice group.

So my views of the gun.

Fairly accurate. I was able to place 10 rounds all in a 2inch group at 7. This was rapid fire and not an accuuracy test.
Easy to shoot.
Nice light and crisp trigger.
Aims naturaly for me.
Easy to break down and clean.
Fit and finish are nice.

Sights could be better.
My pistol is shooting to the left and i need to figure how to fix/replace the sights.
The handful of FTE i had with my gun. I am going to blame the WWB on this one though. I may order a new recoil spring.
Every once and a while i would fire a double tap without trying to. I think this was due to the single action trigger and me not being used to the way it handles yet.
I am also having trouble with the saftey on mine. The wifes saftey works fine but mine is very tight and i cannot manipulate it with my fingers. At all. After looking at it and hitting it Hoppes #9 and lube it still will not work. I can engage it with a ink pen by pushing it very hard but not my fingers. It is very tight. I may take it to a gun smith and see what he says.

One thing I have found was that the previous owner has already removed the mag disconnect and the trigger is really light. I beleive i am going to order all new springs and see if this helps take care of the FTE and the light trigger.

Now on to the wifes pistol. She actualy had to work so i did not take her gun to range. I beleive that since this is her gun she needs to break it in and get used to the way it handles. Also if there are any issues with FTE in her pistol i want her to get used to clearing the stoppage and getting back into the fight. Learn by doing. She does have experience clearing stoppages though thanks to her awsome SIG Mosquito:cuss:. That thing drives me nuts but thats for another post.

So once the wife and i get to take hers to the range i will let everyone know how hers handles.

So far i think it is the best $230 i have spent. The little issues i have i think i can fix and i am looking forward to putting many rounds through this pistol and spending time with the wife at the range and the work bech teaching her the ins and outs of being a responsible gun owner.

On a side note the wife now wants to get her CCW and take a class. I am going to take it with her to make sure the instructor isnt giving bad info but also just to spend time with her.

Sorry i am not the most educated person when it comes to writing skills but i still hope everyone enjoys my post.

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March 6, 2010, 01:31 PM
You sure bought them right. If you have to have a smith look at the extractor and safety you're still not out much. Unless you'll be running +P through it all day long stick with the stock 17lb spring. If you think it's been shot a lot or it feels really soft change it out as they are only a few bucks, otherwise don't bother.
You might be able to drift your rear sight, I don't remember. To have dove tails cut in the slide and sights replaced, now were talking a little money. I'd try to live with them if you can. At least untill you get the gun running like a top.
p.s. I don't fix em, I just shoot em. Semper Fi !

March 6, 2010, 02:17 PM
Thanks for your input blitzen. I was thinking of drifting the rear sight but im not sure if i will be able to. It looks like it has been pressed into the dove tail. There is a small pin whole infront of the rear sight on the slide. It appears like they place the sight in the dove tail then press the slide to hold the sight in. Im not sure if trying to move the sight to the right would loosen this "press".

A question i have for you guys is. My sights have recesses in them, but they are plain metal. There is some white residue like they used to have white dot sights but the white is now gone. I was thinking of using some white nail polish to fill in the dots on the rear and possible some orange in the front. Has anyone used the nail polish before? Is there a company that makes "sight paint" for lack of a better word.

March 13, 2010, 04:07 PM

March 13, 2010, 04:47 PM
I love mine, but the safety is useless. It pops out and shoving it back in is an extremely temporary fix, so essentially it doesnt have a safety.

However, it is extremely accurate. The sights were adjusted pretty obviously, and with that adjustment its about as accurate as a pistol can get. The slide is hard to manipulate though. Nonetheless, I love the gun.

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