DPMS 7.62/308 Mark 12 Range Report


August 20, 2010, 06:16 PM
Took my new DPMS Mark 12 in 7.62/308 to the range today. It still only had the Midwest Industries flip up sight that came with the rifle due to my scope not getting here in time.

The rifle has a real nice fit and finish. It comes stock with MI flip up sights, 18 in stainless fluted barrel,floated quad rail, rifle length gas, billet upper and lower receiver, hogue grip, Magpul CTR mil-spec size stock, and a DPMS "military" 2 stage trigger. It also came with a comp/brake that was supposedly specifically designed for this rifle. The rifle is finished with teflon it says in the specs whatever that means. The rifle arrived very dry so make sure you apply lots of lube if you get a new DPMS, I did and it worked fine,

The rifle is a bit front heavy probably due to the rifle length quad rail, the weight and the "specially designed brake" didn't keep the muzzle down very well during rapid fire. The trigger was very crisp though. I never had a two stage trigger in any AR so this was definetly a very nice trigger to me.

I was sighting in the irons and breaking in the barrel . (probably not the best to do at the same time) But at 50 yards the rifle kept 1 inch groups with irons, even with the whole shot and clean drill. At 100 the best group was 1.75 inches with most of them being closer to 2 inches. Hopefully they will tighten up with a good scope and after the barrel is fully broken in. (200 rounds according to DPMS)

I used Federal 150 grain SP in 308 and Winchester 147 grain FMJ. The rifle definetly like the Federal better and I plan to use Federal 168 grain BTHP for sighting in the scope. In all I only shot 45 rounds.

All in all I was pretty happy with the rifle, it is ok accuracy wise considering I was only using irons. But I am really impressed that I had 0 malfunctions, the rifle worked flawlessly. It also kept itself pretty cool after rapid fire somehow. (maybe the fluting?)

I might add pics later. I will also do another range report once I add the scope and more rounds down range.

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August 20, 2010, 11:58 PM
Great to hear! If its a 1 in 10 barrel, it should like the 168 and heavier rounds the best, for accuracy. I hear more than a couple of reports of the DPMS .308's easily grouping under 1 MOA with 168 SMK's in particular.

Having a LR-308, I can echo your comment of 100% reliability. Lube it generously, and the darn thing eats anything, be it Russian Steel Case, German Surplus, or Domestic Commercial. The only surprising aspect (to me) is after a rapid-fire drill, vaporized lube steaming from every seam on and around the upper receiver.

As for the cool temperature, I guess thats where the DI system starts to shine, in large bore over small bore weapons. I've heard this before, and makes sense with larger surface area having more time to cool, and better micro-air circulation.

August 21, 2010, 01:30 PM
Here are some pics, looks like my silcone cloth leaves alot of lint.








August 21, 2010, 01:57 PM
That's a pretty slick looking gun. I myself will be going the Saiga 308 route when funds permit, only because I can't really afford the cash for a DPMS.

Very glad you are pleased with your rifle. And ... maybe only having irons for a while is a good thing! Take it back to the range and get some sub 200/300 practice in!! :)

August 21, 2010, 04:25 PM
If your eyesight is good enough , a rifle should group just about as well at 100 yards , with irons , as with a scope .

For us old guys , not so much . :-(

I have shot a 1" 3 shot group with an 03A3 , off of sand bags . The rifle was in original USGI configuration . The peep sight did help . This has been a few years back .

God bless

August 22, 2010, 09:20 AM
Very nice rifle you have there Mags. I have just got together my 7.62 black rifle. I think I well just shoot irons for the few hundred rounds or so. My rear peep (Troy) is pretty close to my M1A so I think I'll be comfortable with it.

My rifle is heavier than I anticipated, 21" Noveske upper on a ArmaLite lower. With bi-pod and scope it's a heavy pig!


August 22, 2010, 11:21 AM
DPMS advertises the 7.62 Mark 12 empty weighs 9.6 pounds, a 20 round mag of 308 weighs 1 pound so loaded the rifle weighs 10.6 pounds. I really wanted the rifle to weigh 11 pounds loaded after adding optics but I think 12 pounds is going to be a more realistic goal.

That will still be lighter than the RRA LAR8 I had that weighed over 14 pounds loaded.

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