concealed carry methods for women


January 22, 2003, 03:19 PM
I finally received my CWP today! My primary carry wepon is S&W model 60LS (.357). I have a fanny pack that it fits well in, and is easily accessible from. It also fits in the front pocket of jeans and slacks pretty well. It doesn't "print"---just looks like a big blob of something in that pocket. I also have a Beretta .32 tomcat that I can use and carry in the same ways. I am NOT comfortable carrying either in my purse. It seems like it would be too awkward getting to it, should I need it.

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January 22, 2003, 05:34 PM
My wife stuffs her purse pretty well. And doesn't always wear pants that could hold a pocket holster for her Tomcat. We will probably figure out a way of either adding a pocket or sewing in the holster so that the gun can be drawn quickly. Though it is an open top purse so it may need to be a bit deeper, but at least it won't be tumbling around.

Robert inOregon
January 22, 2003, 05:46 PM
Lots of handbags on the market that are both fashionable and gun friendly. They have compartments made exclusively for firearms and have easy access. And they are very discrete. Purse carry is so good, that if it were fashionable for a man to carry one, I would.

January 22, 2003, 06:08 PM
Purse carry:

Yes, there are a lot of purses made just for concealed carry. Most of them look pretty good and fairly easy to use. They are much, much better than carrying a weapon in a purse which is not designed for it.

If you carry in a purse not designed for it, you are likely to have a slow, fumbly time drawing your weapon. It's also possible that you get 'stuff' tangled up with your gun (a tube of lipstick stuck in the end of the gun? an eyebrow pencil poking through the trigger guard?), which can be messy and dangerous.

As I said, purses designed for it are much, much better ways to carry a gun than carrying in a purse not designed for it.

However, I still don't like 'em at all -- nor any other form of off-body carry. Here's why:
I put my purse down sometimes. If I have a gun in my purse, that means my gun is outside of my immediate control. That's a Bad Thing in my book.
I don't like giving up the option of just throwing my purse at a BG who demands that I give it to him. If there's no gun in it, I can decide to toss the purse at him while running away or yelling for help. But if my gun is in my purse, I will have to draw my weapon if he demands that I give him my purse. I don't like not having a choice.
My kids have been known (in their younger days) to poke, prod, and pull at my purse. I don't want the durn thing spilling open and revealing my gun to the world. (Yeah, that's fixable by training the kidlets -- still...)

Anyway, now that I've told you what I don't like. I'm a woman, and carry a Glock 26 almost all day, every day. I carry it in an inside-the-waistband Blade-Tec holster, with jeans or skirts with wide belt loops. I usually put the holster in front of my hip rather than on it or behind it, and wear a covering sweater, vest, or untucked blouse.


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January 22, 2003, 07:58 PM
Hi hawk0484! I just finished emailing to a man who was inquiring about methods for his wife to conceal her firearm. I'll save some typing and snip a bit for you here:

I carry my USPc in a bellyband - it's a one-size fits all holster that I can use to carry my different carry guns.

It's good in that it's light, flexible, won't have extra width to "print" like a holster, enables a very fast silent draw, and you can throw it in the washer. And I can slide it up, down, around - it doesn't rely on belt placement, and that's great, because women's jeans aren't consistent; some ride hider, others lower. I can get away wearing stretchy pants with no belt loops and still hide the USPc. Choose a wide belly band over a narrow one - it supports the weight of the gun better
and distributes the weight of the gun more evenly. Sometimes I forget I'm carrying because it's so weightless.

Bad points are that it can get hot and sweaty in the summertime, may not be an ideal choice for firearms with light triggers/no safety, and is
hard to reholster after drawing. Retention is okay as long as you don't stand on your head and bounce up and down. :P

Wardrobe may be an issue. Carrying almost always means compromising wardrobe in some some manner to conceal - I have to make sure my shirt covers at least halfway down past my waist, and I have to watch how I lean over, move, etc., so I don't reveal.

I carry in the 4-5 o'clock position where the convenient "niche" in the curve of my hip/waist can conceal my gun. I've managed to stuff a P1 there, too, and that's not a tiny gun!

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