New AR15 - Expected Accuracy?


July 10, 2010, 04:51 PM
Got a new DPMS AR15 with a 16" barrel. Looking for the proper scope to put on the gun for coyote hunting. Is putting a SS 10X42 scope on this gun overkill for the guns accuracy? Would I be just as good with a Leupold 3X9? With the larger scope on the gun can this set-up produce accuracy at out to 250-300yds or do I need to get a longer bull barrel if interested in using this gun for predator hunting? Thanks for the input. Todd

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July 10, 2010, 05:06 PM
A 10x fixed power scope on a coyote rifle would be a major mistake.

The narrow field of view will make it next to impossible to track a running coyote 30-40 yards away when all you can see through it is a patch of brown hair going 30 miles an hour!

3x-9x is way plenty, and you would do well to leave it set on the lowest power most all the time until a coyote stops and looks back at you way out yonder!

I would suggest a 2x-7x-33 as perfect for a 16" carbine.

I have killed coyotes with a 4x on a 30-06 at 400, and one at 517 with a 3x-9x on a 22-250.

Too much magnification is always way more of a problem then not enough.
A 300 yard coyote only appears to be 33 yards away through a 9x, and only 42 yards through a 7x.
You can probably throw rocks that far!!


July 10, 2010, 05:10 PM

As much as I like high magnification, it can be a hindrance in any but target applications.

Mt target/varmint/range guns have relatively high power scopes on them, unlike my hunting rifles.

My scoped 16" AR has a 1.65 X 5 on it. A 1 X 4 would be excellent as well.

You can shoot under MOA with 1X.

July 10, 2010, 05:24 PM
Leupold 1-4x would be my choice. The rifle/scope combo should easily be good for 1 MOA or less and effective to 200 yds on coyotes.

July 10, 2010, 05:25 PM
I certainly agree that a fixed power 10 is not the ideal scope for hunting coyotes.
I've shot a fair amount of vermin out to about 300 yds- maybe a bit beyond (never a coyote though, mostly groundhogs)) with a 16" bbl AR equipped with a 2-7 x33, and I've never been able to blame lack of magnification for not hitting them.

Go with a 2-7 or 3-9 and you'll do fine.

July 10, 2010, 05:30 PM
I put a Millet DMS-1 1-4 on my CMMG 16" H BAR. I thought I had made a mistake and needed more magnification so I tried a 2.5-10 Weaver. I could do no better so I switched back and have learned to appreciate the DMS-1 which comes with the dot in the donut reticle.

ole farmerbuck
July 10, 2010, 05:31 PM
I have a 6x20 and a 3x9 on my AR's but the one with the 6x20 is for p-dogs. And yes, you will need the higher power for 150-200 yard head shots.

July 10, 2010, 07:04 PM
Thx for the info. - very helpful.

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