700 sendaro 300RUM load data for nossler 180GR AB


May 23, 2010, 10:37 PM
I have been out of reloading for 30 years. I am not satisified with the factory loads accuracy. I am planning to create a load matched to my gun. My Rifel is a rem 700 sendaro with muzzle brake with glass bed, I have picked the 180 Nossler Acubond. Has anyone had luck with IMR 4350? if so what loads did you find to be the best? How about Accurate 3100? Also uising CCI Mag large rifle.

I am just trying to save some time and money. Thanks.

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May 24, 2010, 08:42 AM
Of the powders you listed, the 3100 will be the better of the two from my experiece.

However, both are on the fast end of the spectrum for the .300RUM.

I've gotten good accuacy, with lower velocities from IMR7828. 84.0gr produces just under 3,100fps for a "level 2" load roughly duplicating the .300WinMag. This load is accurate with a reduced level of recoil. the max load of 87.0g isn't as accurate, but comes real close to duplicating factory loads.

My favorite powder is Reloader 25. It gives factory duplication and is accurate as well. I use 92.5gr with a 180gr for 3,250fps. Fastest powder is Retumbo, and 100.0gr gives me over 3,350fps and reasonable accuracy. (my rifle isn't a tack driver, accurate is 1.25-1.5" for 3-shot groups. Not so accurate is over 2" at 100yds).

My go-too load however is some surplus .50BMG powder. It's WC-860, and was sold by Hodgdon as H870. My lot# is pulled down from .50BMG ammo, and has a little bit of extruded powder granules in it. It gives factory level velocities at 104.0gr and max's out at 107.0gr for 3,350fps with a 180gr bullet. At 104.0gr, I get near MOA accuracy from the 180gr Remington CorLokts at 3,275fps. I've taken two deer with this load, and the bullets didn't seperate at close range.

I saw some data that gave good accuracy with IMR4350 in a magazine article, but my rifle didn't like the powder. I believe the load was 75.0gr for about 3,100fps. Be sure to double check that load before working up to it.

(note:my barrel is 26" long. Some Remington's have 24" bbls and velocities are down about 125fps from my listed figures).

May 24, 2010, 02:42 PM
my favored rum powder is retumbo, followed at a distance by rl-25.

i think the 4350's are just too fast for good results in the rum case.

good luck!

May 25, 2010, 08:25 PM
Thanks for the info. I have heard alot of people talk about the r25, but have no personnel experience. Does it measure consistent from a lyman thrower? How about clean burning?

Also are the Lee "limited production" dies any good?

I have also heard several people complain about the RCBS de-caping dies. Any words of wisdon?

May 25, 2010, 08:59 PM
pcz,I had a .300 rum,and loved it kick myself all the time for selling it. But I'am not going elkng anymore.And I refuse to be a city elk hunter(road hunt).I'am a walker.So still deer and antelope hunt.Anyway My Ld was rl25 at 93 grn's with a 28 inch brl. and chronograped at 3300.With a 180 grn.I shot one elk once and he was toast made'r about 25 yd's and fell over and I muffed the shot.Over the top of the lung's and under the backbone at 25 yd's.Whewy he jump'd a foot in the air straight up when that 180 grn frieght train hit him.Anyway I tried H1000,imr 7828,H4831,rl-22,and rl-25 and it was the ticket in my rifle.The Rl-25 that is. And I agree with everyone else 4350 be it Imror H4350 is to fast,h4831 is barely slow enough.Never tried any H870 in mine but it's as slow as it get's I think....Good Shootin and good huntin....

May 25, 2010, 09:02 PM
Has anyone had luck with IMR 4350? if so what loads did you find to be the best?In the Nosler #6 manual under technical information on the 300RUM data is the statement "Our technicians were surprised to find near bench rest accuracy when medium weight bullets were teamed with IMR 4350 and a Federal 215 primer". They list 180 grain bullets and 80.0 grains of IMR 4350 for an accurate load.

The down side is velocity is not the greatest. I been meaning to try this load in my finicky 700 SPS 300 RUM but have not yet done so.

May 25, 2010, 09:41 PM
Exactly in a nut shell Runningman,But they both will meet at the high end in my experiance.And that ld shot under a 1" at a 100yd's.So vel. and accy.will meet,especially if ya got a good brl.And ld. for accuracy, but ya gotta shoot hot. Just before ya dish out pri.which should be around 54,000,55,000 on most cal's I suppose for a .300 rum. it's about 58,000,Which it's built for that And I can see no reason to reload if you ain't gonna milk everything you can outta ur gun.If ur not gonna do that might as well shoot factory's. In my opinion anyway.And ofcourse my opinion is only important to me.

May 25, 2010, 09:53 PM
my gun shoots factory ok 1" @ 100 w/ 180gr sirico III. It just seems once in a while I get a round that has a mind of its own and will be 3" out. I like to hunt only long range unless its some thing to put on the wall. last year I got a bamby @ 458yds measured by 3 people in both directions.

So I seem to have a good platform to work from.

I also saw the Nossler say 4350 was the ticket for 180 Acubond. I was hoping for some empirical data on the 700 sendero w/ muzzle brake.

May 25, 2010, 09:57 PM
I also wanted to knolw if anyone has used the rcbs x-sizing die. The only info seems to be on the cabela's web sight. The users claim (all but one) that it is the best thing since sliced bread. Any experience?

May 25, 2010, 10:34 PM
Rcbs dies are not polished on the inside anymore like they were 30 yr's ago they are very rough.And leave a lotta scratch's,on your brass.In my experiance with rcbs.The old dies were good but they are living off there old reputation.And when I'amtalkin a 1" group I'am talkin from outside of bullet to outside of bullet not a 1" of paper inbetween bullet holes.My .300 had a Krieger brl. and it shot 3 shot group's with no paper inbetween the bullet holes.So yea it liked rl-25,and it had a good brl.And if you wanna chk. me out call a good gunsmith and ask him.If a .300 ultra mag is capable of shooting like that.I think I shot it 30th's off the lnd's&grooves.Sorry pcz I said earlier I shot 93 grn's I looked at a target i shot a 3 shot on and it was 94.0 grain's.And at 95 it opened back up.I started workin up from 89.0 grn's of rl-25 just watched pressure sign's of dished pri. and stoped when got them and come outta it a grn..Which settled at 94.0 but all gunz are diff. that gun was set up very tight headspace.With a factory I'd sgun like your's I'd start at 88or89.0grn's.Anyway that's my 5 cent's this time I guess...

May 25, 2010, 11:51 PM
I was not talking about regular RCBS dies. This X-size die claim to is size the complete case with very little growth...so no triming. It is more than a neck die. Supossedly it sizes the whole case in a way to control growth. I have not seen a cut away to know what the inside looks, but that is the claim.

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