$14 for a (nylon) holster molded for the Tokarev (TT-33)?


September 25, 2010, 02:53 AM
I thought I'd share an interesting find. I've been toying around the idea of employing one of my Yugoslavian (Zastava) M57s for trail use, but have been hindered by not having a decent holster for the Tokarev.

I know I can find a holster for a similarly sized pistol and use it, but I decided to first scour Gun Broker to see what's available. I quickly discovered exactly what I had in mind: a nylon holster molded specifically around a Tokarev... for less than $15 (before shipping).

Here's the auction (http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=192351919) and below is a picture of the holster.

The fellow offering these is from Thailand, but he has nearly 2,000 feedback with an A+ rating. He also offers the same model for southpaws.

Once I receive them, I'll provide a brief write-up with pictures after I have time to give them a good go-over. For $24, which includes international shipping, I couldn't not give it a shot.

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Greg R.
January 14, 2012, 09:21 AM
What's the word on these holsters?

I too have not found a modern alternative for the Tokarev except for the Suncrafts.I went ahead and took the plunge and ordered one, (They are offered on E-Bay as well). The seller goes by 'Dr. Grips', and also has stellar feedback there.

Just curious as to the quality and fit I could expect? I'll post my experience when received.

January 14, 2012, 09:50 AM
Mine has held up quite well after using it to tote a M57 on the trails of few times. It is molded perfectly and mine didn't require any break in, though it still provided positive retention thanks to the thumb break.

As I'm sure you're aware, it's nothing fancy and is about as bare bones as it gets, but it works.

Greg R.
January 14, 2012, 11:11 AM
Thanks Snowdog.

Good to hear! I didn't want to tote around another heavy leather flapped issued holster, ( like I do for my CZ52). Military holsters have a cool look but hardly practical. I'm good with no frills, as long as is fits and works.

Is yours lined on the inside?


January 14, 2012, 08:04 PM
These guys sell a kit where you can mold your own.


January 15, 2012, 09:28 AM
I have a Tokarev mold (http://www.louisvilleleather.com) and would be happy to make a holster for you all ;)

Greg R.
January 26, 2012, 10:52 PM
just a quick follow up...

Received the holster, rather impressed with the quality for such a low cost...


Fits like a glove. :)


It is a no frills affair, but considering I go out to the Mojave maybe two, three times a year to plink at cans and toasters, it fits the bill nicely! Better than laying the gun on a rock when I reset the targets.



January 27, 2012, 07:17 PM
to plink at cans and toasters

Oh, so THAT'S what folks use toasters for. I always wondered by we always receive offers for free toasters for subscribing to various magazines. I mean, how many toasters does a guy need? Now I know. :D

I'm glad you found the holster as useful (albeit utilitarian) as I did.

Karlsgunbunker, thanks for that link. It looks like an interesting option.

Savetheclaypigeons, thank you for that offer. If my molded nylon holster ever craps out, I'll take you up on it.

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