Bianchi Holsters- Leather Care??


Natty Bumpo
July 16, 2010, 06:55 AM
Hey Guys,

I recently came into a Bianchi holster perfect for my S&Ws K frames. In really nice shape and it was made in the USA too.:D

The leather looks abit thirsty. What do you guys use for leather care on Bianchi holsters? Thanks.

Natty B.

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Friendly, Don't Fire!
July 16, 2010, 07:06 AM
It is my understanding that you do not want the leather to be soft and flimsy as it will result in the gun not fitting like a glove. If the gun now fits perfectly with just a bit of friction when drawing, that is what you want. If you make the leather too soft, the gun may slide right out, which is what you most likely would NOT want.

Is the holster made for your particular gun, or does your gun "just happen" to fit in this holster?

I would think the Bianchi site would tell you best how to care for your leather holster.

July 16, 2010, 07:58 AM
In my gunleather research, the recommendation is to always stay away from your typical leather conditioners like oils and creams. They make the holster soft and it will loose the capability to securely hold your pistol.

If it needs an appearance touchup, the typical recommendation is clear Kiwi shoe polish. Put on light and buffed.

Old Fuff
July 16, 2010, 11:02 AM
JTQ is right. Do not use oil-based leather care products on most holsters, and in particular those made by Bianchi (which are very high quality for mass produced rigs by the way). Instead clean dirty leather with saddle soap, and when the leather is dry follow with a wax-based product.

July 16, 2010, 11:12 AM
With my leather holsters all I do is occasionally remove the gun and run a duster through it (make sure there isn't any Pledge or anything else like that used on the duster).

I use the duster my wife uses on the blinds.
(only ours is all blue)

Even without using any chemicals or such most modern leather holsters will out last you.

Natty Bumpo
July 16, 2010, 11:32 AM
Thanks for the replys. Its a Bianchi 5BH RH for the 4" S&W K frames as well as some Colts and Ruger revolvers. They used a really good grade leather, thread, stitching etc etc. A little saddle soap cleaned up some smudges on the outside right away. I'll get the clear shoe polish and buff it up abit.

I understand that Bianchi holsters are now made in Mexico and so marked??

Natty B.

August 15, 2010, 02:23 PM
USE NOTHING YES NOTHING on your good leather holsters but NEUTURAL shoe polish wax anything else will reuin the leather & soften it & darken it beyond repair, I just bought a Bianchi X15 holster says Made in Mexico I have no problem with that, The Mexican's are real good leather & saddle craftsman & I am sure John Bianchi would not blemish his Co. Name by letting unskilled leather craftsman make his products ?

August 15, 2010, 02:27 PM
John Bianchi sold the Bianchi holster company years ago.

He know runs:


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