.45 DefenseTeam - G21SF and G30 - sweet!


August 27, 2010, 11:10 PM
Did a little mod to my Glock foty-fivs... just some muzzle polishing on the stock barrels. Occasion for a pic. I love these two Glocks... they're my favorite Glocks and my two carry pistols currently. They just shoot so nicely and deliver the goods reliably.


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August 27, 2010, 11:20 PM
And you dont mention how you did it?
Would like good on my XD even tho i like all black.

Do you ccw these? I ask as i like my guns butts short as possible since i bought a SC. Do you find the extended piece on the 30 to make it harder to conceal?
I know the Pierce grip on my XD SC sticks out like a sore thumb.

Very nice photo's also.

August 27, 2010, 11:49 PM
DasFriek... I used a scotchbrite pad to remove the black finish just at the exposed area of the barrel. Very easy to do, took just a few minutes. Then I put some Flitz on the buff head on a Dremel and polished it up. Very simple. I love the look and it sure puts a LOT of emphasis on the size of the bore on a foty-fiv!

For carry, I use a HighNoon Mister Softy... it's my favorite holster because it is almost like not having a holster in your pants... lean and light and gets the job done well. Super quick to put on and take off the belt. No problem with the G30 at 4' o'clock or appendix carry. Easily concealed. The G21SF is a bit bulkier, but do-able. Just wear a shirt that is loose fitting and hangs down over the gun area... easy!



High Noon stocks the Mister Softy for a LOT of gun models ready for immediate shipment. And priced very modestly. I love the holster!

Appendix carry is not for everyone. Strict attention to proper gun handling/holstering, especially with a Glock, is absolutely required. I put the holster on and take it off (quick with the clip) without removing the gun from the holster. 4'o'clock carry is a little less risky, but if you're going to be handling and carrying firearms... you'd damn well better know what you're doing and do it well, or don't carry firearms.

August 28, 2010, 12:30 AM
Thanks for the info.
Ill have to try appendix carry with the Kholster i use on my XD SC, I normally use 4 o'clock.
Reason being im larger and my keg tends to makes things stick out up front. But they hide well on the sides.
My cell phone sticks out at 11 oclock 3X more than my 1911 IWB at 4 oclock.
Body shapes sure make carry and holsters very different for everyone.

In cooler weather it don't matter i could definitely get away with it as the Pierce grip is definitely more comfy than a hanging pinky. Sadly tho cooler weather means its time to carry the full sized 1911.

I will look into that holster as you can never have to many high quality options.
Ill also try and find the time for a barrel treatment on the end like that, Only id use Scotch bright and then a dremel buffing pad and rubbing compound and if its not shiny enough ill get the Flitz as i have none on hand.

August 28, 2010, 01:35 AM
DasFriek... of course the super shiny muzzle does nothing for function and some would argue it might be a detriment in some tactical situations. But I'm just a plain ole ordinary citizen, using my guns for ordinary home defense. If someone bad is looking at the muzzle of one of my guns, they already know the jig is up. Police or tactical teams may have different needs, but the bright muzzle isn't going to be an issue for my purposes. It may possibly help as an intimidating deterrent, who knows. I did it just because love the look and how big it makes the bores look! ;)

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