I figured out how to conceal a 12 ga.


December 13, 2003, 12:19 AM
My gunsmith buddy wife is sick, he asks if I will do some gun running, pick up meds, and a silly looking plant that was sent to the wife's office and not the house, I swear it looks like cannibas. I'm game, I get the plant the meds first. First gun goes to a gated apt community where this couple is residing while their new house gets built. The customer knows I'm coming over.

I'm in P/U truck, pull up to the guard house and the ...well...mall ninja is working the guard house. I give the name of the resident, and the guard ask me to state my business...I couldn't help myself, I mean how often will I get to say this with guns in the bed, a "cannabis" looking plant in front with me and drugs. With a straight face I look him in square in the eye and say:

" I'm running guns and dope" :D

Well he just kinda stood there, looking stupid. He finally laughed said "yeah right" and buzzed me in.

So I arrive and the lady answers, Now the SX2 is for the hubby, the box says "Winchester", the neighbor is visiting - pssst she whispers in my ear "my neighbor is an anti."..I stroll right in and introduce myself , box and all.

"Oh my what an unusal box , what on earth could that be?" The lady knows me and she is really afraid I will be ...well be me. :p

"Guess" I ask...now the big "Wnchester" Is clearly where she can read it...I mean I step closer. She says "I have no idea, I 've never seen a box like that before". This lady now has decided she will have to move...maybe even before her husband returns on Sat....She goes to make coffee, I'm on my own, carrying concealed mind you, I take a seat across from her and take "Winchester" with me.

" You care for a hint?" ( I hear a cabinet bang and a spoon drop). "Here is a hint, it is blue and wood". I swear her guess was a "sled " the old style of wood and metal...granted we are scheduled for snow , but..."Sorry, not a sled"

"Well tell me what it is" Ok I now hear my name in a strained voice asking if I want cookies. "Yes ma'am", I finally just told the lady "Winchester was a -'tool' most often employed outdoors...she interupted and said an axe, for the new house so hubby could split wood and stay in shape.

Neighbor left so proud she guessed. the hubby's gift. The lady was relieved too...she was trying so hard not burst out laughing at her anti neighbor...she lost it when I told her what I told the guard at the gate.

It is not hard to conceal a 12ga. It is not hard to get past guard houses at gated communities...just have stuff in plain site and tell 'em what you have.:D

I can't wait to see how some other stuff plays out...I have more gun running coming up.

The second shotgun was for a kid...whom of course answers the door. I said "shush...this is your dad's gift to mom ...where can we hide it."..his parents are cracking up, me and the kid, just hide his gift from his parents in the garage . You think I should call the parents and tell them where ? :)

Well I was happy to finally get rid of the plant and meds...some kind of Fern thingy...my luck I'd get busted for silly looking plant and free samples and get put under the jail worse than for having legal guns.

But that's how you conceal a 12 ga hide them in plain site.

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December 13, 2003, 12:35 AM
Man, what a great story. You really had me laughing there. I tried to read it to my girlfriend but she didn't get it, too bad.


December 13, 2003, 12:43 AM
I'm thinking with the THR bunch they can guess from 20 yds what kind of gun, and give all the details and histories...

Many are so afraid of guns...and have no idea...theyare just programmed to be afraid I guess.

That poor anti...she never had a clue, and she really wanted to play the guessing game...:p

That kid is gonna curse me...the parents for sure if I forget to call tommorrow.

December 13, 2003, 01:59 AM

Did you have a permit for that "axe"? :p

Great post.

December 13, 2003, 02:16 AM
Great tale, thanks for sharing it.

December 13, 2003, 02:35 AM
"Social engineering" :D

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