Ruger 10/22 vs the Mossberg Inter 702 Plinkster


gun guy
August 24, 2010, 06:36 PM
Due to recent events, a pink cammo 702 Mossberg Plinster has joined the collection. It might be interesting to see how these two popular 22's stack up in a side by side, no holds barred shoot out.
Both rifles are in the same price range. With some shopping, both will most likely show up on sale at local sporting goods stores etc.
The covered front sight and stock design give the Mossberg a bit of a "Safari Rifle" look. The Black Nylon stock on the Ruger has a hypermodern look.
The Mossberg feels a tad lighter, and is actually a better pointer (for my frame) than the Ruger. Plus 1/2pt for the Mossberg
The sights are better on the Mossberg,easily adjustable for both elevation and windage. The elevation adjustment on the Ruger is delicate and the screws are easily broken, windage adjustment requires a press tool. Plus 2 for the Mossberg
Both weapons hold 10 rounds. The magazine release on the Mossberg is much more user friendly. Plus 1/2 pts for the Mossberg. In time the rotary magazine may prove to be more reliable than the straight line clip of the Mossberg. This is only observational at this time. Although, one of the banes of many 22's, is feeding problems from straight line magazines, due to the rimmed nature of the cartridge. Range time will further determine this. (points pending)
Neither weapon has provisions for a sling.
The Mossberg has a machined scope rail making the installation of a scope a breeze. The Ruger is tapped but requires an interface to take the scope mounts (this has caused a problem or two by coming loose). Great care needs to be taken mounting a scope on the Ruger as the fine threads on the reciever could be eaisly stripped. Plus 1 for the Mossberg. Tear down is similar, however the little plastic recoil buffer placement on the Mossberg is a bit tedious. -1/2 pt for the Mossberg. The magazine follower on the Mossberg works as an earsot last round bolt hold opener. The bolt can also manually be locked open. The Ruger has only the manual bolt hold open. Yet 1 more point for the Mossberg. Now one must consider the target owners for both weapons. Several young gentlemen stated they liked the black Ruger better, while several young ladies found the pink cammo very avante guard for incursions in "hello kitty" adventure island. This is only a subjective matter of taste.
While there are many upgrades and changes available for the Ruger, in stock trim it appears the ladies, and their Mossberg are actually in the lead, in over all features. Next it's off to the range, we'll show those girls up yet :neener:
Too which the girls replied, bring it :p

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August 24, 2010, 07:45 PM
Are these the same as the Mossberg 702 Plinkster they sell at Walmart for around $107? If so it's about $93 cheaper than the 10/22. That being said, I've handled and shot both, and for me the 10/22 was the clear winner. The 10/22 doesn't have a good trigger by any means, however the Mossberg had a horrid trigger. It felt like an old plastic cap gun. Had a ton of travel before it broke and was a heavy trigger too. I would rate the Ruger better here, even though the Ruger doesn't have a good trigger. The other thing I noticed is it just had a lot cheaper feel to it all over. Just a lot more plastic feeling. Keep in mind all of the 10/22's I've had have been the older metal ones. I've not used a new one.

I also like that the Ruger can accept scope bases rather than a built in rail. This gives more mounting options for a scope, and I've had issues with a scope base like the rail on the Mossberg and had the rings slide on it. I prefer Weaver type bases and rings so to me that's a small plus to the Ruger.

Other than those two things they both seem like fine firearms and both shot well. I feel that it just depends on what you are doing. If I was looking for a rifle to throw in the truck, or just beat the crap out of in general the Mossberg is the clear winner. Especially considering the price. However, if I wanted a lifetime rifle, that I would shoot and take care of and keep a lifetime, or if I wanted one I could modify heavily, the 10/22 would be the clear winner for me.

August 24, 2010, 09:28 PM
i have experience with both: mossberg 702 plinkster 2009 model and ruger 10/22 carbine 1975 ( all stock only added a scope)

moss 702 : $100 at dicks. plastic hollow stock. mine would never shoot the same area twice. if i put a 8inch plate at 12 yards it would shoot all around the edge of the paper or miss entirely. changed to bedded wood stock not much better. also ran out of sight adjustment. result : gave it to a friend of mine and he loves it.

ruger 10/22: free from a friend: shoots 25 rounds with butler creek steel lips and has never jammed, even with Remington 525's. result: never going to sell it as long as i live ( and im 24).

in my opinion stick with the ruger 10/22 , also a Marlin beets a mossberg 702 any day.

August 24, 2010, 09:41 PM
I own one 702 and shot another and shot a 10/22. I like the fit and finish of the 10/22 and the fact that you could put any scope base on it that you want. Also, the trigger on MY 702 WAS garbage. I took it apart, polished it and put it back together and it was better but still not great.

My friends 702 is much better (it is about 6 years newer). The fit and finish is much better, trigger smoother, sights just a bit cleaner. Still don't like the dovetail on the receiver, just feel cheap. MY 702 is quite inaccurate, but that may also be due to the fact that it was the first gun I had ever purchase and a lot of "learning" was done on it. My friends is way, way more accurate.

my 2cents

August 24, 2010, 10:02 PM
I have to say the one I shot of a friends that I shot shot well, I was only shooting at about 15 yards as he wanted it sighted in for close squirrel hunting, so I'm not sure how it would do at longer distances.

gun guy
August 25, 2010, 12:52 AM
I do hope the Ruger wins at the range. You have no idea how much i want to tell "the other side, "I told you so." :D . I did buy the cheapest 4X scope i could find to put on the Mossberg at a price of $7. The Ruger has a 3-7x. The trigger action seems very similar. Keep in mind the Ruger is about 2 years old and has some break in, The Mossberg is right out of the box. As to fit and finish, the're plastic, it's like comparing one zip lock bag to another. I would like some facts I might have missed but all I am seeing is the typical name calling and sour grapes. This isn't what wins a debate guys. As soon as the monsoon rains let up, its off to the range, for chronograph and accuracy tests. But right now, the simple fact is, the pink team is winning.

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