my two glock 34


July 31, 2010, 02:01 PM
i bought these glock 34 new with in the past year mainly because the really good guys in my monday idpa shoot use the glock34, and i am lucky to have a number of local clubs that host routine steel challenges, icore, idpa and ispc.
At the non idpa events the glock 34 is still very popular but the glock 35 seems a bit more common. the 34 is a 9mm and the 35 is a .40. The glock 34/35 have extened slide and mag releases and a little more than a 5 inch barrel, they are great guns. From ebay and gunbroker i bought some very inexpensive blade tech holster and a safariland competition holster. i want to talk about these guns, holsters, sights, and other concepts.
And yes i too think that the use of the glock 34 for idpa is cheating and against the concept of idpa matches, but hey i want to place better just like the next guy.

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July 31, 2010, 02:28 PM
sights, though i have noticed that the other glock 34 owners and non glock owners who are better shots use a variety of open front red fiber optic sights, but for a few dollars through ebay i was able to get my hands on a pair of truglo night fiberoptic sights which are are green, so i put the front truglo sights on my both glock 34, with a end result that was a bit lacking.

these sight are not meant for competition use since they have shrouds on the sides and let light only on the top in, which is not so bad, i guess the thought is not to let a bad guy see your glowing front sight from the side.

i realy like the glock rear sight that white u helps me maintain my front sight focus so the factory rear sights stay, though one has a adjustable rear sight and one has a fixed rear sight, i am not sure which is better

both of the truglo front sights had a bit of a wiggle (the truglu fiber optic night front sights hang over the slide cut out for about a half inch), my amatuer gunsmithing answer was a toothpick dispensed thin line of loctite 222(the non permanent stuff) between the sight and the slide, now they seem very solid.

these sights are nice but i am not super happy with them

July 31, 2010, 02:56 PM
for starters i think that paddle holster and mag holders are silly for competition-- paddle devices move and cause skin problems at least for me a sort of skinny guy.

what i found for good prices on gunbroker and ebay was a blade tech quad mag holder, a blade tech double mag holder, a very nice blade tech holster, and a safariland competion 002 holster.

the blade tech stuff is realy good stuff, though the quad mag holder is not for idpa, very secure, and very easy to put my belt through, my glock 17 fits in the glock 34 blade tech holster ezly.

though the blade tech mag holders that came to own are really for a 45 usp/glock 21 size mag which is much bigger than my glock 9mm mags a fuzzy sitcker that is use on furinture legs to protect the wood floors took up the gap just fine and i think are better for the life of my mags.

the safariland 002 holster is not idpa legal, and for icore or ipsc i was told bumps me to a open class, so i dont use it. but the safari land 002 holster holds the glock 34 very well and offers a nice draw, good thing i paid about $20 for it used off ebay

July 31, 2010, 10:17 PM
i have good selection of mags for the 9mm glock, i have a glock 26 (the subcomact 9mm), a glock 17(the average duty gun)and the pair of glock 34 the glock 17 mags work in the 34 and the 34 work in the 17, the larger 17/34 mags fit the 26, the 26 mags are shorter than the 17/34 and very apperntaly do not fit the 17/34, the first generation glock factory mags i have work very well, as well do all the glock factory mags, i have a bunch of 10 rounders that work just fine also (idpa has 10 round mags limits expect for the first mag in which u can have 11) the non drop mags are a real pain, but just as reliable. the g tool would be nice to help disassemble and clean the mags but i have not found a good price on it yet. all my mags are labled with a number system - any mag that does not work gets a few chances of cleaing and carefull lip realignment then sold on gunbroker, though all my glock mags work without issues and i have never re-adjust or had to sell a bum glock factory mag. i have some non factory glock mags-- about 10 plastic nonmetal lined that work well but just look and feel cheap they are good for practice, i have some all metal 20 round nonglock made mags that work good with out issues also.

August 2, 2010, 03:13 PM
i do not have a favorite solvent though i came in a large lot of otis clp, i bought from ebay some medical atomizers that when sprayed produce about a .08cc mist per spray which for a small number is real a good amount for a solvent. Another atomizer is filled with a light oil i use for post solvent cleaning, i think my real trick is that only plastic and wood are used to clean my guns, toothpick are ultra cheap and are truely amazing for removing funk from corners and q-tips for general cleaning, the pastic factory glock push rod from the gun with a pastic brush does just fine for cleaning.

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