Argentine HP broken sight ..replace or repair?


May 24, 2010, 08:19 PM
Hello all,

I purchased an FM90 Argentine Hi Power from J&G Sales. It came in a box with one magazine and looks brand new (though I know it isn't). I disassembled it and everything is clean and in great condition.

Took it to the range and being my first hi-power, it bit my hand. After adjusting my hold, I proceeded to see how it shot. Four rounds and and the sight picture changed significantly....the front sight was gone!:eek:

Fortunately I was shooting over a wide bench, so I found the sight quickly. It appears to have been pinned in. There is what appears to be grease or oil mixed with maybe rust? Interesting problem.

Anywho, I proceeded through 50 rounds shooting instinct and really enjoyed the gun. It points wonderfully and comes back to point of aim immediately. Except for the questionable aim, it is really wonderful. (I guess the shooting without sights is more like a defensive situation...) But I digress...

I need to repair the sights. I am very accomplished at gunsmithing on rifles. I've put new sights on rifle barrels and done pretty much everything one can do to a rifle. So....

Should I reattach the original sight (was it soldered in?)


Should I upgrade with new sights? Is there a front sight that is pinned in like this? Or would I need to dovetail the front of the slide for a new front sight?

Any and all advice is welcome

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May 24, 2010, 09:52 PM
I have an FM Argentine Hi-Power which I've done some work to. One of my most satisfying changes was to have the slide dovetailed to accept Novak sights, replacing the tiny military-style sights the pistol was supplied with.

My $.02

Steve C
May 25, 2010, 04:43 AM
The front sight is likely staked in place similar to most 1911's. Since you found the sight it can probably just be staked back in place, there a tool for this. Replacement military style sights can be purchased from Brownells but you unless you want to buy a $166 staking fixture its better to find a gunsmith to do the install.

If you would like to improve your sites or add night sights to it you should do like Rittmeister recommended.

May 25, 2010, 11:33 AM
I looked at the staking tool. Easy to fabricate (I'm also a blacksmith, so metal is a familiar medium for me).

That said, the current sight can't be staked as it is too short. The stake hole is clean through though. It is a round stake, and most of the ones I've seen for sale are square shank. Not a real problem I guess.... I can modify, but I am going through that much trouble....

I saw an interesting article on replacing the sights on a 1911 that is also staked and he put trigicon night sights on that had to be staked. With slight mods, would these fit the HP?

Lastly, the bushing does not appear to be removable. I wonder what issues I'll run into with staking a new sight with the bushing in place.

Dovetailing is beginning to look tempting. I'd really rather not send it out to anybody...kinda defeats my love of tinkering. I've dovetailed by hand before on rifle barrels. Any idea how doable this is on a slide?

May 25, 2010, 12:41 PM
Numrich has dozens of hi-power sights of all kinds.

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