44 Magnum / Missouri Bullets Co. Load Results


June 20, 2010, 02:33 PM
Here you go. Load results. No, serious leading problems found.
I think most of my issues were because of grip control. The 20.0 of 2400 was the hottest, and it grouped the best out of the lead boolits.

20 grains 2400
240 LSWC
300 CCI primer
Win Brass


19.5 grains 2400
240 LSWC
300 CCI primer
Win Brass


15.5 and 16.0 grains 2400
270 Speer GDFN
300 CCI Primer
Win Brass
These are to groups of 270 grain Speer GDFN. Bottom group is the 15.5 grains, and the top circled group were the 16.0 grains. I was calling my shots on the 16.0 grain load. I like this load in my pistol, and it might make a good hunting load.


You guys wanna give some opinions? What kind of rest should I get for shooting a single action revolvers. This would help in the grouping. I shot freehand. I need a rest to shoot from. I could make one out of a 2x12 or something.

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June 20, 2010, 02:47 PM
You guys wanna give some opinions?

My opinion is that your wrist is probably hurting :-)


June 20, 2010, 02:51 PM
Not at all, Brad. Not at all. Others were saying that at the range, but seriously. The recoil of the .44 SBH just does not disturb me like an Auto Pistol does. I am trying to get those LSWC to shape up, but at least I know at 15 yards there would be a dead deer or hog. When I get then to close up some more, either with better grip control, or with loadings. I will move on out to 25 and then put on a scope or red dot for shooting at 50 yards. I don't plan on using the gun for more than a 50 yard stand that I have setup down in South Arkansas.

June 20, 2010, 04:59 PM
I've taken 240g cast at that hardness as high as 20.5 of 2400 (COL of 1.610 for a lever action) and stopped as that's where the accuracy was. No leading issue there, either.

Don't know that I'd bother with a rest as much as I'd load a whole stonkerfull of 'em and start working on shooting them in that pistol. If you're really curious, I guess I'd get nice and comfortable two handed over a sockful of rice on a fencepost and run a cylinder or two.

And yes, the 270 Speer is a good bullet. But those 240 SWC's loaded where you have them ain't no joke either.

June 20, 2010, 07:01 PM
Looking at the Lyman Manual it lists 20.6 grains Max of 2400, but also lists that as the "Accuracy" load.
I am going to go to 20.5 with that bullet, and see if that group comes together a little more. If it doesn't then I will just work on control with the 20.0 grain load.

I do really like those 270 Speer GDFN though. Good looking bullet, and I bet they would go deep into a hog, and whop'em good. I think I might push the velocity a little in those. I have a good lot of those left. Just bought 800 CCI 300 primers. That was all they had, and another lot of 100 Winchester Brass.
For fun, and my wife wants to shoot the .44 Magnum I bought 9oz of Trail Boss. I have Unique, but what tha hey? Since this caliber is all new to me, why not mix it up a little more. :)

You all are invaluable. I appreciate the conversations. Keep them coming.

June 21, 2010, 09:24 AM
Ive been shooting a 44mag for a while (I have 3 of them SBH,TC contender and a M94 winchester) I have loads worked up for all 3 my TC and Winchester like 200 and 240 gn nosler JHP siting on 20 grn of 2400 and 22 grn of 2400.My SBH likes the same load and one of 240grn LSWC sitting on 19.5 grn of 2400 my plinking load for the TC and SBH is 6.6grn of W231 or HP38. Another thing that ive done is turn LSWC in to a HP makes a great hunting bullet. I got my info from handgun hunter.com (my son loves this load he is 13) This is what works in my gun dont know about yours.

July 7, 2010, 11:10 PM
I did some more tests today, and 20.5 grains of 2400 isn't good. They were all in the black, but all over.
18.5 grains seems to be a place where my gun with the Missouri Bullets 240 LSWC seem to come around. I got a nice 2.5" off hand group that looked like a smiley face. Shot the other 5 rounds loaded with 18.5, and they grouped as well. I have went from 18.0 to 20.5, and 18.5 has been the best accuracy for me. I am still not convinced that the inaccuracy of the hotter loads could be contributed to my unfamiliarity of the handgun, and unknowing of how to control the recoil.
The reason for this thinking is because the lower 15.5 grains with the 270 grains Speer shot the best and the 17.0 grains was not so hot. Seems the higher/faster the recoil the less accurate I am.. Be it the bullet/load combo or me. I also saw a lot of unburnt powder from 19.5 and up using 2400. Maybe why the groups were all over the place. Inconsistent burn? I did not see that with 18.5 grains 2400. Seemed like all the powder was burnt.

Either way 18.5 grains 2400 with a 240 LSWC should be a pretty good hunting load if that is what I can shoot accurately most consistently. I have to get the Chrony out to see what fps they are coming out of the barrel.

On another note I have not seen not one hint of leading in my gun. None. I am impressed. I have also started to load 7.0 grains Trail Boss with the 240 LSWC, and that is helping with grip/breath/trigger control. I think this will help with the hotter loads.

Other loads tried were 10.2 grains Unique with 240 XTP .430. Not a bad load, but could be tweaked. I noticed that the 10.2 grains Unique had a much quicker recoil than 2400 of 18.5 grains. Could be the burning rate. Neither are unbearable.
I would like to have a good load with an XTP bullet I like those bullets, and think they would make a good hunting bullet also, but might need to be pushed with H110 or W296 to get good accuracy. 2400 might do well with the XTP. I will just have to try and see.

As far as the 270 grain Speers. Might just use them in the MuzzleLoader this year if they shoot good from that rifle. I don't think 2400 is going to produce the velocity and accuracy that I want from this bullet. 15.5 grains of 2400 (starting load from Speer) is accurate, but I don't think I am pushing them over 1000 fps.

It is all in time that I will get more familiar with this revolver. I am getting better with it, but I see a few hundred more rounds before I get the hang of it completely.

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