48ACP Rainier 185gr Hollow Base


July 31, 2010, 01:44 PM
Is there anyone loading the 185gr Rainier hollowbase bullet. This round has proven to be tremendously accurate for me with 5.6gr of w231. I actually planned on doing a review on my website I was so pleased about it. I then found it would not cycle my Les Baer's. Below is a list of 45's it will cycle

S&W 1911
RIA 1911
Sig 220

I wanted to try this combination, a long time shooter someone I have a great deal of respect for told me about this load. His take on it was 185 hollow base on ignition would expand and engage the rifling better. I was trying this load for my CZ because I always felt it should shoot better. With this load it is exactly what I was looking for out of my CZ97B.

Finally here is my question, the variation of loads in the different manuals are so wide I am trying to decide if I should increase the load or use a different powder. I know the variation has to do with different components. I am leaning towards trying a different powder as with the Les Baer's this load seem like powder puff loads and sometimes the slide won't open at all. As with my other 45's the load seems a little hotter than I like so I am hesitant to go even go to 5.9gr which is the max load in the data I am using, I feel .3 grains would not make a difference.

For instance
speer 14 185gr w231 6.6-7.4

hodgdon2009 w231 5.0-5.9 this is the data I used to work up my load

Lyman49 w231 4.4-6.1

Hornady Very Old 3rd Edition w231 5.5-6.6 (I like keeping this around to compare against to see how powders change and how lawyers continue to reduce loads every year :)

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July 31, 2010, 05:04 PM
Where did you find a .48acp?

In answer to your question, I'm sure the data you're referencing is intended for flat base bullets, and not hollow base bullets. The increase in case volume from using the hollow base bullets would account for the cycling issue with your one pistol. That, and a spring that is too strong for the load.

I've shot thousands of the Berry's HBRN 185 grain bullets, but not Rainier's, since they don't list one on their website. Could that be the bullet you're referring to?

Hope this helps.


July 31, 2010, 06:05 PM
Ah good catch serious typo got off work at 3 this morning and have not been able to sleep :) Should be 45acp

Now that you mention that they must be Berry's I suppose unless Rainier discontinued them. I purchased a 1000 in a brown generic box from a friend who did not like them. Since they were plated I assumed it was rainier, but looks like your right. He purchased bulk 2000 of them from midway went through a 1000 did not like them got frustrated and sold them to me for the cost of what 500 plated bullets would cost from midway.

July 31, 2010, 09:24 PM
I've used both Winchester 231 and Ramshot True Blue with the Berry's 185 grain HBRN bullets. Both powders have given excellent accuracy and flawless functioning through my Witnesses, 1911's and Springfield XD. In fact, Ramshot lists a load for that particular bullet with True Blue that proved an excellent load.

Hope this helps.


PS: I spent many years working graveyards, and know about being tired..........

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