"Axles Of Evil"


January 22, 2003, 10:57 PM
I think I'm gonna like this fella...


Driving sports utility vehicles runs counter to sound wisdom, religion and national security and is America’s “Axles of Evil,” according to two groups.

The Evangelical Environmental Network asks, “What Would Jesus…. Drive?” in a series of ads, stating the answer is the least-polluting, most fuel efficient vehicle… and that’s not an SUV.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Project, founded by talking head Arianna Huffington and three Hollywood pals, asserts that low gas-mileage SUVs actually help fund terrorism.

EEN – promoting an eco-friendly agenda – can be taken more seriously than the Project. In an interview, Huffington saw no correlation with her own travel using gas-guzzling private jets and she ignores her living alone in a nine-thousand square foot home.

Such hypocrisy makes her a perfect candidate for elected office.

That's the Point.

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I'm Mark Hyman.


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January 22, 2003, 11:14 PM
did a bit on the whole painful episode of "what would Jesus drive" ....

O.K., the guy's single, early 30's, carpenter...


Pretty obvious to me...


January 22, 2003, 11:30 PM
Anything he wanted to. :neener:

The question of, What would Dirty Harry drive? is of much greater interest to me.:evil:

January 22, 2003, 11:54 PM
What would Dirty Harry drive?

A Dodge Tomahawk (http://www.dodge.com/autoshow/CDA/Autoshow_Article/0,7655,D-35-0-0,00.html).

500 horse Viper V-10 engine strapped into a motorcycle frame. What's not to like, other than the price?

Four wheels required to handle the weight and torque. Zero to sixty in 2.5 seconds. Estimated top end? 300 to 400 MPH.

Axles of Evil.

January 23, 2003, 12:10 AM
“What Would Jesus…. Drive?”

Well, judging by the example set by his earthly practititoners, Jesus would not drive at all. Rather, he would ride, exclusively in chauffer-driven limousines, custom appointed, bullet-proof, and bomb resistant. That's just for ground travel. For air travel, he'd choose Gulfstream, Lear, maybe Boeing. However, he would not actually own these vehicles. They would be gifts from his followers, registered to his 501c3 corporation. ;) Somehow the moral implications of this question, related to thrift and conservation, does not correspond to the facts.

If the question were broadened somewhat, I doubt that even the dalai llama has been driving many Honda Civics, and staying in Motel Sixes lately, but I'm not sure of the details of his lifestyle.

January 23, 2003, 12:26 AM
What would Dirty Harry drive?


January 23, 2003, 12:31 AM
No way, he'd ride a gas turbine bike:


January 23, 2003, 12:47 AM
Jesus being a poor carpenter would drive a 79 chevy 4x4 3/4 ton pick up with an economical 454 4 bbl engine and lumber racks.:D

Monte Harrison
January 23, 2003, 01:52 PM
This question comes to my mind every time I see a "Clergy" sticker on a Lincoln Town Car.

January 23, 2003, 02:40 PM

"What Would Jesus Drive?" is the new slogan of the National Religious Partnership For the Environment, an organization devoted to all things Green. Like the Supreme Court discovering its famous Emanations, the Partnership folks seem to have found that the Bible has its own set of penumbras, emanating all sorts of things, including Jesus' environmental policies. Their latest hobbyhorse is the fuel-guzzling sport utility vehicle, which they condemn by asking us what the Savior would be driving today.

CS Lewis' delightfully malignant, cynical character Screwtape would be right at home in this scenario. The title character of The Screwtape Letters is a senior demon whose letters of advice to his novice nephew Wormwood reveal the many subtle ways our human nature can be exploited to separate us from God. Screwtape patiently explains to Wormwood that his "patient" (the chilling term he uses for the human whose damnation has been entrusted to his nephew) cannot be led to hell by blunt frontal assault. There's no need, says Screwtape, to try and lead your "patient" into a life of heinous crime; he's likely to spot you too easily. More effective is a steady diet of little daily sins, hardly noticed or felt, but gradually leading the soul irrevocably away from its Maker, making it ever harder to hear His voice until it is too late. The "patient", says Screwtape, must be always kept from noticing his sins, and to that end his attention must be directed to the sins of others, or to causes far removed from the world he inhabits. Specially recommended is the trick of getting the patient to worry about something like the Starving Babies In China, making him feel so virtuous that he doesn't notice the rotten way he treats his mother. This way, not only does the patient not achieve any real good; he also steadily continues to do genuine wrong.

Our Religious Partnership friends have walked squarely into Screwtape's trap. How soothing to the soul, the virtuous feeling they must get, and how cheaply gotten! Simply by driving a little car (and probably quite a few of them couldn't afford to drive a bigger one anyway) they can enjoy pharisaical self-righteousness while pointing out the sinfulness of the Samaritans in the Ford Expeditions. And this clever snare will bag so very many unwary birds! If this was Wormwood's doing, he's surely ready for promotion to Senior Tempter.

These patients have forgotten that there has only ever been one Person charged with saving the world, and He's already done that. He didn't have much to say about automobiles, but He did venture into ophthalmology with His remark about the motes in others' eyes versus the beams in our own. When I used to criticize my siblings' behavior, my father would say, "You just worry about what Michael Bowen does. That's a full-time job by itself." That's good advice for the NRPFTE people: before setting out to save the world, do a little inventory on yourselves. Are you yet free of selfishness, envy, anger, pride, and lust? While you are busy orchestrating your campaign against the SUV, is your wife doing the dishes without help? Are your children pining for just a few minutes of your time? Does the little old lady next door need her driveway shoveled? Have you forgotten to thank someone who helped you?

Truly, Christianity begins at home. If it's not there, you can't export it anywhere else. Screwtape better hope that the NRPFTE never takes a hard look in the Bible, or even in the mirror, for that would shred the invisible net he is so carefully devising.

Michael R. Bowen M.D.

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