Opinions on Versa-pod


November 21, 2003, 11:32 PM
I am planning on buying a bipod for shooting while sitting and I am looking for your opinions on the Versa-pod.

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November 22, 2003, 09:24 AM
The metallurgy of the very earlier samples were, as I've read, not very good with a few reports of the bipods breaking. (The bipod is mostly of case metal.) The two I have have worked fine and I like the ability to easily remove them when I want to. Additional adapters can be placed on other rfiles in your inventory and you can just use one pod for a number of rifles and quickly attach/detach with no tools. Just disconnect it from one and place it onto the other. I also prefer that the legs lock in the down position when extended, eliminating the (very remote) possibility of the legs collapsing when tracking an object. They do, though, hang down below the gun a bit lower than say a Harris or B-Square or any of the others due to the adapter that is needed.

They are direct copies of the old Parker-Hale bipod. The PH pod I have for my Steyr seems slightly heavier than the Versa-pods, though. This is most like due to the different metals used for the cast parts, IMO. They were, however, 5-6X more expensive. (Bought them before Versa-pods were introduced.)

The dimensions of the main housing where the pod connects to the adapter and legs hinge aren't the best as the lower edges of mine are not exactly parallel but it is built in China. A minor consideration. A major item that might be of interest is that the pod allows the rifle to cant even when the legs are extended. To do this, the pod is a bit 'loose'. Some folks don't like this and prefer the more rigid types like a Harris.

In short, I like mine over the B-squares I've had in the past. (Still have one on a 10/22)

November 24, 2003, 08:37 PM
Thanks HKSW, this gives me some more info to think about. I am looking at the 13-23" model for my Ruger #1 in 22-250 while field shooting, and for my T/C Omega. I am still debating between the Harris and the Versa-pod. The quality seems much better on the Harris, but the ability to pan left and right with the Versa-pod is a bonus also. Is the Harris worth the extra $40, or should I live with the wobbly feeling of the Vers-pod and pocket the extra money?

November 25, 2003, 01:32 AM
(The bipod is mostly of case metal.)

Should be,"...cast metal."

The reeason for the 'looseness' of the cantability of the Versa-pod is to allow the shooter to straighten the rifle a little if the legs are on uneven ground.

I haven't used a Harris before but from what I understand, they are now also quick-detach using the sling swivel stud. They also have a cantable model 'S' for the same reasons for the Versa-pod. A plus, though, is that the 'looseness' of the Harris is adjustable. To me, the Harris looks a little cluttered with all the exposed springs and bolts and etc., not asthetically pleasing but that's just me. The Harris probably does work as well if not a bit better and seems a little better build than the Versa-pod. The legs don't lock in the down position but they are pretty stiff, at least the ones I've examined, and collapsing is unlikely. IMO, I think the quality of the Harris and the adjustablity is probably worth the $40.

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