Ruger No.1H Tropical .375 H&H


March 24, 2010, 06:57 PM
I want to replace my Browning A-Bolt Medallion 375 with the classic American made Ruger. Does anyone have any experience with the Tropical in 375, or similar chambering? Any feedback will be great. Thank you all.

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March 24, 2010, 09:00 PM
Well, I have the Ruger in 458 Winchester and other rifles in 375 H&H so I am familiar with the Tropical and experienced with the caliber but not together in one package.

I personally find the #1 to be maybe the most handsome production rifle ever made. But in the big calibers they KICK. Only one shot before reloading. Problem for you?

The 375 H&H is a true classic. Too big for the vast majority of uses it's still fun to have at least one "boomer" in the collection.

Factory ammo is nightmarishly expensive and loadings are limited. Load your own and you can customize the ammo for various uses. I plink with 260 grain lead bullets meant for the 38-55 Winchester loaded to around 2,000 FPS. The 235 Speer would be good if you wanted to hunt with it in North America and of course the 270 and 300 grain slugs are available for full power loads.

Here's my 458 Tropical.

Oh, and here's my current 375 H&H.

March 24, 2010, 09:09 PM
First off, those are 2 spectacular rifles. Thank you for the input. I've been in love with the .375 H&H for most of my life. It's always held some kind of mystique with me. The recoil doesn't bother me, and neither does the single shot aspect. I think that it's the purest form of hunting. The No.1 is the ultimate vessel for the .375 in my opinion. I'm with you all the way on the appeal of it. My reloading operation is in progress, and the .375 is one of the calibers that I can't wait to unlock the potential out of.

Thanks again for the response

March 24, 2010, 10:57 PM
I reloaded my 375 H&H with 235 barnes tsx and some rl15 last elk season. It was only 2 inches lower at 300 yds than my 300wm. I did not get to knock down an elk with it yet but it is one of the most accurate rifles I own. I have shot less than .5 inch groups if I do not flinch. Nice wood on those rifles.

March 25, 2010, 11:10 AM
I have the Ruger #1 in both a 375 H&H and .458 Win Mag. Honestly the .458 is more pleasant to shoot as the recoil is not as fast. I had scopes mounted and at the range where we were required to shoot high powered rifles from a bench, found myself jerking my head back to dodge that scope coming back. Since then I have learned that the Leupold Scout scopes ( extended eye relief scopes) work well and have mounted them.
They work fine in the standard rings and give enough relief to eliminate this problem.

I like the weight and balance of the .375 better than the .458, the barrel on the .458 is so big it looks like a stovepipe.

Shooting the big rifles is honestly a hoot, by all means get one!

March 25, 2010, 12:18 PM
I bought one before a trip to Alaska to hunt brown bears. 6 different types of ammo and a trigger job and best groups I could get were about 3". Probably good enough but I wasn't thrilled. Then I thought, " hey maybe I can't shoot the big boomers so well". Shot my buddy's model 70 375, 1" groups. Traded my ruger(+ some money) for a model 70 stainless synthetic 375, shot right around an inch at 100 with any factory load, and would do 3/4" with remington prmiuim 300gr swift A-Frame. So , I like the ruger, but mine would not shoot out of the box near as good as the model 70. That said, when I got up to AK on my trip, my guide had a No. 1 in 416 rem and swore by it, not to mention he often bet his life on it chasing wounded bears.

March 25, 2010, 02:03 PM
I would not ever use one as a first choice for a dangerous game gun. or a second choice.
The single shot is fine with me for dangerous game, the falling block release lever is not .
I found this out when deer hunting - while in a highline right of way, 2 deer literally walked up on me and my youngest to about 5 feet.
It was cold and windy, hence thick gloves, and as I pulled up to shoot my glove tagged the release lever and the block fell open.:cool:
The little guy was just standing there with his mouth wide open.
We both broke out laughing - the deer had walked up behind up with a cedar tree between us and them. It was classic moment but opened my eyes to a potential bad thing when time and a shot REALLY mattered.
I know the gloves played a major role in this incident, but made a lasting impression on me.
Many people have used the #1 tropical ( we were using #1-b models) with success and I confess, I don't own one and cannot tell you what the differences are - if any about my reason I wouldn't use a #1 for dangerous game.
As a side note - I love the #1 and have a few, but I believe the stock design actually enhances recoil for me.:banghead:

March 25, 2010, 04:23 PM
here,s a pretty number one-S in 45-70 thats a little lighter to carry. and shoots as good as it looks, eastbank.

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