10mm Revolvers


December 2, 2003, 06:14 PM
I was just going over all the 10mm i could think of out there and all i could come up with in revovlers were 2.
The Ruger Single-Action Blackhawk, and the Smith & Wesson Model 610.
My question is WHY???
With such an awsome cartridge, why not more in Revolvers?
I mean i would love to see a Ruger GP100 in a 10mm, or a Taurus Raging Bull, a Colt, on a Python or Anaconda Frame. I realize thats about the just of the makers who would probably do one in a revolver, but wouldn't it be great. So, lets hear your thoughts on this!!!

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December 2, 2003, 07:29 PM
I think that it really comes down to

What is the point?

First off rimless is harder to do in a revo. You either use headspacing or moonclips. That is a big downside to start off. Next is 10mm was never a big seller in autos much less in revo's. I like the 45 revo personally but a 10mm seems rather useless for most people. I dont think they are big sellers. I think most go to competition shooters. I really just dont see a market. It costs a lot of money to tool up to make this stuff. I want a 610 and 625 personally but I doubt most people would since there are close equivalets already. THe 41 is just over the power of a 10.

December 2, 2003, 07:36 PM
I believe there are more 10mm fans out there than what people realize. I believe a revolver other than the model 610 has a place. Your right, its just not in a high demand in a revolver form. But the more people i talk to, the more people, wish more manufacturers made them in the Semi-Auto. But as far as a revolver goes, i myself would sure pay for a couple different models offered up in the 10mm.

December 2, 2003, 08:13 PM
I think that the kick right now is the MORE POWER crap. These big guns like the 500 S&W seem to be where the market is. Taurus went that wasy with the raging bull also. I like the 610 becuase it would be great to shot 40 in it. I shoot to much 40 to mess around with having 10mm brass mixed in.

December 3, 2003, 12:00 AM
I like my 610 but wish I had purchased a 625 instead. I have thought of boring out my 610 to a 10mm mag. But have not done it yet.

December 3, 2003, 08:46 AM
Jick42, why bother. The 10mm is a good semi auto cartridge. In a revolver the 41 magnum has a lot more to offer both in heavy and light loads. In its best loads the 10mm is up there with some of the lower 41 mag loads, but it never reaches the 41 in its better loads.

I'd like a ten but if I get one it will be a G20. In a revolver I'd get a 657 S&W in 41 mag rather than the 610.

December 3, 2003, 10:08 AM
I also think there are A LOT of 10mm fans out there- especially concerning revolvers.

They tend to fly out of the stores and off dealers tables in my area. Just TRY to find a 3" or 5" S&W 610.

I would love a Bisley grip Blackhawk with a 4 5/8" barrel in 10mm.
That would be a great packin pistol and all around woods bumming gun.

Big Daddy
December 3, 2003, 12:05 PM
An N-frame is a big gun. I would like to see it in an L Frame. Then it would seem more practical. I have two 610s, one 5" and one 6.5". I love them both, but the 10mm doesn't NEED an N Frame in my opinion. The reality is, much more power is available in the N frames: .41, .44, .45 Colt. However I love the 10mm and feel there is a bigger market than people think. Not as big as the 9mm, 40, .45 crowds but a loyal following nonetheless. Smith should make their new .40 revolver with a steel cylinder in 10mm. I also like the idea of a Ruger and a Taurus.

Sean Smith
December 3, 2003, 01:50 PM
Although .41 Magnum offers more power than 10mm Auto, the 610 has the great advantage that there is actually affordable factory ammo for it... just load .40 S&W in the moon clips and shoot for cheaper than dirt all day long. Bulk .40 S&W is alot cheaper than anything but 9mm.

Furthermore, you can handload 10mm Auto to >1.260" OAL in a 610 and get darn close to equal to .41 Magnum loads up to 220 grains, which is something you can't do with 10mm autoloaders.

The 610, at least the one I had, was extremely accurate, even with .40 S&W.l

December 3, 2003, 03:15 PM
An N-frame is a big gun. I would like to see it in an L Frame. Then it would seem more practical.

Smith makes a six-shot .40 revolver, either a K or and L frame. If they can make a 7-shot .357 on an L-frame, I don't see why they can't make a six shot 10mm.

For $500, you can get a Ruger GP100 converted to 10mm. Needs custom moon clips, though.

December 3, 2003, 03:19 PM
For $500, you can get a Ruger GP100 converted to 10mm. Needs custom moon clips, though.

Ouch thats more than the cost of the revolver. I would just say your better off using hot 357 mag ammo rather than going though the expense of converting a good 357 mag.

Big Daddy
December 3, 2003, 03:30 PM
Who does the GP100 conversion? Do you have one or know someone that does?

I have heard of the Ruger Vaquero converted to 10mm but not the GP100.

December 3, 2003, 03:58 PM
Thats alot of $$$$ for a conversion. Now i know i said i'd pay for a revolver chambered in the 10mm, but not a $400.00 revolver, then a $500.00 smith job. Yikes!! I mean i could get my Colt Boa for that kinda money, :what: !!

December 3, 2003, 04:09 PM
It's Clements Custom Guns (http://www.clementscustomguns.com/) that'll do the conversion. Just e-mail them an ask about it.

December 3, 2003, 05:13 PM
I am having my M646 converted to 10mm.
Let you know when it gets back.
I also have the M610.

December 3, 2003, 05:25 PM
Hey Nightcrawler. Did you have this done to one of your guns? If so, how did it turn out?

December 3, 2003, 05:29 PM
Oh no, I don't even have a GP100. But, Clements Custom has a very good reputation.

December 3, 2003, 05:31 PM
Thanks. I just went to there site. Not bad looking at all. And the prices arent really that bad either. Still, paying for a revolver, and then paying to have it converted takes a chunk out of the ol wallet in a hurry. But as i read through there site, looks as if they do some fine work.

December 3, 2003, 05:36 PM
A single action revolver makes more sense for the 10mm. headspacing and ejection would be no problem, no clips to mess with, and a blackhawk frame would soak up the recoil very nicely. Mabey a nice winter project for conversion. The 10mm is very popular here in the great white north (Minn). The colder it gets, the more people gravitate twords full power handguns. With the .40 S&W having more and more problems, mabey the FBI had it right the first time with the 10mm. Higher performance at equal pressures, or equal performance at lower pressures.

December 3, 2003, 08:14 PM
no clips to mess with

The beauty of auto pistol rounds in revolvers is the clips. They make the revolver much faster to reload. For plinking its more of a pain I agree.

George Hill
December 3, 2003, 08:43 PM
.41 Magnum might be better than 10MM... but out here where I am... You can't find any .41 Magnum. Not a box.
This gives 10MM a huge advantage because it is all over the place. Go figure. I don't know why - but its true.

December 4, 2003, 07:32 AM
The cheapest I ever found .41 Mag in a store was on sale, $20.00 per fifty rounds. Normally it's closer to thirty bucks.

Georgia Arms has good deals on both .41 and 10mm, naturally.

But, ammo expense is the primary reason I've sold my Model 57.

April 11, 2004, 01:18 PM
a big plus is you can load them a week a head of time shoot dump your brass and pick it of faster than anybody else.you pick it up 6 at a time.if your shooting a match you will be the only one that does not loose any brass at all,thanks,keith

Parker Dean
April 11, 2004, 06:44 PM
An N-frame is a big gun. I would like to see it in an L Frame. Then it would seem more practical.

Yep, that's my sticking point too. If I'm going to have a gun the size of an N-frame I'l want it in a cartridge like .44 Mag or .45 Colt.

At least one L-frame conversion has been done but I forget who exactly did it. Seemed like an easy job so we know Smith could do it if they wanted.

April 11, 2004, 10:32 PM
I'm with 355sigfan. Just use a .357 mag. It can be plenty powerful enough, find ammo anywhere, have a ton of ammo choices, hold 5-8 in a cylinder, don't use moon clips and are available in the J, K and L frames. What more do you want? OH, more power? Buy a .41 or .44 mag.

April 11, 2004, 10:48 PM
I have a Colt Delta, and would like to have a 610 as well.

That said, I'd be a little concerned about using bullets with no channellure in a revo, wondering they'd tend to back out under recoil?

The idea about heavy loads concerns me, not that I'm shy about stuffing powder into cases:evil: I'd be concerned about loading a revo load into a 1911, and blow a case head.

Maybe load the 10mm revoplver rounds with .38-40 bullets? a semi wadcutter style probably would look different enough from an autoloader round, that you wouldn't stuff it in the 1911 by mistake. It probably wouldn't feed, either, and additional safety.

Any comments on bullet selection for 10mm revos?

April 11, 2004, 10:53 PM
with a corbin cutter but i don't think you need to the 610 will take the hottest loads that would blow a glock or about anything else.i get 1200 from a 180 shooting 40's in my 610,thanks,keith

April 12, 2004, 11:40 PM
This is one of the finest revolvers that I have ever had the pleasure of owning! It can outshoot me anytime! This revolver has taken its rightful place right along with my S&W 6" barreled Model 657 and Model 58, as well as my 6.5" barreled Model 27. These are among my most prized handguns!

Do not sell the 10mm Auto cartridge in either the revolver, or the autopistol, short. Believe me, you will regret the day that you do! If I sat you on a knoll at about 75 yards and loaded up my Model 610 using full-power Double Tap ammunition, I could arrange for you to meet Jesus in short order, guaranteed! :uhoh:

Think about it!


April 13, 2004, 12:53 AM
If I sat you on a knoll at about 75 yards and loaded up my Model 610 using full-power Double Tap ammunition, I could arrange for you to meet Jesus in short order, guaranteed!

I can hit gallon sized milk jugs at 100 yards with my Kimber. Its no great feat.

April 13, 2004, 06:47 PM
Is the milk jug returning fire? I thought not.

April 13, 2004, 06:52 PM
Is the milk jug returning fire? I thought not.

Not thinking can be a problem. Your original situation did not involve a fire fight. And yes I do believe if I had to I could engage a hostile target at 100 yards with my pistol.

April 14, 2004, 10:47 AM
As the N frame can be modified to take 8 .357's it should be able to be modified to take 7 10mm's which would lighten it a bit. A 6 shot L frame would be interesting out of the factory with a steel cylinder.

April 14, 2004, 05:59 PM
I don't think there's a whole lot of diffrence between the 10mm and .41 mag out of a 3 7/8" barrel with bullets under 200gr.

My handloads are pushing 200gr. XTP's about 1200fps.

The Rabbi
April 14, 2004, 08:31 PM
First off, I think there's a Biblical prohibition against chambering revolvers in auto calibers.
But even then, I have never seen the utility of the 10mm. A .45 has more power, takes a bigger bullet and can be bought almost anywhere. The .44mag has a lot more power and can be loaded up or down, and you can use .44spc. Just a lot more versatile. And then there's the .45LC. What more can you say? What will 10mm bring to a revolver that these other cartridges wont?

April 14, 2004, 09:57 PM
I have never seen the utility of the 10mm. A .45 has more power...

I have yet to see any .45 ACP load that produces in excess of 700ftlbs of energy at the muzzle.

The Rabbi
April 14, 2004, 10:22 PM
And what would the practical utility of 700 ft/lbs at the muzzle be?

April 14, 2004, 10:27 PM
Hmmmm, how about handgun hunting.

The Rabbi
April 14, 2004, 10:44 PM
Could be. Those handguns tend to be pretty quick and if you dont nail them right away with 700 ft/lbs at the muzzle they are likely to get away. I've had several handguns get away from me recently, although that was more due to higher foot poundage at the muzzle of someone else's wallet.

Seriously, you haven't answered the question. If you talk about hunting with handguns, the .44mag seems like the ideal solution. What will a 10mm do different or better?

April 14, 2004, 11:17 PM
You're right. There should only be one handgun for plinking, one for competition, one for self defense and one for hunting. We should get rid of everything else. Matter of fact, a .30-06 is a lot more powerful than a .44 so maybe we should get rid of that too. You know, I think just one shotgun would probably do everything! Who cares about personal tastes and preferences. Just because a 10mm gives you true magnum performance in a standard sized autoloader is irrelavent.

Oh by way, I'm still wondering where you get that .45 ACP ammo that's more powerful than the 10mm.


The Rabbi
April 15, 2004, 10:12 AM
Listen, you want to use 10mm and like it, great! Knock yourself out. But if someone wonders why there arent more guns, esp revolvers, chambered in it, this is the reason. It has no demonstrated superiority to anything already existing, and the negatives are plenty. Admittedly I've never shot one, and if I did maybe I would be a huge fan. But so far no one has shown why a 10mm is any better in any application.

April 15, 2004, 11:22 AM
"...no one has shown why a 10mm is any better in any application."

Geez Rabbi, that statement can not be allowed to stand without comment.

Most of our current big revolver cartridges evolved from blackpowder rounds. Case capacity is huge for all but the very top loadings in hunting length barrels. Revolvers are designed accordingly. Ballistically the 10mm can duplicate performance for every cartridge from 9mm/.38 to gnawing at the heels of the .41 Mag in an efficient case capacity. Revolver frame size could be tailored to this shorter length to produce an awesome small 5 shot moonclipped 3" snubbie with all the power a person could tolerate. If you want to go target/hunting where size isn't troublesome a very nice package could be put together on a GP100 sized revolver with a shorter frame and barreled to suit and still be able to find a holster. Try that with a SRH!

For reloading, the 10mm brass is easier to see into with smaller powder charges than the long skinny .357 case. I have less case buckling/mouth splitting when seating bullets than with the .357 case. Performance per powder charge is better in the smaller volume case. Ignition is probably better with the shorter charge length.

Many have harvested deer sized game with the 10mm and report that performance was quite adequate. Dangerous game requires pistols in the rifle power category (.44M,.454, .480, etc) and is on the ragged edge of what traditionally has been the role of a handgun.

So, in the 10mm you have the potential for a modular reloaded revolver of small (5 shot) medium (6 shot) or large (7 or 8 shot) frame size which could successfully replace all cartridges from .38 Long to .41 Mag.

The advantages of the 10mm in an autoloader are a whole different category.


The Rabbi
April 15, 2004, 02:16 PM
You still havent shown it.

You have shown that one round can approximate the performance of several already existing cartridges *with the right loading*. That only duplicates what is out there. It might be a good sales point for someone thinking about reloading for it for that isnt most people.

To give you an idea what I mean: a 9mm or even 38 is a cheap, light recoil round that you can find anywhere. It can be loaded in a number of different weights to change performance slightly.
A .45acp is a round that is cheap, heavy recoiling and can be found almost anywhere. It puts a big piece of metal into the target. It can be loaded slightly differently to change performance.
The other traditional revolver rounds equally have something unique to recommend them, in addition to being usually available enough. But no one has shown me yet the "unique selling proposition" of the 10mm, other than that it can duplicate a lot of what is out there already. I am not trying to discourage people from using it. I am pointing out why there arent more guns available in the caliber.

April 15, 2004, 04:07 PM
A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.:D

Best to ya Rabbi.

April 15, 2004, 05:02 PM
The reason
there arent more guns available in the caliber is because the round wasn't controlleable by Federal police wussies when first introduced- though downloading the round did produce one of the most popular handgun centerfire rounds in recent history. It's a great cartridge...much more versatile than the 9x23mm I recently aquired. :D


April 15, 2004, 08:37 PM
You still havent shown it.

Well first you have to open your eyes. :rolleyes:

The 10mm Auto can be summed up in one word - versatility. The more commercially popular semiauto cartridges such as the 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP are all very good in their own particular niche. What makes the 10mm special is that it can do just about everything the others can, and more. Loaded down to FBI Lite velocities the 10mm has very little recoil in full-sized guns. Many shooters even feel it has less recoil than the .40 S&W because the 10mm guns are usually a little bit bigger and heavier as most .40s are built on 9mm platforms. The range of available bullet weights in .400 caliber is also impressive, going from 135gn flyweights to heavy 220gn hardcast bullets. If you like high capacity guns there's the Glock 20, Paraordnance P16 conversions, the old Star Megastar 10 and the EAA Witness. Each of these guns allow you to carry 14+ rounds of ammo. With mid-range loads the 10mm meets or exceeds .45 +P loads and makes an excellent police/CCW cartridge. If you want to go deer or pig hunting just fill the mag with some full-power loads and you're ready to go. In fact some people have used the 10mm to take bear, elk and even bison. It's true that 700+ ftlbs isn't necessary for every handgun application, but it's nice to know it's available if you should want it. All this performance in a standard full-size autoloader like the 1911. Some people site limited availability of guns or ammo as a drawback, but these are market issues, not gun/cartridge issues. In fact the only real area in which the 10mm has difficulty competing is in the area of ultra compact concealed carry. Because of the 10mm's longer OAL and power potential it is difficult to build guns as small as some of the current 9mms and .40 S&Ws like the mini Glocks, Kahrs, etc.

And what was the final verdict on that superior power .45 ACP load? I'd like to pick some up for my HK USP.

April 15, 2004, 09:30 PM
I suppose that it would serve no purpose to tell him that the .45 ACP has been fired in the S&W Model 625 for such a loooong time (since 1917) that the 10mm is a common sense progression for the cartridge.

Rabbi, get over it!

Scott :neener:

The Rabbi
April 15, 2004, 10:30 PM
Now I'm not a hunter or a long gun person at all, but I havent failed to notice the huge numbers of cartridges that exist for rifles. Go back 50 or 75 years and what was standard then is probably hard to find today. Some have survived of course. And all those rounds that you need to look for on Old Western Scrounger I am sure had some proponent or other claiming it was the greatest, fastest, strongest, most versatile, etc etc. They may even have been right. But no one listened or cared and the market place relegated them (rightly I think) to where they are today. They just didnt offer anything clearly superior to what was out there or came later. I see the same thing here. The 10mm can be loaded to 700 ft lbs of energy. BFD. Why is 700 any better than 600? What will the cartridge do that cant be done by what exists already? Nothing. You like it and want to shoot it, great. I am far from telling anyone not to. I might end up with one myself one day.
For your HK I recommend Aguila's. I carry them myself in my 220. They may or may not develop 700 ft lbs of energy, but they will very likely stop whatever is likely to attack you.

April 16, 2004, 01:10 AM
For your HK I recommend Aguila's. I carry them myself in my 220. They may or may not develop 700 ft lbs of energy, but they will very likely stop whatever is likely to attack you.

I just checked Aguila's website and the only two loads they list is a 230gn FMJ at 751fps and 352ftlbs, and a 117gn alloy HP at 1450fps and 546ftlbs. Not quite 700ftlbs (or 750ftlbs if you're using some of Double Tap's full-power loads). I think the .45 is an outstanding cartridge and I feel totally comfortable carrying it around town, but when walking out in the woods I prefer something with a bit more punch. Sure I could pack my .44 Ruger SBH or S&W M57 .41 Mag, but I prefer semiautos.

The 10mm can be loaded to 700 ft lbs of energy. BFD. Why is 700 any better than 600? What will the cartridge do that cant be done by what exists already? Nothing.

If 700ftlbs is no better than 600ftlbs does that also mean that 600ftlbs is no better than 500ftlbs? At what point do you stop? I do believe that there is a point at where more velocity, energy and penetration add nothing to the terminal effect, but that point changes when you change targets. As I stated I think the .45 is a very effective cartridge. That effectiveness is dependent on two factors though; target size and target distance. When shooting at a man-sized target at normal combat handgun ranges I don't think the 10mm will do much better. When you extend the range though the 10mm is a flatter shooting cartridge and that added velocity and energy means deep penetration even at longer distances. If you change the variables in the other direction and now have a much larger target you don't need a flat shooting cartridge, but you do need deep, deep penetration. The simple truth is that the 10mm can do anything the .45 ACP can do, but the .45 ACP CANNOT do everything the 10mm can.

The term "better" means different things to different people. To some "better" means that the particular cartridge is inexpensive, readily available in any location and chambered in a multitude of different makes and models of firearms. To others (myself included) the word "better" means one particular cartridge provides greater ballistic performance than another. Considering that the 10mm is available in a greater range of bullet weights, can be pushed to far greater velocity and energy levels and can be had in the same sized firearm platforms I believe, without reservation, that it is a "better" cartridge than the .45 ACP. Does this mean that the .45 ACP is a lousy and worthless catridge? Not at all. You also mentioned that the .44 Mag is more powerful. This is certainly true, but none of your "magnum" revolver cartridges can be chambered in a semiauto the size of a standard 1911 (or smaller if you go down to the Glock 29, Witness Compact, etc.). Additionally, in most magnum caliber revolvers you are limited to 6 or so rounds. Take your Glock 20 and you've got 15+1 rounds (or 17+1 if you use the extended base pads) on tap. 16 rounds at 700ftlbs each is a lot of power in a standards sized handgun no matter which way you cut it.

So, to answer your question, yes the 10mm Auto can do things other handgun cartridges cannot. It gives you better ballistic performance potential than any other common semiauto caliber and yet still fits in the same handgun platform envelope.

April 16, 2004, 10:10 AM
For your HK I recommend Aguila's

Aigh! Heeheehahahaho. :D Thanks, I needed a laugh this morning.

Seriously, what do you really carry?


The Rabbi
April 16, 2004, 10:50 AM
Its OK. In the absence of understanding people tend to laugh. I think this thread has gone wherever it is going in terms of information. Thanks, guys.

Sean Smith
April 16, 2004, 10:59 AM
What will the cartridge do that cant be done by what exists already? Nothing.

It is very simple. What autoloader cartridge matches magnum revolver ballistics and can still be chambered in a gun of practical size?

There is exactly ONE practical answer to this question: 10mm Auto.

.357 Sig is too weak by about 200 foot-pounds, and ballistics fall off like a rock if you want bullets heavier than wee 125 grainers.

Some calibers that amount to wildcats are in the running... 9x23 and 9x25, .400 Cor-Bon and .45 Super. But those make 10mm look like .22LR when it comes to ammo availability. .460 Rowland is great, but without an external comp it will pound most autoloaders to bits. Ditto .40 Super.

All of the above are great calibers, and if you handload for them may be very practical for you. But 10mm ammo can be had as cheap as $160/1,000+S/H.


.45 ACP? At 100 yards many 10mm loads have more kinetic energy than .45 ACP +P loads have at the muzzle. Compare the bullet drop you get from 850-950 ft/sec to bullet drop from 1,200-1,400 ft/sec and it is apparent why 10mm is orders of magnitude better for hunting or shooting at longer distances than .45 ACP. GI hardball is about 370 ft-lbs, by the way.

For self-defense, this isn't an issue... 180gr @ 1,330 ft/sec is probably a bit much for that, and with more reasonable loads most calibers are more or less a wash. But handguns aren't only for self defense against people.

As for revolvers, .357 Magnum or .41 Magnum are probably better choices for most people than 10mm, although the advantages (moonclips, cheap .40 S&W bulk factory ammo for plinking) have been noted.

April 16, 2004, 12:06 PM
All this bickering back and forth . . . . yada, yada, yada. All I have to say is that 3" S&W 610 for carry, well, it was just plain and simple . . . what a COOL GUN!

I love to see a 3" GP100 in 10mm too.

April 16, 2004, 02:09 PM
In terms of information...one deigns to offer a suggestion of ammo that is widely varying in QC and is, at best, a gimmick, and be insulted when not taken seriously? C'mon. If you can't laugh at yourself, you're gonna be crying a lot.



April 16, 2004, 06:59 PM
Oh wait a minute, - Nevermind.

Seriously, I have a 5" 610 reamed to 10mm Mag. I can shoot a 135 .40 S&W load at 1100 fps, in an N frame it kicks like a .38 in a 686. My 10mm Mag loads (Beartooth 200 gr w/ canalure or 220 LFP) are clean into the .41 Rem Mag's lunch. I've shot 8 large Iowa whitetails with it in standard 10mm guise - 200 gr. XTPs at 1150 and only once had the bullet fail to go T&T- that one was stopped by the hide on the far shoulder. I consider it THE most efficent large deer caliber to 75 yds. to get A) High lethality and B) moderate to low recoil. I've won pin matches with it, carried it in a Kramer scabard frequently and done very well with it in IDPA.
I've wildcated a duplex 10mm Mag load that spits 2- 135 gr. Nosler loads at 1100fps- (really helps the IDPA scores.)

Clearly the 610 sucks. But what do I know.


PS- check out the " Guns You'd Like to See Them Make?" thread & count the ratio of 10mm to all other calibers listed http://www.thehighroad.org/showthread.php?s=&threadid=76721

April 16, 2004, 09:24 PM

to each his own. There are some guys who would be perfectly satisfied with a 55 mph speed limit, too:evil:

The 10mm, in a 1911, is a 10 shot .357 magnum.

In a 610, no, it isn't a .44 mag, nor even a .41 mag. It may not even really be a .357 magnum, if the .357 is loaded to the strength potential of a Model 27 or 28.

As far as I know, though, the .41 mag has never been loaded in one of those dee-lectable 5" or 6.5" full underlug Smiths, and that's as good a reason as any to have a 610.:D

edited to fix my one-letter typo, even though ya'll knew what the heck I meant.

The Rabbi
April 17, 2004, 09:34 PM
I'd be satisfied with 55 miles per gallon out of my Chrysler, no question.

Wil Terry
April 17, 2004, 11:08 PM
I had Hamilton Bowen re-build a 1965 RUGER BLACKHAWK 357MAG 4 5/8" to 10MM NORMA [ the correct cartridge name ] over 12 years ago. It shoots like a million bucks and has been an utterly reliable companion. The original barrel was rebored from 35 to 40 caliber, the cylinder was rebored and rechambered to 10MM, the entire pistol was refit, and the whole package reblued to include the hammer 'cause I hate those ugly white sides on a hammer. The left side of the frame is remarked "10MM RUGER BLACKHAWK " in the proper order and size and you would swear on a minor stack of bibles it was a real 3-screw ruger 10MM sixgun from 1965.
Loverly !

April 18, 2004, 12:24 AM
That Ruger sounds as if its "hell on wheels." I just adore that cartridge! In a Super Blackhawk with a 7 1/2" barrel, the proper loads can quickly eclipse the mid-range to upper mid-range .41 Remington Magnum loads! These 200 grain bullets smoking along @ about 1350 fps would make Bambi's daddy fall down, go BOOM!

The slightly smaller meplat would make this type of load a real penetrator for Boar and Black Bear. This would definitely kick some serious boar booty! :D

Scott :)

April 18, 2004, 12:41 AM
"I'd be satisfied with 55 miles per gallon out of my Chrysler, no question.

From your mouth to G*d's ear.

April 18, 2004, 10:03 AM
10mmman, did you mentioned few years ago 10 mm load, 200 gr, 1.400” OAL loaded round, leaving 6.5” barrel at 1400 fps? This would be ideal load for silhouette shooters, and, I suppose, excellent for deer hunt. Somebody posted in Shooters.com thread about 401 Herter’s Powermag, how he and his shooting buddies went on range shooting 401, 44 and 454. Well, his friends shooting 44 had to stop after several dozen rounds (454 shooter even sooner) because sore wrists just couldn’t take any more. He was shooting 401 until was time to leave the range and no sore wrists. I was shooting couple dozen rounds of Keith load (Lyman 429421 with 22 gr of 2400) from TLA #5 without the problem, but after that, wasn’t fun any more. Some folks could take more, but for us average guys, no thanks.
Why 10 mm didn’t succeed? Because the most popular semiauto is 1911 and this design just isn’t strong enough to take full load 10 mm indefinitely. Yeah, there is Glock out there, but it’s like comparing jazz with rock ’n roll and country. Regards, Onty.

April 19, 2004, 06:40 PM
Here you go- (re-post)

1st- this is a revolver load only.
2nd- Unfluted cylinders are stronger than fluted because they are butt-ugly- ugley is strong- just look at Ruger revolvers.) I have touched off tons of these in my fluted 610. Presure signs are far less than a factory Cor-Bon load.
3rd If you kb don't look my way-
4th My 6.5" 610 shoots this into 8"@ 100 yds all day long.
5th This will cleanly slay any whitetail under 50+ yds if you hit the vitals.
6th Use with care, start below & work up.

Hornidy 200gr XTP 14.2 Gr AA#9 COAL 1.4
Shooting Crony said it's a bit over 1350fps.

I arrived at this by interpolating the average load for 200gr XTPs with 10mm and 10mm mag Accurate Arms data after I eastablished that the 200gr bullet would seat at least as deep in the case as a 135 Cor-Bon seats. This gave me a COAL that is 1/2 way between 10mm & 10mm Mag. Recoil is NOTHING like a .44 mag.

Second re-post: This evloved from a sucessful .41 RM to .401 PM conversion I did- works best w/ revolvers that have champered charge holes:

If you buy .41 mag rounds, case trim them down to your chambers length, pop ‘em in the oven @ 170 degrees for 20 minutes, set them ON TOP of a shell plate, then run them into a Dillon sizing die that’s been coated with One Shot and drive ‘em back out with a dowel, (check primer holes) you gots yosef a 10mm Mag Rimmed. Load to normal 10mm Mag specs. Accurate Arms has 10mm Mag data online, make sure you do not load the high-pressure loads, only the loads set for 10mm pressure (mid 30K.) One could trim down to 10mm & 40 S&W & skip the clips or .401 HP.

Be safe.


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